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West Ryde Veterinary Clinic

9 Reviews

1068 Victoria Rd

West Ryde, NSW, 2114

West Ryde Veterinary Clinic

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(02) 9874 3452
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Review to win entry a year AGO

The vet service and puppy class are excellent! They know what they are talking about. We had our puppy class with Linda and she explained every single detail about how to take care of our puppy and train him appropriately. In other occasion, we brought our puppy to West Ryde Vet Clinic for second opinion regarding gastrotomy as our emergency vet hospital near my area recommended to do so. David, the owner of West Ryde Vet Clinic, took care of my puppy for few days ...read more

OVER 2 years AGO

My rat had an upper respiratory infection which included symptoms such as sneezing, side sucking (sign of severe pain) and his face was blue. The vet here didn't even look at him and said that the rat had a blue face because he was cold. He would ask me questions then completely ignored the answers, only hearing what he wanted to hear... I simply cannot believe that a vet would blatantly not care for an animals well being like this. I immediatly went to another vet and they ...read more

Glenda McI
OVER 4 years AGO

My family have used the veterinary practice for several years and the care and treatment our pets has been second to none .My small dog recently had successful knee surgery and I was most impressed with not only the prompt action to help my good boy but the aftercare which was so willingly offered .I have now moved to the Northern Beaches but still make the trip back to the area as I have such trust and faith in David and the team at West Ryde.Fantastic service!

OVER 4 years AGO

Unfortunately i can not give this vet a better rating, however had i filled this form out a few years ago it would most likely been a 4-5 star rating. Whenever i take my dog in there to ask questions, get her injections etc. the vet hardly even checks her over, checks her lungs but that is it. Any questions we asked are pretty much ignored, she is now also listed as dangerous there because she growled at the vet (seriously its the vets!). Just a warning to potential clients, DO NOT ...read more

181 Reviews
OVER 4 years AGO

After my 7ft python passed away 2 nights ago, I thought nothing of it (old age perhaps). But upon handling one of my smaller pythons yesterday, I realised they had mites. It was 6.30pm on a Wednesday night and I was frantic as I didn't want any more deaths and was struggling to find anywhere that was open and would see my reptiles. When I called the clinic, the staff were very friendly and told me to come straight down. They checked over my animals and went ...read more


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