Review to earn badges


If you fancy yourself as a restaurant aficionado or love the figure you’ve toned in the gym, True Local would like to present you with a badge.

Badges are a great way to show off your local knowledge. They’re easy to earn, all you need to do is review.

Once you’ve been awarded a badge it’s prominently displayed on your profile page and on your reviews of relevant businesses. So finally everyone will know you’re an expert.

Start collecting badges now

Local Star

Local Star

You’re one of True Local’s best reviewers and your opinion is sought after.

We’ll decide if you’ve got what it takes to be a Local Star. Find out more and apply here.


Area Expert

You’re aware there’s a great big world out there but luckily everything’s just round the corner.

Loiter in the same suburb for 20 reviews on any business and you’re an Area Expert.



You don’t so much have a local as a series of bars where everyone knows your name.

Sink 10 reviews about bars, nightclubs and pubs to become a Barfly.


House Proud

Home is where the heart is, and in your case most of your bank balance too.

Build 10 reviews about tradies to become House Proud.

Coffee Cup

Cafe Crowd

No cup of coffee is exactly the same and anything instant is an absolute abomination.

Write 10 reviews about cafes to join the Cafe Crowd.



Eating out is your life. Who needs the hassle of actually handling and preparing food?

Cook up 20 restaurant reviews and you’re a Foodie.

Pet Lover

Pet Lover

Your beloved dog, cat, fish, iguana etc have their own spot at the dinner table.

Take 5 reviews about vets, groomers, dog walkers, pet shops or pet boarding for a walk to be a Pet Lover.


Hot Bod

Most bodies are a mere temple, but after the gym and hairdresser yours is the Taj Mahal.

Give us 10 reviews on gyms, personal trainers, hairdressers, beauticians or spas to sculpt a Hot Bod.