TrueLocal Deals Guidelines

Deals are special offers created by businesses for customers and posted on TrueLocal. They might be discounts, free trials, two-for-one offers and so on. Every business can add deals to their listing.

At TrueLocal we want to bring consumers the best deals in their local area, so we require business owners to follow True Local’s quality standards when creating deals.

TrueLocal moderates deals to ensure consumers are getting real value. TrueLocal would never recommend a deal we wouldn’t take up ourselves or recommend to our family and friends. If we think a deal is not really a deal (eg. it just talks about how wonderful the business is) or we think the deal could be dodgy, we’ll remove it from the site. All deals have to conform to our terms and conditions.

Please note, when you update a deal it will be temporarily removed until it’s been moderated, which can take a few hours.

Unlike other deals sites, TrueLocal believes the best things in life are free. We don’t charge business owners to create deals, and consumers don’t need to pay to redeem the deal and take up the offer.

We also promote deals prominently on TrueLocal’s homepage, on our iPhone app, search results pages and business listing pages.

Every business listed on TrueLocal can create and promote one free deal. If you’d like to create more than one deal for your customers at a time, we recommend upgrading to a paid advertising package.

We’re pretty open-minded about what kind of deals your business can promote, but here are some things customers don’t like (and may cause us to reject your deal):

1. Fine print

Don’t have hidden terms and conditions which you don’t disclose until the customer steps into your store. No one likes hidden surprises and no customer wants to read fine print once they’re in your store or call you for a service. If there are any limits, exclusions or spending criteria, make sure you include these clearly in the deal. Be upfront.

2. Never-ending deals

To keep your customers engaged and excited about your deals, make sure your deals have a time limit. By limiting the time your deals are available you give your customers a reason to visit your business.

TrueLocal believes no deal should run longer than 90 days. We encourage businesses to add new deals each month to make customers notice your business and keep them coming back for more.

3. Deals which aren’t really deals

Keep deals exclusive to special offers on your products or services. Any deal TrueLocal finds that is not offering a redeemable product or service will be removed. We don’t consider offers of free quotes to be real deals.

If you have something else you want your loyal customers to know about, like a new product or rate card, update your business details page or tagline. TrueLocal won’t charge you for updating this information and you can do this 24-7.

4. Using deals to generate reviews

Word of mouth is essential to every business, but no one wants to be forced to write a review just to get a deal. Let customers experience your business first before you ask them for a review. TrueLocal discourages the use of deals to generate customer reviews.

5. Using deals to promote competitions

Everyone loves to win a prize or put their name into a draw, but let’s be clear this is not a deal. TrueLocal discourages the use of deals to promote a competition you may be running in store.