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Promote your business with True Local Deals

Now when you add deals to your True Local business listing we'll make you stand out on our homepage, iPhone app and search results.

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You need to be listed on True Local to add deals.
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What are True Local Deals?

Deals let you promote special offers to customers. Everyone loves a good deal.

They can include discounts, two-for-one offers, free trials and more.

Every business listed on True Local can add and update deals for free.

Businesses that advertise on True Local can add more deals.

Why you should add deals now

True Local Deals make you stand out online and get noticed by more customers.

Businesses with deals are more prominent on our iPhone app.

Your deal could be promoted on our homepage.

They're free to add and only take a minute to create.

How to add deals

Adding deals is fast and easy. You can update, add or remove your deals at any time.

First you need a business listing on True Local. Add your business here.

Then add deals by accessing Your Business Centre.

Fill in all details of your deal including expiry date and you're done.

An overview of True Local Deals

How True Local Deals work

True Local Deals are special offers or coupons you can add to your listing on True Local. Businesses with free listings are entitled to one deal at a time, or you can pay to have more deals. You can update and renew your deals at any time in Your Business Centre and we'll make sure your deal is seen by as many people as possible.

How True Local Deals can benefit your business

We've found that people searching on the internet for local businesses like a good deal. Deals you add are now shown much more prominently on our homepage, iPhone app, search results and your business listing. Let us showcase your deals.

How to make your deals successful

Adding a deal is simple but there are a few things you can do to make your deals more effective. The title of your deal should sum up its value in one line, because sometimes that's all that will be displayed. Make sure your deal has genuine value, ideally a real dollar amount. Use an expiry date not too far in the future to give your deals more urgency.

Read our deals guidelines.

What customers want

Customers are looking for redeemable offers on products or services. They want deals which offer great value and no hidden terms or conditions. Be upfront about your offer, making sure you let customers know the value, expiry, supply limits or any conditions when you post the deal. There are many ways you can make a special offer to your customers using True Local Deals, you just have to use your imagination.


An oldie but a goodie. Depending on the product or service you sell, customers will value a discount of 10% or more.

Special Rates

Everyone loves a special. When you provide a special rate for your products or services, make sure you let customers know the true value of your offer.

Something for free

Customers really value getting something for free when they make a purchase.

Refer a friend

When customers find a great deal they love to share it with their friends.

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