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Frankston, VIC local guide

Often dubbed the Gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston is the largest city on the seaside stretch of land. Found on the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay the area’s residents, or Frankstonians, enjoy a town relatively close to the city but even closer to the beach.

European settlers actually took a stroll through Frankston, searching for water and other sustenance, well before Melbourne was founded or even discovered. Later on, once a railway line had been established, the town became a popular seaside holiday destination. Fast forward to 2004 and the suburb was nominated in the International Awards for Livable Communities. Clearly it’s a great place to live.

Whether you’re a native Frankstonian or tourist looking for kicks there’s plenty to do. Obviously water activities are high on the list. The Frankston Waterfront, which has been given a facelift to the tune of $15 million, features a pier and boardwalk in which you’ll find restaurants, shops, playgrounds and public art. There’s also a beach. Nearby, and more of a local’s hang out, is the Seaford Foreshore Reserve.

Still on the water theme, hiring a boat for fishing or cruising is an option. Alternatively if you enjoy the sea but prefer to keep your distance head to the beach and marvel at the sand sculpture creations. Held from Boxing Day until April the event features intricate designs created from 3,500 tonnes of sand.

Moving onto artworks and sculptures of a more traditional kind your first stop should be the McCellend Gallery. With 16 hectares of land to play with the gallery features a Sculpture Park as well as changing exhibitions, public talks and other artistic events. If theatre and dance excite you try the Frankston Arts Centre for performances and workshops. Back outside and hop in the car for the Frankston Cultural Drive which takes you on a tour of heritage buildings, parks, gardens, galleries and modern sculptures.

If you happen to stop by in January you might catch the Frankston Waterfront Festival - a celebration of the area’s seaside history and culture. On top of festival staples food and wine there’s an amateur, but gruelling, swim and run, the Frankston Bay Classic. The most effective way to work off excessive consumption of food and alcohol.

Map of Frankston, VIC

Featured businesses in Frankston

  • e smith

    oceanic6 reviewed Resolve It Plumbing Services
    Absolute great tradesman and top quality service. Had a broken kitchen tap late Friday afternoon. Richard came almost immediately diagnosed the problem and then offered to refit a new tap later that night. By 8 o???clock that night all was fixed and at very reasonable rates. Richard was very friendly and very thorough and i highly recommend him and Resolve Plumbing.

  • Rugster

    Rugster reviewed Q Dot Electrical
    I had Steve out to my house in Chadstone as I couldn’t find a reliable electrician to turn up on time. (he actually called back!!!) Steve arrived on time and completed his work as promised. I found Steve to be very professional and courteous and completed my project on time and for the quote he provided. He actually helped me with my TV antenna also as I wasn’t getting the best reception.Steve installed a HD cable which has improved my TV picture quality immensely.I have no hesitation in recommending this business.

  • Laura.b

    Laura.b reviewed Siam Bayside Thai Restaurant
    One of the nicest Thai places I have been too in the area. Meat is of good quality, sauces were not over whelmingly powerful (I have almost drowned in coconut milk). Visited on a busy night, and the wait staff were incredibly attentive and friendly. Food was turned out within 20 minutes - drinks within 3 minutes. Pricing is excellent - great social atmosphere. Definately recommend this for a social outing.