True Local staff code of conduct

Ratings and reviews

At True Local we take the integrity and accuracy of our content seriously. We have a team of moderators who ensure all content submitted to our site by business owners and consumers adhere to our guidelines which are published for public view on True Local.

We also have a strict code of conduct for all True Local staff to ensure all content on the site provides visitors with an accurate representation of a business. Below we outline a summary of the key features of the staff code of conduct related to site content.

Reviews are moderated according to the True Local guidelines published on the site. Additionally:

  • No True (trading as Australian Local Search) employee is to offer to change or remove a review from the site to elicit advertising or for any other reason. No employee has the right to confirm to any party that a review will be changed or removed (except where they have been given written instructions to do so by a Moderator). No member of staff is to delete a client’s listing on the basis of removing a rating or review from the site.
  • Any review submitted by an employee of True Local must be a true experience. The Company does not tolerate employees writing false reviews or writing a review of any type to elicit advertising. Employees are prohibited from asking others to write a review on their behalf. Employees should refrain from reviewing any business on True Local where there is a potential conflict of interest.