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Building Construction

Building Construction ? Knowing Your Builder

Building construction is a specialised business full of creative and innovative tradespeople.  True Local helps you find the right local builder for your creation.

Whatever you?re looking to build ? from chicken coops to renovations, first builds to re-builds ? our specialist trade listings offer 1 million + options for you to choose from, rated and reviewed by locals just like you.

Building construction is a particular field with lots of fastidious details and your builder must be someone that you understand and trust.  Any building, no matter what size or function, is made to be permanent so ensuring you have the right designs and the right costings upfront often saves disappointment and frustration throughout the build.

To DIY, or not to DIY

When first embarking on the road to building construction, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. How big is the building and what will it be used for?

Local councils will have specific guidelines stipulating the size, shape and use of additional buildings on your property ? whether it?s commercial or domestic.  This can affect even simple design structures like garden sheds and jungle jims so your first port of call is the local council.

  1. Licencing & Permits

Depending on the type of build ? and the advice from your local council ? a building permit or licence may be required which will often make the decision of DIY or not for you.  Certain buildings will require a council inspection and certification from a licenced builder so it pays to check ahead of construction.  Failure to meet these guidelines can mean pulling down your creation.

  1. Costs & Contingencies

Building construction will be expensive.  The bigger the build, the more expensive the outlay.  Recycling old materials, using eco-friendly methods, and saving with bulk purchases direct from suppliers can help to maintain effective costs, but your builder will always advise at least a 10% contingency fund for those hidden surprises any type of build will throw your way.

Building construction can include the initial design all the way through to physical construction.  Choosing a tried and tested local builder who comes with a proven portfolio of work and great references is the best way to proceed during early negotiations.  True Local helps you get through the first phase offering thousands of local builder listings rated not by expensive advertising but the word of mouth from local customers just like you.

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