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Best match for Landscaping in Australia


Landscaping – An outdoor design specialty

Revitalise your garden and entertaining areas with a maestro landscaper.  We’ll help you find a local genius worthy of transforming your space.

A landscaper is the creative force who designs and builds beautiful gardens, interweaving the flora with the tranquil power of water to build you a garden space you’ll never want to leave.  They can create a jungle full of native plants, inviting the natural world to the doors of your home or they can deliver a bare, minimalistic space which is easy to maintain but clean, neat and tidy.

What you should know when you’re looking for a landscaper

Like all tradespeople, your landscaper will have spent years learning their trade.  They should be well-versed in soft and hard-scaping – both the immovable parts of a garden design like retaining walls and water features, and the natural plants and grasses.  Ideally, your landscaper will have a background in botany or horticulture and speak with authority about the best species for your region, allergies and taste.

Your landscaper’s history in technicolour

Ask for portfolio photographs of past jobs and, if you’re lucky enough, you might even get to walk through a couple of their prior triumphs.  Take your time evaluating their work for something that speaks to you.  Even if your plans for your garden or outdoor area are simple and easy-care, landscaping is an inherently creative experience and some people will get your aesthetic quicker and more easily than others.

The home is inside and out

Remember, your landscape is as much as part of your home as the interior and you want to be happy with the overall result.  Good landscaping can lead to a rich and rewarding garden that produces excellent shade, beautiful colours and is easy to look after for decades.  It should also add value to your home, building on its current features rather than detracting.

Tips for landscaping for the purpose of selling property

  • Neutral – choose neutral tones and heavily decorate with objects and items than can be taken away when you sell. Your landscape should be a blank canvas underneath, perfect for new owners to re-decorate as they see fit.
  • Avoid water features – they’re not to everyone’s taste and can be difficult to remove. There are plenty of temporary water features available if that’s your particular style.
  • Costs – be mindful of mounting costs and request simple, sustainable ideas from your designer that will save you money and ensure a crisp, complete finish when they’re done.
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