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4chillis Local Star

A dedicated foodie (I pretty much work to eat and drink). I hate shopping for most things except for cooking accessories, new food items and interesting alcohol selections.

Joined 01 November 2007 West Hindmarsh, SA

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  • Madame Hanoi

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Madame Hanoi has just launched a new lunch on the run takeaway menu and I was lucky enough to be one of 100 people that scored a free banh mi thit (pork banh mi). The roll had that good balance of crunchy outside and soft inside and was loaded with flavoursome fillings. Slightly more upmarket than your average banh mi with the addition of pate. Most importantly there was pork meat and crackling in every bite. The takeway menu had other delicious options including a banh mi with fried eggs, croque monsieur and nicoise salad.
  • The Flying Fig Deli

    Restaurants North Adelaide, SA
    Flying Fig has been on my list for a long time and a decision to reward myself with a nice breakfast after the gym bought me here. The staff were really friendly and welcoming. Just as well I had perused the online menu prior to visiting because everything on it looked good. I love a good bagel so went with the scrambled egg and lox bagel. Even though it was relatively busy I was given cutlery and water quickly and the food arrived not long after. The bagel was amazing - great taste, soft but with texture without being chewy, good scrambled eggs and lovely salmon. Good coffee too. Can't wait to return to try a sandwich.
  • British Hotel

    Pubs & Bars North Adelaide, SA
    Unfortunately The British Hotel is always a slight let down when we go however, I continue to persist. The staff are always ultra friendly and accommodating and it is cosy - particularly in winter. But the food always lets it down. on this occasion we stuck to the starter menu and had a tapas plate, the haloumi and the empanadas. Unfortunately not brilliant.

Latest Comments

  • They claim to be the alternative to big impersonal Gyms and the service provided certainly lives up to this claim. Every member who enters the gym is greated by name and made to feel special. The equipment is modern and the Wellness Area with its computerised recording of workouts and feedback on progress extremely helpfull. The improvement in my health as well as fitness has improved since joining, especially with the positive feedback from the staff.
    • 4chillis Local Star 
      I agree, within a month of joining up I would be walking in the door and I would be greeted by name (before they'd seen my card or swiped it on the computer). Great customer service.
  • 4chillis Local Star reviewed Beau Thai
    Great food which is evidenced from the mid week crowds. Friendly service too. Will definitely be returning.
    • 4chillis Local Star 
      I returned to this restaurant and it was still great. The food was tasty with the exception of the whole barramundi which looked great, but tasted "old". Serves are still generous. Nice setting. Despite being a Wednesday night the place was pretty busy. The service was good until we asked for the bill and were still waiting for it 20 minutes later. Prices seem to have increased since last time but it's still great value for money.