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Aobryan Local Star

Joined 22 October 2009 Glenbrook, NSW

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  • Braza Manly

    Specialty Food Manly, NSW
    Having been to Braza Leichhardt which is my favourite Brazilian restaurant by far, I was very very disappointed to say that Manly is the worse.
    Whilst the service was great and the side dishes tasty, the main BBQ was terrible. 95%of the meats were literally charcoaled. All chicken portions were dry. The banana dish (which I usually have as my dessert) was burnt and tasted like banana flavoured dough. There was no sugar and cinnamon on the banana pieces like every other Brazilian restaurant.
    Very disappointing, wasted money and we drove all the way from south of Wollongong to go there. Needless to say we won't be going there again
  • Paws & Claws Warehouse Pty Ltd

    Pet Shops Milperra, NSW
    I came to this store in 2013 when I owned a different dog and then moved away from the area.

    Once I obtained some new pets and realised that the warehouse is on my way to work, I called back in and was happy to see that it was still open and still owned by the same gentleman.

    The range is bigger than ever, the prices are fantastic and the owner is lovely. He is extremely helpful and will order things if need be. There is no online store but you won't be disappointed if you go in store. I have taken several business cards and distributed them throughout my work (a specialist veterinary hospital) and all colleagues who have been have commented on how fantastic the warehouse is.
  • Windjammers Restaurant

    Restaurants North Wollongong, NSW
    My boyfriend and I went to Windjammers on NYE over 12 months ago for their buffet and were very impressed. We returned again last night and were so disappointed we won't be returning.

    The cost was $75 per person which was ridiculous for what was on the buffet and the lack of service.

    My boyfriend had 3 plates of food and I had 2, without anyone coming to serve us and take an order for drinks or clear our table. They were clearing other tables including empty ones but not ours.

    Whilst the seafood range was great the hot food (which was what my boyfriend had taken me there for) was very poor. There was no roast/hot meat other than ribs which were as tough as rubber and we found rather difficult to cut and ended up putting the plate aside that contained them as it wasn't worth the effort for a small amount of meat. My boyfriend ended up having 3 plates of tortellini due the poor meat selection which is what he had paid $75 for, something he could have eaten at home for a LOT less money.

    We did mention the lack of service to the cashier upon paying and exiting the restaurant and she stated that she agreed with us and that it seemed that because they had been on top of their service during the main dinner rush they had decided to slack off at the end. This didn't help us as we called to book and could only get in at 8pm. If they felt they couldn't serve us properly at this time then they shouldn't have taken our booking.

    We certainly won't be going back and can't believe the downgrade in the service and food.