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A freshly 18, fun-loving girl with socialising, shopping, travelling and partying on her mind much to her parents' dismay. Occassionally tied down by uni life, she finds herself waiting for the weekends time and time again, with the dream of most young women to eventually replicate the life - minus the Mr Big issues - of someone as close to Carrie Bradshaw as she can get, whilst still being herself of course.

Joined 17 June 2011 Sydney, NSW

  • Hugos Lounge

    Pubs & Bars KINGS CROSS, NSW
    Hugos never fails to please, from their scrumptious cocktails to insanely delicious and cheap ($5 from 8-10pm) pizzas! The ambiance is much more classy and relaxed than most places in Potts Point/Kings Cross and the crowd is generally more tame than other clubs. As the venue is quite large there are often lots of people here and whilst still packed, bar staff are efficient enough so that you don't feel like you're waiting the majority of your night lining up for drinks! I am definitely a big fan of Hugos and recommend it to anyone looking for a good night out, with good cocktails, great pizza and a fabulously luxurious and exclusive atmosphere.
  • Trademark Hotel

    Nightclub KINGS CROSS, NSW
    My personal experience was quite an enjoyable night on an Eve Fridays night. The bouncers were friendly to myself and a friend, giving us free entry to view the Luxoticca Fashion Show. The music played was mainly a mix of old school, 2000's and brand new RnB and hip hop which are some of my personal favourites, so I am possibly a little biased towards that. We were given free drink cards although I know this is a rarity. The dance floor, like most places, had your standard creepers and some men we met mentioned that they arrived early to avoid harassment by the bouncers for getting in. My own experience was definitely a good night out, enhanced by the music and quite trendy decor as well as what I thought were attentive and efficient bar staff.
  • Sicilian Restaurant - Parramatta

    Restaurants Parramatta, NSW
    Each time I've visited this restaurant I've come with one other diner, and service could possibly be improved. It can be particularly awkward when meals are brought out at separate times, considerable lengths apart - however this has only happened to me once and our waiter apologised. Their pizza and pasta menu caters for most tastes and the serving sizes are certainly what you pay for. With the amount of other restaurants on Church Street I would certainly prefer to look around than settle here first.
  • Ta Lee Thai

    Takeaways Ermington, NSW
    Nestled in a slightly dodgy-looking corner behind the Blue Star Petrol Station is this little gem! I have been getting take away Thai from this place for about 6 years now, and although prices have increased since I first began ordering you certainly get value for your money - and incredible Thai food to go with it! My personal favourites are the beef pad see ew, peanut satay chicken and curry puffs. The serving sizes are considerably big, and I'm often left with leftovers for further days in the week - which I look forward to just as much as when I first pick them up and get a waft of the divine smell of their food.
  • San Churro

    Cafes Chatswood, NSW
    Situated further from the hustle and bustle of crazy shoppers, Chocolateria San Churro is perfect for those cold winter months where you wish you were snuggled up in bed for weeks at a time. Their hot chocolate is divine, but extremely thick - those who have difficult handling sickly sweet drinks should probably avoid it. The churros are tiny in comparison to traditional churros, and instead of sugar and cinnamon they are sprinkled with icing sugar and served with your choice of dark, milk or white melted chocolate pots. I personally have only ever visited this place when it has been quiet and the service has been standard - the typical order taking at the counter and relatively quick service so I cannot make complaints there. My only complaint would have been that their glasses near the free water stand were considerably dirty - and water is almost a prerequisite when indulging in this much chocolate!
  • Thai Noodle Hut

    Restaurants Gladesville, NSW
    It may not look like much from the outside, but this Thai restaurant is by far the best I've been to. Everything is made fresh in view of diners and tastes divine. This is home to the best massaman beef I have ever tried - the flavours and tenderness of the meat really are heaven for the taste buds. Their pad Thai is amazing too, and the menu is extensive. Price wise in relation to other Thai restaurants particularly in Gladesville I find Thai Noodle Hut to be of better value, and I'm constantly making take away runs to this place when in need of my Thai food fix.
  • Blackbird Cafe

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    The amount of people in this place on Friday and Saturday nights certainly reiterates it's popularity. I've only ever been here with large groups of people for birthdays etc. and Blackbird Cafe and its staff has always delivered. Service was quick, as I assume such large groups would be priority, and the drinks menu was quite extensive which I always enjoy. The ambiance created was quite bar-like, with dimmed lights, lasers and a considerable volume for the great music being played. The meal servings were quite sizable so although a little pricey for some, it certainly seemed to be of value. I would certainly come here again with a large group of people.
  • Lindt Chocolat Cafe

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Fine chocolate at, well... it's absolute finest! When you can find a seat (inside or out, the place is usually packed) I would certainly recommend the hot chocolate - this is no ordinary chocolate: you get a tiny cup of their divine, silky smooth chocolate (you can pick either milk or dark) and deliciously frothed up milk. You can create your hot chocolate with as much or as little chocolate as you like and the amount usually allows you to create 2 cups of it. I would also highly recommend the macaroons (my favourites are pistachio and chocolate) however the menu is extensive and I have only ever heard good things about what is on offer. Service is quite fast for how busy they always are, and the prices are reasonable for a place with such prestige.
  • The Olive

    Restaurants Harris Park, NSW
    I salivate at the thought of this restaurant! The Olive quite possibly has the best Greek food in New South Wales. I would recommend visiting on a Saturday night when they exclusively offer their famous banquets. Be warned, when paying for a family of 4 as I have the pricing can seem quite steep - but let me tell you there is no substitute for quality. Offering the freshest produce, every plate put in front of me exceeded my expectations. Including the most scrumptious dips and softest pita bread to start, I knew I was in for a treat. Their grilled haloumi cheese, melt-in-your-mouth lamb and gigantic grilled prawns are all included in the base price banquet, however we paid a little extra to fulfil our request of their soft shell crab: I would absolutely recommend this to any visitors of this restaurant! Their Greek doughnuts were so scrumptious and I would've been left wanting more had it not been for my stomach being beyond full from their delicious food. They have an extensive bar too for the drinkers. The building itself isn't grandeur but don't be put off, although small this place packs a real punch in the food stakes and the service is exceptional. If I could rate them more than 5 stars, I would!
  • Club 77

    Nightclub Darlinghurst, NSW
    The 'seediness' of this club is what makes it so notoriously good. Yes, as you trail down the steps listening to the pumping sound system there is a haze of smoke coming up to greet you, but the music played is probably some of the best in Sydney. Club 77 is the place to be if you want to get down and dirty (literally). This is the place to come after you've visited your fancy clubs and expect to dance until the early hours of the morning in a club that doesn't die down until daylight. Despite the stigma of it being dirty, I can't fault it when wanting a good night out!
  • Candy's Apartment

    Pubs & Bars Kings Cross, NSW
    You know you've hit a hot spot in Kings Cross when the line to get in is phenomenal! Such a line is a testament to this club, with their pumping and good selection of music, it's deceptive size (much larger than you'd anticipate from the outside) and their extremely efficient bar staff - let me tell you I've never had to wait in a smaller line for my drinks! (which are pretty consistent with the rest of its neighbours on Bayswater Road, Kings Cross). The club is sprawling with quite a young crowd so expect mostly 18 - 21 year olds to be accompanying you on the dance floor!
  • Dooleys

    Pubs & Bars Silverwater, NSW
    The restaurant is quite small in comparison to the Lidcombe site, but I would certainly recommend Dooleys Silverwater if you're looking to take a large group of people out for lunch or dinner that have young children - there is an indoor play room for them that is sectioned off by sound proof glass. It is important not to visit expecting fine dining, as the menu is certainly not extensive and the food quality is reflective of a bistro type dining - fast but at times lacking in what you would expect from the description. However if you visit acknowledging such facts you should emerge a happy customer.
  • Relax Today Mobile Massage

    Massage Constitution Hill, NSW
    Admittedly I was reluctant to experience a massage at home, outside of the ambiance of a beauty salon with scented candles and a separate room - Claire and her amazing service made me forget this completely! Arriving with a massage table that she sets up in the comfort of your own home, Claire was friendly and I discussed my concerns for the problem areas in my back in which she had significant knowledge of and the best way to treat them. Using the softest towels I've ever felt and scrumptiously scented and decadent oils, for the following hour I experienced pure bliss and could not believe the value in having someone drive to my house and massage me in the comfort of my own home - something I surprisingly favoured to visiting a salon. I will most definitely be using her services again, and would recommend her to anybody and everybody!
  • Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

    Chocolatiers Sydney, NSW
    The quality of their chocolate in mind, I visited the Guylian Cafe' expecting service and food parallelled to the likes of the Lindt Cafe' and Max Brenner. Unfortunately, I was disappointed - served cold waffles and watered down chocolate - I sent the first round back. The waffles weren't fresh and rather than a Belgium style waffle, they were the consistency of a filo pastry that disintegrated when cut. I left unsatisfied and with a complaint to the head office that was never returned - particularly with how expensive such food was, I expected value for money and delectable food. I would not recommend this to someone who was looking for hearty, comfort desserts that are worth the price.
  • The World Bar

    Pubs & Bars Potts Point, NSW
    If Alice's Wonderland were a club in Kings Cross - World Bar would be it! A selection of cocktails are available to drink out of TEAPOTS (provided you don't drink from the spout: be warned as if you are found, you will be asked to leave the premises). Arriving at 8:30pm entry was $15, and by 9:30pm the club was packed. Different floors offer different genres of music to cater for pretty much all tastes.
  • Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

    Cafes Castle Hill, NSW
    Consistent with the rest of the Max Brenner franchises, the quality of the food here never fails to deliver a delightful chocolate coma. However be warned: trying to find a spot to seat for dining in can be extremely difficult every night of the week. Waits can be up to 30 minutes for take away food and ever longer for table service if you were lucky enough to get a seat (inside or out). The tutti frutti waffles are definitely a crowd-pleaser amongst customers as well as the insanely good value $2.50 chocolate lick (shot).
  • Liana's Licensed Restaurant & Cafe

    Restaurants Parramatta, NSW
    Subject to public holidays or whenever they decide convenient, Liana's offer a $10 lunch special which includes certain pasta and risotto as well as a drink or glass of their cheapest wine. Most times I've been here I've ordered a risotto including chicken, semi-dried tomatoes and feta - divine. Provided you go in keeping in mind the fact that you're paying $10 for a large portion and a drink (unparallelled by any other restaurant situated in Church Street) you will emerge a happy customer.
  • Nut N Fancy

    Cafes Parramatta, NSW
    This little cafe boats the most impressive and sizable desserts on Church Street! If you're brave enough to tackle their sundaes you will leave extremely satisfied and full. Their dessert menu includes pancakes and waffles and some of the most delicious flavoured ice creams including Raffaello and Tim Tam gelato! If you're game to handle the calories, there is also a deep-fried Snickers bar on offer! Their all-day breakfast never fails to please and they are also licensed and offer beer, spirits and cocktails. Prices are extremely reasonable with a big breakfast generally around the $15 mark. A perfect place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and cocktails (any time of the day really!).
  • Criniti's Parramatta

    Restaurants Parramatta, NSW
    The line to get in to this place is testament to how divine the food is! Booking in particular for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights is crucial to avoid a general 30 minute + wait. The serving sizes are generous and during the week happy hour is from 3 - 7pm which includes half price cocktails. Their cocktail menu (and entire menu for a matter of fact) is extensive and I would definitely recommend the zucchini flower stuffed with goats cheese starter - words do not even begin to convey how delicious this dish is! It's important to realise that the restaurant is quite large and can be beyond busy most nights so at times service can be a little delayed but the waiters do the best they can to ensure they get to you - and when any unhappiness is expressed they will bend over backwards to ensure you leave a happy customer (in my own case, and others' that I've witnessed anyway). The pricing may be considered a little steep for some but you certainly get money for value with the portions and how delicious their food is!
  • The Club

    Pubs & Bars KINGS CROSS, NSW
    Oh man, did Julian Tobias get it right! theclub may not be as grandeur in size as some others, but it packs a punch. The crowds are often sprawling with the trendiest people in Sydney - no doubt a result of the Door Person's keen eye and appreciation for those who party in style. If you aren't on a guest list, arriving early is ideal as on busy nights the line to get in can be phenomenal. Drinks pricing is pretty consistent with the rest of Kings Cross. Every time here is guaranteed to be a good night - did I mention the fabulously tacky decor and stripper poles? Perfection in a club at theclub.