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Latest Reviews

  • The Running Company - Potts Point

    Shoe Stores Potts Point, NSW
    First, I found the service I received amazing! I had tried another running store who did roughly the same thing (on the treadmill barefoot and record your movement) but didn't take the time to show me the video and explain the way I was moving- the Running Company not only did this at the beginning but after every pair of shoes! As a pensioner, spending $220 on a pair of shoes feels a lot better if you can SEE the benefit to your body/movement. I also loved that he brought out a number of shoes and was happy for me to try all of them, he also offered advice without pushing me into any one brand or shoe. All in all, the Running Company provided probably the best service I've ever received in a retail store.

    My one negative is all my own fault - I booked the appointment right at the end of the day so when we were done with shoes I didn't get time to look at some of the other products. It's a long way to travel but I will definitely have to make the trip again.

    The shoes themselves have been marvelous. In the past I have had trouble with shin splints (which he guessed after looking at my first run on the treadmill!) and I was just starting to get twinges again before I went to see the Running Company for a new pair. A few weeks down the track and there are no signs of the dreaded shin splints! I have done a number of 30-40min runs and one long 60min run in them and the shins are great and no blisters or other problems.

    I'm extremely happy with the service and product and would highly recommend the Running Company.
  • Samantha's Household & Corporate Cleaning

    Cleaning Campbelltown, NSW
    Highly recommend Sam and her team!

    The first time Sam walked into our house to give us a quote we were hit with her high energy and obvious love of cleaning. We hired her on the spot. A cleaner who has loads of energy to get in and do the job and the desire to do it properly, worth their weight in gold.

    Sam and her team have always done a first rate job. Sam has always been happy to clean to our budget too. We wanted a thorough but basic job so we weren't spending too much and that is exactly what we've gotten in the six months we've been using Sam. We have also found them completely trustworthy and have been happy to give them access to our house while we're not there.

    Sam is doing an exit clean on our old house today and sadly, we've moved a little (okay a lot) too far away to keep using Sam.

    I happily and highly recommend Sam and her team of bright, friendly, cleaning obsessed women. And a special thanks to them all for doing such an awesome job and taking such an unloved responsibility off my shoulders.
  • Simply Transport

    Removalists Wentworthville, NSW
    I can not recommend these guys highly enough!!! We had a big move (60 cubic metres aka a whopping big truck) from the Campbelltown to the Blacktown area and they got it done in less than 8 hours including pulling apart and putting back together furniture with no damages and no fuss. And then at the end we got the bill and it was significantly less than we had planned for. So they did a fantastic job and they were cheap! Unheard of. The three guys were very professional and worked hard throughout the day. Unfortunately we have had reason to use movers several times in the past few years and I have never come across better. These guys were truly wonderful. They made our move easy and as stress free as moving can ever be. Highly recommend.