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Joined 07 July 2011 Blacktown, NSW

  • Kildare Road Medical Centre

    Medical Centres Blacktown, NSW
    What wonderful, professional Doctors and staff! Our family have been coming here for the past 7 years now (our son is 5)
    The nurses and staff are always helpful, professional and friendly. The specialists are excellent and extremely competent! The Doctor's are outstanding from referrals to caring for our son during his illnesses - we are really lucky to have been looked after by such a wonderful medical centre!! Thankyou Kildare Road!
  • Thai Riffic

    Takeaways Randwick, NSW
    Came here with a friend for dinner on a Thursday night. Staff were rushed off their feet (very busy night it seemed). We were shown to our table with menu's and our drinks order was taken as we sat down. The staff are fast at taking your order and the kitchen was working at warp speed, pushing out take away after take away, home delivery after home delivery and all while serving the in house dining guests too! Our meal came relatively quickly (entree's then the main). We ordered Soft Shell Crab (a weakness of mine) and was please to say it was not too greasy, quite crisp and full of that flavour I love! We also went for the Beef Pad See Ew which was another tasty dish, but not outstanding like other Thai places I have been to before. All in all a nice enough dining experience, though it felt a touch rushed (as they were running out of tables for diners entering) will order take away in the future for sure and remember to book my table earlier than last nigh next time. #reviewtowin
  • Let's Eat

    Takeaways Neutral Bay, NSW
    What can I say about this little Thai gem other than = what amazing food! My fellow diner and I were left speechless (literally ) by some of the flavours, serving sizes and fragrant aroma of all the dishes we tried! (We were given a 'voucher' to try this place and boy we are very grateful for that!). We shared a '7 course Thai banquet for 2 people' and we have never (ever) been so satisfyingly full! (yep, to the point where we had to get 3 full take away containers!) Tables around us (who had obviously used vouchers also) simply did not even try all the dishes presented - there was that much food served! *Normally when you have a 'voucher meal' somewhere, you are given sample type servings (eg: not the whole 4 satay skewers, but just 2 = one each etc) - but not here!! We, as all other 'voucher diners' last night, were given full sized servings and simply could not eat all of it! Funnily, a lot of diners had some of their dishes on tables next to their own, as there was not enough room for all the plates on their own table! To give you an idea here is what we ordered & were served: 1) 4 x Gai Satay (Chicken marinated satay skewers & dipping sauces) 2) 3 x Prawn Rolls (Marinated Prawn spring rolls) 3) Beef Massaman Curry (super tender (melt in your mouth) beef cheeks, potato & peanuts) (you then had 2 x selections of your own) and we decided to choose: 4) King Prawn Pad See Ew (King Prawn flat rice noodle stir fry) 5) Pad Pet Moo Pa (Stir Fry Pork Belly, curry paste, eggplant, chilli, etc) 6) Namtok Salad (Warm beef Thai fragrant salad) and your choice of a soup or vege dish (we chose a vege dish) 7)Pad Pak Boong Fai Deang (stir fried Morning Glory, soya bean, oyster sauce etc) Plus a large bowl of steamed rice & pot of Green Tea! As you can see - we certainly could not finish all these dishes and were left with a massive food coma, complete satisfaction! I cannot recommend this Thai enough if you are local to Neutral Bay or want to travel for an excellent one! This experience was a hit with us and having tried this new venue, we will be back 100% and bring many friends and family there too in the future! Hats off to you Let's Eat Thai in Neutral Bay - you have made a lasting impression that I will now find quite hard to beat! #reviewtowin
  • Thai Eatery

    Restaurants Concord, NSW
    Went there on a 'voucher" (a gift) and the food was flavoursome and fresh! The ambience inside (down the back) was sooo relaxing - we sat near the window where the 'Buddha fountain' was - even with the stormy night outside, the peace this created inside was calming and inviting... My fellow diner and I were quite satisfied with each dish presented (unlike a fellow reviewer who really should have read the T & C's of the voucher - which clearly stated what you could have and what (incl: serving sizes etc) you would get) We started off by sharing "fish cakes" & "chicken wings", both were good, nothing to rave about, just good. Next off we shared our mains = "Soft Shell Crab" (which was a touch greasy for our liking) but piping hot and flavoursome none the less. We also shared the "Tofu with Chilli Jam Sauce (& Cashew nuts)" This was nice, with super fresh and crisp vege's and a lovely sauce to boot! Dessert was good (but yes, a small serving) a sago pudding which was super sweet and delightful (I only wish I had lots more of it). All in all we were happy with our meal and the gift of a voucher introduced us to a nice little Thai place in Concord, which we will visit again in the future. #reviewtowin
  • El-Phoenician Restaurant

    Restaurants Parramatta, NSW
    Seems there are quite mixed reviews here and I can understand why (it must depend on which staff you get assigned to your table on the night). We (4 of us) had an OK dining experience here on a warm Saturday night (while it was packed due to the Parramatta Festival running). We had the 'festival banquet', which in essence was a standard banquet meal from their menu, but a touch cheaper... As with a previous reviewers - the servings were quite small and when we asked for more things like bread or more drinks etc, we were left to wait for at least 15 mins until some finally arrived (I had to ask our waitress twice at one stage, which would indicate to me that she forgot the original & follow requests in the 1st place = never a good sign). The food was nice enough (though I must say, there are much more authentic places in Sydney) Oh yeah, it would have been nice for the staff to wait until we had finished all of our kebabs before removing each 'empty' skewer from all tables for reuse in new dishes for other patrons (a big minus in my books and a touch rude too). Our assigned waitress was curt, always rushed and really didnt wait on us per say. Was hard to find her, let alone get any assistance from her. So, don't think we will be back again anytime soon, prices inflated, servings a bit small and as for the waitress we had, well, lets just say we made a special note to not to leave that particular waitress a tip, instead giving our tip to another waitress who looked after us a lot more (even though our table was not assigned to her) she actually made the effort (service wise) and as such she got our massive tip directly! #reviewtowin
  • Raj Mahal Indian Restaurant

    Restaurants Westmead, NSW
    Authentic little Indian restaurant in Westmead! Staff were friendly and helpful in suggesting food options plus the food was very tasty (and spicy - which is what you'd expect from good Indian cuisine). To start off with we shared a Non Vegetarian starter (which is an "all meat" dish for anyone playing at home...). The lamb cutlets were the standout as were the Kakori Kebab's!! Next we ordered 2 x mains which were quite filling and super flavoursome to boot. We had rice to share as well as a plain Naan & a Keema Naan - which was a standout for the many Keema Naan's that I have had over the years. Overall a nice little place for an Indian meal in Westmead. Also worth a mention is the fact that they had many people coming in for take away food = always a good sign! #reviewtowin
  • Le Resto Thai

    Restaurants Lane Cove, NSW
    Went to dinner on Thursday night = 4 adults & 1 toddler. What can I say?! Well Done Le Resto!
    The staff were super friendly, helpful and took time to make us feel welcome (1st time there for all of us). We immediately (upon sitting) ordered a quick serving of 'dim sim' for the 2.5 year old and then placed our orders. 2 x entree's were ordered: The Salt & Pepper Squid which was delightfully fresh and tasty & the dim sim which looked hand-made and were packed full of flavour also. Next came (in a very quick manner) our 4 mains: chicken pad thai, chicken hokkien noodle dish, Chicken green curry & Seafood with ginger & shallot sauce... We all tried each others dishes and loved them all! Everything was fresh, well made, tasty and leaving us with fully bellies... All in all a very good dining experience (even for our 2.5 year old - who stuffed himself on a 2nd helping of dim sim during our meal). The warm day made for perfect alfresco dining (on their outside undercover balcony section) Would certainly recommend it to locals looking for a good, value for money tasty Thai meal, because you will get it here. By the look of the people waiting for their take away as we left ( it seems to already have made its name with some of the locals) us included! #reviewtowin
  • Pho Noodle House

    Takeaways North Strathfield, NSW
    I went last night to Pho Noodle for a meal with a friend. The staff were polite and helpful with suggestions when asked. The place was quite empty when we arrived, but had filled more by the time we left (I would say 2/3rd's full). We were served quickly after ordering. I would say we had our food in 10 mins. The food was lovely, fresh, hot and exactly how it should taste for your normally-fragrant & aromatic Vietnamese cuisine. We shared the Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab, which was delightful! Full of flavour and completely moreish! We also had the 'make your own' beef rice paper rolls. Again, all the ingredients brought to our table were super fresh, crisp and tasty! Happy to recommend Pho Noodle for a nice dinner or lunch. The food was reasonably priced for how good it was. We will be back for more soft shell crab in the future :) #reviewtowin
  • Small Bar Crows Nest

    Pubs & Bars Crows Nest, NSW
    Excellent, 'Small' North Shore Bar! Drinks are great and the 'tasting plate for 2' on a Monday & Tuesday nights is a must have! Wine menu is very nice indeed! Staff are very friendly and will recommend a good wine to you if asked of them. Decor is quite stylish and the courtyard is very nice on a warm summer night. Will be going back to enjoy more of the same form last night :) Definitely a recommended bar for workers & locals alike (*and must visit for wine lovers). #reviewtowin
  • Hog's Australia's Steakhouse

    Restaurants Blacktown, NSW
    Been here 3 times now in the past few years (Our 1st experience was that dreadful that when we complained the manager gave us a free meal each so we came back) and when we did - we were yet again disappointed! On both occasions the food was oily, undercooked and wrong (yep in the 2 visits they managed to get our sauces & extras wrong on both visits?). The 3rd (and last time might I add) that we had to go there was recently for a friend B'Day dinner - yet again they got the orders wrong, sides were cold and meals were quite smaller than I remember. The staff had to be asked nearly 3 times for our drinks to be brought and I'm sorry to say we won't be going there again (it's simply a 3 strikes and you're out issue for us - and they got their 3 chances to win and keep our business, yet failed to). Sorry guys - but there are a lot better dining options on Level 4 at Blacktown Westpoint.#reviewtowin
  • Crystal Seafood Restaurant Blacktown

    Takeaways Blacktown, NSW
    Been coming here now for 7 years - and been to many other Yum Cha's through-out Sydney (many - and that's over 25 years +). This is quite a good Yum Cha for it's freshness of food & value for money. Since the recent refurb - the place looks stylish and inviting!! - I have had other good Yum Cha's over the years and this place does not disappoint at all. The choices are a little bit limited, but the food on offer is very tasty and fresh (- it beats going into Haymarket or Chatswood to eat virtually the same foods yet battle for parking and parking fees also). Would recommend this as "The best in the West Yum Cha".#reviewtowin
  • Carinya Ski Ranch

    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks Wisemans Ferry, NSW
    Fantastic place for families & couples! (We are 2 x adults and 1 x toddler, aged 2)
    We spent a lovely weekend there in a cabin (which is VERY well appointed) on Sat, 6th April 2013. We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful, and beautiful place to stay!
    The cabin had: an air conditioner, was very clean with up-to-date decor, big fluffy towels and a full kitchen too! The owners are so friendly and very helpful and told us of places to visit in Wisemans Ferry and took the time to make us feel very welcome! The ranch is very well maintained also, no rubbish on the ground, lots of bins everywhere for guests. The cafe (though, not open when we were there) had a super tasty (almost gourmet) menu on offer. There are many picnic tables and BBQ's through out the property and a park/ playground for the children also. There are 2 x jetty's for use.. One of which we fished off.
    We will be there 100% again.... THANK YOU Carinya for making our short stay a memorable one!!
  • Rainbow Cottage Kindy And Long Day Care Centre

    Child Care & Day Care Blacktown, NSW
    What an excellent Long Day Care centre!
    I have had my son there since he was 3 month old (in 2011) & he is about to turn 2 soon!
    The children have so much fun at this kindy and learn a lot on a daily basis there. They get taught a host of things from: places, other cultures, to different foods, to animals etc etc - they even teach them how to make some cool foods, like muffins :)
    The staff are so friendly, very well trained and always helpful. I trust them completely with my son and always have done. They always inform me of my sons progress (as they do with all other children) and keep me up to date with the daily activities and the things he has newly learnt! They even provide you with a 'year book' in December of all the things your child has done through out the year, which is so wonderful!
    The centre itself is super clean, up to date with all the 'mod cons' incl: play equipment and inside facilities. I recommend this kindy to any locals who want great care for their little ones! I'm glad I found this kindy for my son (and I know he is too)!!
  • R & M Rogers Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning & Heating Installation Riverstone, NSW
    FANTASTIC service! As most others have stated before me: This whole process was excellent fro beginning to even the follow up calls 1-2 weeks afterwards!
    Super friendly, arrived on time, very courteous and mindful of our office equipment during all the work carried out and explained everything when asked! Can easily do business Air cond's (as he did for our workplace) or any residential place 100%
    Would happily recommend his services for anyone needing a GOOD, HONEST and RELIABLE Air conditioner technician in (Western) Sydney.
  • B & R Brakes Blacktown

    Vehicle Brake & Clutch Repairs Blacktown, NSW
    Excellent service, very friendly staff!! (& explained all the work done) Did a good and price competative job (quoted me a minimum $130 less than other 4 quotes I got). All in all very lovely to deal with! (Will be back again 100%) Thankyou for the great work!!