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Parge Local Star

I stand by my comments and reviews. If I have said anything bad on Truelocal.com.au there is a good chance I have said it to the business directly face to face or by signed letter.

I hope all businesses read my reviews, and are worried about their online presessence and reply, again I standby every word.

I hope my posts are of use to locals and travellers. And not suprisingly I have been both :))

Joined 27 November 2007

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  • Novotel Hotel Brisbane

    Cafes Brisbane, QLD
    Great room (clean and decent size) on level seven though the view was of offices nearby.

    Novotel stuck to the 14:00 check in which is fair enough and not an issue. Decent internet with good speed, though far too many dropouts, which required a simple re-login, just annoying really.

    Nice pool on level 2 and gym (and usable Sauna, ie didn't stink).

    Breakfast was described as "the best" by family members, but I felt it was a full buffet breakfast to be expected, with plenty to chose from. Including good selection of fresh fruit.

    But here comes the main gripe, which was the guests! Though the Hotel can't stop bogans booking the hotel, there was far too many upper middle-class bogans who feel since they have paid a little more than the average B&B they can demand everything from everything on the buffet to be recooked, from the eggs to the bacon, to warming the milk, to cooling the milk, to 4 coffees they have no intention of drinking to cutting in front of you at every opportunity, to taking your toast and it seemed like every morning they were attracted to me!! I could see the staff doing it tough, especially on Christmas Day, so I don't blame them. It was as if one customer saw staff do one nice thing, then they would demand it as well, otherwise they aren't getting their monies worth from the Novotel. Honestly if they kicked one customer out of the restaurant or hotel, it would send such a clear message to the rest of the bogans, who probably would normally never act like that, I hope.

    This behavior continued at the pool and the gym, as well as the rooms which had people running and down the hallways well past midnight and banging on the walls. But again, this actually isn't the Hotels fault, just worth considering and mentioning, as it wasn't a one off, but indicative of our 5 day stay.

    Yes I mentioned this to the staff, who were polite but simply suggested they will look into it, or perhaps as frustrated as I was.

    Some other, minor issues was that one day house keeping neglected our bathroom. Whilst the following day they neglected our room all together.

    The bar closed early most nights, including 9pm when last drinks were called on a Wednesday night.

    There is a kids area in the lobby which is usable for 3-5 year olds at best. But a nice touch (when the bogan children aren't screaming and throwing blocks at other kids, whilst their parents are drinking at the bar or on their mobiles in 'we are on holidays' mode.

    Overall staff were very nice and did their best to meet everyone's needs, even if this meant an endless barrage of requests.

    Lastly, access to the Hotel is rather difficult for those with a wheelchair or in our case with a pram. When walking to the nearest station (Central Station) or just to Queens Street Mall nearby you have to walk down (and then up when returning) a very steep driveway shared with cars. And then a negotiate and extremely narrow footpath, which could only just fit our pram, when people walked in the opposite direction, they were forced to walk on the busy road.So if you use a wheelchair or pram, sadly I would NOT book this place, unless you want to pay for a taxi to go anywhere.

    As I suggested, staff and facilities are Good. But too many issues (especially other guests) to make me recommend the Novotel Brisbane.
  • Optus

    Mobile Phones Retailers North Sydney, NSW
    Normally I would go some where else, and never give my hard earned dollars to a business that doesn't want my business.

    So after ten visits, up to four emails asking for Optus to contact me and sell me a phone. I went in the North Sydney Optus store and Catherine, wasn't out the back chatting away or wasn't just going home like all her other colleagues (on the other ten occasions) but instead today chose to serve me and I could get my new Iphone as desired.

    Even when I mentioned my ten previous visits, there was no apology. It was just like ?What do you want??

    The process was extremely long and drawn out. And even though I bought over $3,058 plan and then some more bells and whistles. The suggestion that Optus throw in a $2 sim, was almost offensive.

    Honestly, if this is how they treat you before you buy a phone, imagine how it's going to be now that I have signed a contract. Some people should not be in Sales, and this entire store is a collective of such people, avoid with extreme prejudice
  • Paradise Resort Gold Coast

    Holiday Resorts Surfers Paradise, QLD
    There's a saying, "happy wife, happy life" well the wife will be happy at Paradise Resort as the kids will be truly truly happy.

    If your child loves the water, this is truly a wonderland. The entrance has a jungle gym which will can keep the kids 3-12 easily amuzed. There is also two major Kids Group activities (10-2) and (4-8pm) to look after the kids aged 0-2 and 3-12. Now my boy was 3 and being the youngest in the larger group was a little too much for him, as the activities in the evening were catered for kids 6-12 I reckon. But we got him out after 2hrs and that was long enough for him, he didn't really enjoy it and we never went back. But they are great for the older ones and can give the parents up to 4hrs off.

    Our boy just loved the water slides and pool. We spent a large part of the day at the resort, with him playing on the slides or in the pool. Being 3 years old a parent was close by, the entire time, I would suggest at about 6 they could be left alone.

    The beach is only 100m walk away. With the Centre of the Gold Coast two bus stops away ($4.80 for adult be warned) easy walk in the evening. A bit hot and long during the day.

    We weren't planning too, but ate at the resort for breakfast and lunch. Nothing over priced and more than reasonable for Australia and compared to the Gold Coast area. I don't think there are enough healthy choices for the kids, but otherwise a great variety of food at reasonable prices.

    Issues : Reception, it took us 1½hrs to check in. Luckily there was a jungle gym to play on, otherwise I think my boy would be a 'little' bored. Other inqueries always took over 30mins to wait and be served, with honestly an hour being the average for the 5 times I had to visit reception.

    Also the checkout bill is generalised I am still disputing 3 items on the bill, but it's hard to chase up when it just says breakfast on this date $45 - rather than who had what. But you can almost accept this given all the plus's throughout the resort.

    I haven't even mentioned the Ice Rink or many of the other activites that the resort offers, like movie night.

    Recommendation : Do not upgrade the room as it may give you a pool view, but this just puts you closer to the noise. Weren't much bigger or better than the standard room.

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  • If bars were poetry, bar century would be Flo-Rida.
    If bars were movies, bar century would be Twilight.
    If bars were shoes, bar century would be Crocs.

    The most positive thing I can say about this place is, "it exists."

    Cheap drinks, but just go to a bottle shop and sit somewhere nice that doesnt require you to step into a vertical coffin and walk up 3000 flights of stairs to hell's toilet.

    The one star is for the staff who are, from my personal experience, awesome.
    • Parge Local Star 
      Awesome review, except dissing on Flo-Rida!
      What's up with the hate. Would be funny if the bar was playing that when you were there!
  • Parge Local Star reviewed Thai Face
    Just way too busy to be good. Had to wait forever for our dishes. I appreciate it was a Saturday night, and very very busy. But at the same time there's just reasonable wait times, and ready to walkout times.

    Unfortunately the six different dishes we ordered from Duck to Beef to Chicken with different flavours - just seemed rather same. I wouldn't use the term bland. Just more of a case of not tasting different enough. There's just so many better options in the area, and I would encourage you to try elsewhere.

    Of the 4 other guests with me, we all felt the same. So I am not just writing about my isolated opinion. Lastly if you are going to give this service and this level of food, Thai Riffic really needs to consider lowering their prices, extremely pricey for what we got.

    Maybe if this was the only Thai place around, but there's just too many better places to choose from in Crows Nest.
    • Parge Local Star 
      I will say the BBQ platter for a tick over $40 is pretty awesome!
  • So what do you do on Australia Day? Go for yum cha, of course.

    Admittedly in have avoided yum cha here at Kam Fook Chatswood because of the crowds, but we came at 11 and a friend managed to get us a table for 7 adults, 2 children and a pram.

    The restaurant is huge and it filled up pretty quickly. The steamed dumplings at Kam Fook were really good - generous portions without skimping on seafood, while other dishes like the "yong tau foo" (tofu and eggplant stuffed with fish paste) aren't spectacular. (other restaurant in Castle Hill do a great job with that one.)

    Service is decent, but they charge $3 a head for tea. That's $21 for cheap tea leaves and hot water.
    • Parge Local Star 
      How Australian of You :p

      But 4 stars seems rather high after reading your review? Just based on your comments alone, not 2 or 2½ stars max? Just a question