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Joined 13 May 2008

  • Fiesta on Oxford

    Restaurants Bondi Junction, NSW
    i had my bday dinner there last night to try something different and i absolutely loved it! a couple of us had the ribs and wings and it was faaaantastic. the meat fell off the bone and just melted in our mouths and the flavour was instatiable. even the wedges for a non wedge eater were great with the sour cream. must've been in the seasoning. we were given sambreros which were awesome for photos and had their red and rose sangrias. both lovely but not really enough fruit. leaves more space for booze though! i'll definitely go back with mates...
  • Ichi-ban Boshi

    Restaurants Bondi Junction, NSW
    love love love ichiban! they've got outdoor seating too so good for smokers. you can have a wine and cigarette after your meal. i'm pretty sure its BYO.
  • Conquer Termites Northside

    Pest Control Newmarket, QLD
    "Thanks for your recent work at our house. We were impressed with the thoroughness of your inspection and report; your friendly and helpful attitude; and especially by your willingness to advise on best practice for our planned landscaping projects."
    Brian and Jan Hjelm, Majestict Outlook Camp Hill
  • SA Plumbing & Hot Water

    Plumbing Adelaide, SA
    thank you Mark for helping us on a weekend at such short notice! we will definitely recommend you and call again in the future.
  • Frank & Mark Boyne Plumbing

    Plumbing Bankstown, NSW
    frank's a lovely man who truly knows his craft! i called him out to find a pipe that had burst and he only needed to take one look at my lawn to know where it was. i had no idea but the patch of grass that was greener and healthier was the exact spot as the leak was 'feeding' it. of course he fixed it for me too and now i call him or mark directly for all of my plumbing.
  • Green Point Herbal Clinic & Wellness Centre

    Alternative Medicine Green Point, NSW
    "As a 16 year old i remember being brought to Mary's clinic at Green Point by my mother as a last resort after being told I had chronic asthma. After just 2 weeks I was rid of my incessant cough and now Mary is my first choice, not only for myself and friends, but now my husband and baby." R.B. from East Gosford
  • East Coast Frameless Glass

    Glazier Greystanes, NSW
    thank you for the amazing job that you did on our kitchen. the whole place looks brand new! i will be recommending your services to everyone.
  • East Coast Frameless Glass

    Glazier Bronte, NSW
    We've used Mark for a variety of jobs already. That's what happens when you have 3 boys running around the house! He's replaced our shower screen, installed the beautiful splashback in our kitchen and with a bit of convincing even came round to replace the glass on the coffee table (yes that was the boys). Mark's always been great to deal with, he's always on time, cleans up after himself and is very reasonably priced! Compare him to the big names and you'll be amazed at how much you can be saving. I cant believe I wasted all that money on the first shower screen we had to replace (yes that was the boys then too). I highly recommend him to anyone.

    Thanks Mark.

  • Charing Cross Pizza

    Restaurants Waverley, NSW
    the ground beef pizza is possibly my FAVOURITE FOOD IN THE WORLD! absolutely awesome munchy food especially after a big night. best thing is they're open til about 3am!
  • Bronte Road Bistro

    Restaurants Waverley, NSW
    lovely outdoor courtyard and the food was supreme. the dishes sound a bit too exotic when you read it but the flavours work so well with each other. i wouldnt doubt anyone who's worked at tetsuya's though! nice friendly atmosphere too and quite reasonably priced.
  • Kevin Mckenzie Hair London

    Hairdressers Sydney, NSW
    finally found a hairdresser i will go back to again and again. being a no fuss type of girl i wanted a cut that would look good when i just roll out of bed as well as look HOT when i choose to style it. kevin LISTENED and gave me exaclty what i wanted. his blow dries are AMAZING as well. the head massage from the young apprentice was possibly the best one i've ever had too... highly recommended.
  • Elodie on Bronte

    Clothing Retailers Waverley, NSW
    this little boutique store has some of the most beautiful and stylish clothes in the eastern suburbs. its a 1-stop-shop for all occasions, especially if you have a funky party or wedding to go to. i go there everytime i need a new outfit for a night out... and the lady in the store is really friendly and helpful and doesnt ever ignore you when you walk in!
  • Kokusai Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo Kai

    Martial Arts Wakeley, NSW
    Sensei Alexander is very professional and patient and is a great instructor all round! being mature aged i didnt think i would start learning martial arts or be any good at it but he motivated me and made me believe and made it happen! thank you sensei...
  • Exquisite Services

    Upholstering & Polishing Maroochydore, QLD
    Exquisite Services P/L has attended Aveo Lindsay Gardens on several occasions over the past 12 mnths to perform carpet cleaning of the Community Centre, kitchen and dining room tiles, also the cleaning of fabric to lounge and dining room chairs. The standard of work performed has been exceptional. ken and Wendy work as a team, use their initiative to ensure their work is fully quality assured.

    Ken and Wendy work within Village Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Procedures as set by the Village.

    Ken and Wendy promote Biodegradable Products which eliminates any risk to employees and residents.

    The team is timely and courteous and respects the lifestyle of residents at the village.

    Based on the reliability and standard of work performed I have no hesitation in recommending New Concept Carpet Cleaning Maroochydore to your business or residence.

    Should you require any further follow-up pertaining to this document please do not hesitate in contacting me.

    Peter Snell
  • Srae Photographic Art Blue Mountains Wedding Photography

    Wedding Planning Leura, NSW
    beautiful, beautiful work. susan has an exceptionally good eye for what looks magical. turn your wedding album into an art gallery! she's a lovely lady too so working with her is a pleasant experience.
  • Una's Cafe Restaurant

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    i loooove Unas!!! the food is sooooo amazing, so hearty and wholesome and i just love european food. great prices for great portions too!!!
  • Tropicana Cafe

    Cafes Coogee, NSW
    not a bad place at all. their menu is pretty stamdard though... but i guess so is the 1 in darlinghurst.
  • Coogee Cafe After Dark

    Pubs & Bars Coogee, NSW
    nice decor since they revamped the place but a bit overpriced! for what you get...
  • Globe Cafe

    Cafes Coogee, NSW
    nice atmosphere, good decor and vibe. strange tasting coffee at times.
  • North Bondi RSL Club

    Associations & Unions North Bondi, NSW
    lovely view, decor kinda sucks. but hey its an rsl. you cant really go wrong...