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WeenieM Barfly

Joined 24 August 2011 Rushcutters Bay, NSW

  • Longrain Bunker Bar

    Pubs & Bars Surry Hills, NSW
    Went here last week and it was much much better than my last experience. The place was buzzing, lots of people but not too overcrowded. The cocktails were absolutely delicious, the service was great and very friendly, and the betel leaf dish we had to share was seriously tasty. I think the last time we came it was so quiet because there was a big sports game on so people were at the pubs. I'd definitely come back here! After a couple of relaxing drinks we went upstairs to Longrain for dinner where the food was outstanding. Definitely recommend.
  • The Commons Local Eating House

    Restaurants Darlinghurst, NSW
    Such a nice cosy space here, especially in winter when they have the fire going. It has a great courtyard out the front and a dark little moody bar downstairs. Good service and nice wines, however the food seems to be where they fall short, which is a shame as we'd probably go here more if that were improved.
  • Love Tilly Devine

    Pubs & Bars Darlinghurst, NSW
    A small, cosy bar tucked away in a small lane way. Nice, chilled out vibe. Would be great place to settle in with a friend for a few wines and nibbles on a cold winters night. Not great if you're a cocktail lover as they don't do cocktails. They do have a small range of spirits though.
  • Kings Lane Sandwiches

    Takeaways Darlinghurst, NSW
    Delicious sandwiches made here. Absolutely huge sandwiches! Fresh ingredients, nice bread. They also do great salads too!
  • Bar Coluzzi

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    I go here once a year, on Christmas Day. It's the only place you'll find open to grab a morning coffee! It's packed, the line is out the door, there is an awesome buzz with happy people sitting outside, relaxing and drinking their coffees, enjoying Christmas morning.
  • Bills

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    This is my favourite of the Bills cafes. Great food. They have added a lot more to the menu in the recent years. I tend to avoid on the weekends because unless you go very early in the morning, you'll be lining up around the corner.

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Very much enjoyed lunch here last week on a beautiful, sunny winter's day. We sat outside with a great view of the water whilst sipping on a crisp dry white wine. We ate fresh fish on a bed of asparagus, simply but beautifully presented with a large wedge of lemon on the side, which had been grilled ever so slightly. I had John Dory which was delicious and perfectly cooked. On the side we shared some steamed greens, chips and mash. It was a fantastic fresh lunch matched perfectly with the wine and the stunning day. To top things off we had a delectable sticky date pudding for dessert. The only downfall was that seagulls kept flying near us in hope for some chips. Other than that it was a great lunch with top service and a buzzy atmosphere.
  • Longrain Bunker Bar

    Pubs & Bars Surry Hills, NSW
    Very underwhelmed by a bar that has SUCH potential. Especially being close to our work in an area that struggles for great places to grab a nice drink after a long day. We came here recently for a casual after work wine to celebrate a friends birthday. The place was dead. The service was terrible. The food menu was disappointing since we'd read about dumplings and all sorts of delicious things that weren't on it. What we had was tasty but quite pricey for a very small serving. The bar menu didn't have any wine by the bottle so they had to go upstairs to borrow their menu. Happy hour was only Monday and Tuesday. We were asked if we'd like to set up a tab and when we declined we were brought the bill immediately. The whole experience was bizarre and very disappointing.
  • Mojo by Luke Mangan

    Restaurants Waterloo, NSW
    Thoroughly enjoyed a brilliant lunch at this funky new restaurant in the ever trendy Danks Street this week. This warehouse style space is the headquarters for all things Luke Mangan. Here he has his head offices, a wine bar, function space, an area where the Luke Mangan product range is packed and waits to be shipped to his various restaurants, as well as a testing kitchen where they trial meals for all Luke Mangan's restaurants as well as his new partnership with Virgin airlines. This huge space is very industrial where concrete meets wood meets a shipping container covered in bright graffiti. We chose to sit at the bar so we could watch the action in front of us. We started with fresh Iggy's bread with house made sheep's milk labna with dukkah on top which was smooth and tasty without being too rich and overpowering. We then had thinly sliced raw kingfish with some sort of delicious ginger sauce on top with fine herbs and feta. Next we had a tempura prawns in a soft bun with some greens and a zesty mayo. The stand out was our main, a lamb tagine which had great rich flavours and crunchy almond bits throughout - perfect for a cold winters day. The tender lamb was on a bed of couscous with yoghurt on the side. We also had a Moroccan cauliflower dish which was the perfect accompaniment to the lamb. For dessert we had a bit of a de-constructed lamington, which in the middle of two lamington slices bursting with coconut flavour sat jam and a thick layer of cream. Tasted amazing but presentation wise, I wasn't such a fan of the sauces on top. We also ordered salted chocolate almonds which were deliciously big mounds of chocolate and when you reached the almond inside you got a real hit of the salt which was a heavenly contrast to the sweet milk chocolate. The downfall was they were served to us in a plastic wrapper & there were only two. All in all though, a great space, great service and great lunch.
  • PUK Espresso

    Cafes Kangaroo Point, QLD
    Great little cafe. Very quiet, peaceful area. Lovely sitting outside under the trees with the sun peeping through. Contrary to the reviewer below I found the barista was really nice & friendly & made great coffee.
  • Zushi Surry Hills

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Love zushi especially the $15 salmon teriyaki box for lunch however the serving size seems to have shrunk in size recently.
  • Fish Place

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Fab little fish place with a cute courtyard out the back. It was dimly lit with little candles on the tables and some chilled music playing. Very casual, byo, cheap and cheerful. You order your food round the front. Unfortunately they had already sold out of the smoked ocean trout but the hot smoked salmon I had was delicious! I had a side of pea mash which was awesome too. My tip would be to get here early to make sure you get these as there was only 2 serves of pea mash left when I got there. They are open all day so I think that's why they didn't have as much left by the time we got there in the evening. Good to know it's so fresh.
  • Crisp CBD

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    At first I agreed with the reviewer below re portion sizes but I've just returned again since that small salad months ago and have found that the salads have doubled in size and still remain the same price. They are delicious! I made my own salad up with grilled chicken, semi sundried tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, corn and some other goodies and it was the perfect lunch. Comes with a little piece of bread as well which is more than enough for me, might not be enough for some though. I'll definitely remember this place next time I'm searching for a good salad near work. The burgers and sandwiches look amazing too.
  • Malibu Sydney

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Just had a delicious salad from here for lunch. It was very tasty and a very decent serving size. So much packed in there I couldn't even finish it (which is unlike me). The ingredients are very fresh & full of flavour, especially the chicken which was perfectly cooked. It is a little on the rich side because of the dressings and some of the ingredients so I couldn't eat it everyday but I'll certainly be coming back again for another one. I've had the sandwiches before too which are fab but seriously huge- you'd want to share with someone.
  • Buffalo Dining Club

    Restaurants Darlinghurst, NSW
    Another awesome Italian wine bar. A very small space so make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment if you don't get a seat. They don't seem to rush people out so you might be waiting a while. The food is definitely worth it, as is the wine. Choose one of 3 cheeses and 2 sides from the list. The buffalo mozzarella was so good. The other stand out was the pasta that was served from a huge wheel of cheese. He scrapped the cheese wheel as he served it onto our plate. Absolutely amazing. Will definitely be going back. A fantastic place for cheese lovers.
  • 10 William Street

    Restaurants Paddington, NSW
    A small Italian wine bar on William St in Paddo. It's amazing. I've been twice now and loved it each time. The small cosy space, the delicious wines, the seriously tasty food, and the friendly, helpful Italian waiters. It's the sort of place where they help you choose a wine that's just right for you even if it means giving you several taste testers to find the perfect one. Make sure you order the tiramisu for dessert - oh.my.gosh.yum!
  • D-Stress Massage Therapy

    Massage Rose Bay, NSW
    Had a brilliant massage by Zoe here on the weekend. She was fantastic. So lovely and gave a really good, firm massage. I definitely left feeling much less stressed. Thanks Zoe, I'll be back for sure.
  • Hazy Rose

    Restaurants Darlinghurst, NSW
    Awesome bar! Nice dark interiors. Friendliest staff. Delicious drinks. Perfect for a cold wintery night. Great jazzy music. Loved it!
  • Mad Pizza

    Restaurants Darlinghurst, NSW
    I am a huge fan of mad pizza. We've been here several times and its been awesome. The other night however it was not so awesome. We were in one of the private rooms upstairs and it was absolutely boiling hot. So so hot. They had air con but it didn't do anything unless you stood right in front of it and the tables were across the other side of the huge room. The service wasn't good either. We did the $25 all you can eat but there was a very long wait between pizzas and barely any salads came out. By the time more food came everyone had given up on eating. I still love the place though as the pizzas are delicious. Perhaps we just caught them on an off night. Plus we probably won't get the private rooms again until winter.
  • Santa Barbara

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    I've heard bad reports on the food but as a place to have a few drinks on a Friday night after dinner, it was great! Really buzzy, funky interiors & packed but easy enough to find seats! The $8 margaritas were delicious.