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Joined 18 November 2012 Gosford, NSW

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  • Billu's Indian Eatery

    Restaurants Harris Park, NSW
    Reminds me of an Indian Hotel back home. Not fine dining but good food served with a relish. I am sorry that some people have not had good experiences. But it is has authentic feel to it - that is how you will be served in an Indian eatery. And the food is good and priced well. We love this place.
  • Gee Kwong Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Gosford, NSW
    Gee Kwong can be considered a local institution. Good chinese food - as good as in Sydney. The Hostess is great and pleasant. Gee Kwong, Curry House and 92 Thai are make up the Asian food experience on Mann Street.
  • 92 Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Gosford, NSW
    Very good. The owner is friendly and makes you comfortable. The prices are reasonable. Had my Dad's Birthday dinner (a small family affair) and we were very happy.

Latest Comments

  • Love it! Have always looked past this resturant until tonight when my partner and I wanted an Indian fix.

    Some of the best veggie korma I have ever eaten! So delicious and fresh. The Somosas were the freshest and fragrant I've had. So delicious. Will be going back!!
    • Well, I am glad that someone likes the food there. But most people who have dined there have found the food bad. But well if you would like to patronise this restaurant (which is the old Zafran at the same location- which died a quiet death and its place was taken by this place). Any patronage is good, and if other people find it good, please keep patronising. And NO, I am not from Mann Street restaurant. As an Indian, I and my wife and our friends found the food truly awful. May be it is westernised to the point of being unpalatable. Nah.. I don't think so. If you look down, I am not the only one who is disappointed.
  • Visited the restaurant last night and overall a good experience as far as service was concerned. The food was another thing altogether. The staff were polite and caring. It is has a good ambience and lots of parking. We started off with the Tandoori chicken - which was could do with a bit of salt, it was not marinated enough so the meat was bland, but may be it was for the Western palate. However had to leave early because our baby started to get unsettled. Asked them to pack the rest of the order. Anyway, not happy with the take aways.. The Kulchas were undercooked on the top and the bottom was burned. The chicken vindaloo was not up to the mark. I will give it 4 stars for service, 3 and half for ambience. As for the food, I think I will reserve my judgement - I will say, I could be better. I wouldn't want to rate it. Actually the Indian take away on Mann Street serves better food.
    • I am not from the Curry house if you are alluding to that. I am Indian and we do not usually go out to Indian places (as we can cook those dishes) but went there because a friend was raving about it. Thoroughly disappointed, the kulcha's were soggy.. not like a Kulcha at all. I thought that if they had it on the menu they would be able to make is reasonably well. But I guess they are prepared only for Butter chickens and naans which is usually ordered by customers. The restaurant used to be called Zafran and it quietly died and the owner cleverly sold the business to the current owners. Have a feeling that it will meet with the same fate. Thoroughly disappointed with the food. The ambience and the service is good. No complaints there but the food is truly awful. There are others who have felt the same way. If you like it, please feel to patronise it. At least will help them.
  • More like 5000 Miles Away From Indian Food !
    I visited this restaurant about two weeks ago, expecting good things. Looks good from outside and plenty of parking at the door. I now know, though, why there was plenty of parking spots!
    Six of us ordered, two people ordering a Balti Beef dish ( as they serve back home in the UK). FYI, a Balti is the deep wide steel dish in which the curry is cooked and served. When the food was brought out however the Balti was more like a golden chalice - unusual and quite striking. More like eating out of a tall glass. Anyway, the serving looked small but I was stunned when the dish had what I can only describe as a false bottom .... So it contained far far less than the (already small) serving appeared to offer
    The food was bland and watery and so small that I was hungry 30 mins later.
    I can only summise the chef had been taken I'll that evening and had been replaced by someone else, otherwise this place will be 5000 seconds from closure

    Summary - if you are hungry and want Indian food - try the only other curry house in Gosford.