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Ange Kenos Local Star

Civil Marriage Celebrant J P Beach weddings, parks, gardens, historical settings, sports grounds, on motor bikes, out on the water, in chapels and in hotel rooms... I have married couples in all sorts of wonderful locations, renewed vows, named babies & even conducted very special divorce ceremonies. And I have respected different faiths and cultures at all times. After all, YOUR wedding is YOURS to decide. My goal is always to help create great memories that will last an eternity.

Joined 26 November 2007 Niddrie, VIC

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  • M.J. Bale

    Clothing Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    Every man should own at least one really good suit, one that is stylish and that attracts attention. But not at a cost beyond imagination. Well this is where I found what I needed and I was impressed. Great attention to service. Great value for amazing suits.
  • Caffe Rustico

    Cafes Preston, VIC
    I was nearby at the Town Hall waiting for others. Had time so I popped in for a coffee. It was OK. The venue is small and nothing flash. The prices are fair and reasonable.
  • Di Parsia Pasticceria Caffe

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    The coffee that I came in for was perfection. Just the way I like it - HOT and not that maingy luke warm that so many serve. But a warning - if you wish to lose weight, DO NOT ENTER. The pastries are too delectable and I left only after devouring 3 - don't tell my wife

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  • A very good delicatessen on many levels. My only complaint is that I wish they opened earlier in the morning
    • Ownership has changed twice but the new owners are friendly, interested in their customers and do a good job. Sure they are still learning the ropes and so are not sure of it all but their staff are up to scratch and you will get a good deal here.
  • trompfy Local Star reviewed Box Hill RSL
    I went there for Father's Day for Dinner with my parents but at 6:30 they played the last post but when I told them I couldn't stand because I am only on one leg they got very abusive towards me so I just left and I haven't been back since then.
    • I am shocked that anyone would ever do this, especially at any RSL where we have had many a serviceman on one leg. But I have been here many times and I like the place. Good food. Great memorabilia. My only complaint is parking
  • This guy is fast and so efficient. he works hard and in fact if you have a complaint it is that he won't take smokos, coffee breaks or more than 15 - 20 min for lunch. He works until he finishes and he does the job right the first time. Quiet and professional he is a tradie above others
    • I had to use his services again yesterday. Dripping front tap, dripping shower but worse was the toilet. He phoned before he came, worked without break until he finished and then cleaned up all of his mess, leaving me only to paint around the new cistern. An amazing plumber and on my permanent list