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Ange Kenos Local Star

Civil Marriage Celebrant J P Beach weddings, parks, gardens, historical settings, sports grounds, on motor bikes, out on the water, in chapels and in hotel rooms... I have married couples in all sorts of wonderful locations, renewed vows, named babies & even conducted very special divorce ceremonies. And I have respected different faiths and cultures at all times. After all, YOUR wedding is YOURS to decide. My goal is always to help create great memories that will last an eternity.

Joined 26 November 2007 Niddrie, VIC

  • Jade Torquay Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Torquay, VIC
    Not having been for several years I thought the time was right to drop in.So I ate the Szechuan Chicken with mixed vegetables and special fried rice. I wanted coconut rice or something else but they only had this one or steamed rice. The Szechuan was very nice and I liked it but it should have been hotter/ spicier. The mixed vegetables were a good match to the chicken
  • Mavros Fish and Chips

    Takeaways Ocean Grove, VIC
    The place looks like a classic Fish and Chip Shop, like those of the 50s and 60s. The service was relatively quick. The food was nice and enjoyable but I feel that the prices were a little high and in need of reviewing.
  • Sandstone Cafe

    Restaurants Grovedale, VIC
    I must state that the exterior of this cafe drew my attention. Lovely sand stone walls. Inside the staff are very lovely and helpful. The bakery items are certainly a cut above many others, tasting more like mum made when she was younger and full of health. The plate sizes of what you order - I also looke dat what others were ewating - are very decent. Mine was certainly filling. A lovely anti pasto that was very nice, along with the rustic bread. Coffee was also quite good
  • Bistro Bakini

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    The venue is incredibly modern and yet stylish. You feel important just being there. However, the food was, at least for me, nothing flash. The chips were very average. The salad ordinary. The meat balls also very average, certainly not greatly tasty which is what I had expected looking at the venue. Don't get me wrong, a nice place to meet people and catch up but, for me, not on my list for dining.
  • On It Burgers

    Restaurants Ferntree Gully, VIC
    Wow. This place is deceiving. Looks nothing special outside but what they create... The chips were absolutely as close to perfect as I have had. The beef burger was soooo nice, so fulfilling... wow. The sauce was not your average tomato sauce but tasted home made and better. Good thing that I had an esky with cold beer in the car because I took the burger to my car and feasted
  • Sugar Station

    Confectionery Melbourne, VIC
    I passed this place so many times by tram I decided to get off early and take a look inside. I left with a small hoard of licorice pieces and assorted chocolates. What a place, for kids of any age, 5 to 105. Everything is in glass containers so you can see them better and thus become seduced by them, as I was. Forget the Force, for even Luke Skywalker could not walk in and then out with empty hands
  • Scotchmans Hill Vineyards

    Vineyards & Wineries Drysdale, VIC
    Wine, like other drinks, is some what personal. For me, Scotchman's Hill make the absolutely best wines on the Bellarine Peninsula. They taste, dare I say, expensive and yet are within the average person's price range. The only negative - once you start wine tasting here you feel like staying a few hours more... to continue tasting. The staff here are, of course, knowledgeable and very courteous. The venue is relaxing in a way that other vineyards in the region are not, with large treed areas outside the vine yard
  • Barwon Heads Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Barwon Heads, VIC
    A hotel above the average in terms of size and style. A lovely venue suited to a variety of social functions. The service is quite good and the fare was tasty - well, I had battered fish and chips with tartare sauce. Very nice
  • Cafe Corretto

    Cafes Carlton, VIC
    Do you like Ferraris? Are you a petrol head? Then this venue could well be designed for you. But even if the amazing decor is not to your liking, the pizzas are tasty and very reasonably priced and the spaghetti was absolutely delightful. And the staff were far friendlier than some other nearby places.
  • Pet Stock

    Pet Shops South Geelong, VIC
    We were on our way to the beach house. Cat with us. Then my wife remembered that she had left the cat food on the balustrade at home. So while thinking where we could find a supermarket to buy some cat food we say this place and decided to drive in. Cat in the car, window slightly open. The only head ache that I had was the extremely large choice; but eventually I found some great flavours for her and we were on our way. Staff were extremely helpful and so courteous.
  • Schwing Cafe

    Cafes Sunshine West, VIC
    $10 louzy bucks. For a great coffee, no lies folks, Toast (a choice of breads), eggs (however you want them), sausage, awesome mushys and lightly caramilised onions. $10. I just cannot believe the fabulous value and the pretty good taste. But if you are in the area, come on and check it out rather than take my word for it. ANd if you see me there, well, I drove just for the great feed
  • Oda Sushi

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    As Sushi shops/ restaurants/ cafes, what ever is the right word, go, this one is reasonable but most defeintely on the average list. I purchased a Bento box and was surprised by the overall amount and variety offered; but the taste was nothing that I would boast about.
  • Samwon Garden

    Restaurants Huntingdale, VIC
    Parking here is an absolute head ache but if you can get a park then this Asian venue is very good. Selling a mix of Japanese and Korean, I found the Korean chicken meal - which I cannot even begin to pronounce - quite tasty if not a bit on the pricey side. Service was friendly. The venue quite comfortable. Then next door afterwards for a Greek coffee. That satisfied me.
  • Ciao Ciao Italiano

    Restaurants Prahran, VIC
    Classic Calzone Ripieno. Mmmmm. A delightful AND filling meal, although the salad that we also bouped fill me even more. This Calzone was very nice, cooked JUST RIGHT, not raw and not burned but right. Next time I will try one of their awesome looking pizzas - problem with restaurants is seeing what the next table ordered and wondering...
  • Tokyo Maki

    Takeaways West Melbourne, VIC
    Chilli Seafood BBQ with seafood Japanese fried rice. What a lovely combination AND mine had extra chilli so it was that much extra nice. Ahh this is how to be happy.
  • District North

    Cafes Moonee Ponds, VIC
    Friend of mine took me here. And I was somewhat surprised. Very nice, clean and refreshingly NOT squashy, not musty like too many cafes. A great selection of meals and good coffees. I chose the 'district standard' and while I thought the pricve was too much, onmce I saw my meal and then tasted I knew that I had made the best choice. Try it yourself but... make sure they still have some for my next visit
  • Annie's Kitchen

    Caterers Barwon Heads, VIC
    Great coffee. Without being asked, just the right temp and flavour. The pizzas were divine. The hot chilli sauce was mediocre. Service was great - swift and friendly. Variety, wow the range of organic products was something. The only issue, as is copmmon with most organic venues, is the expense.
  • The Olive Pit Delicatessen

    Delis Ocean Grove, VIC
    Best coffee of all that I tasted in the street, whilst there over a week end. But that alone was not their best - their culinary offerings from baked to toasted sandwiches, paninis... MMMMM These ladies have got it.
  • Seedling Cafe

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    If you like good, I mean G O O D vegetarian, and I certainly do, then wow. Come on in, sit down, and enjoy. The only head ache is the choice but what ever you choose you WILL be happy.
  • Sushi Hub

    Takeaways Melbourne, VIC
    These folk make great Sushi. Take a way - so no drinking Saki or white wine with their great offerings. Sorry. But the Sushi is worth tasting. Fresh and with that sense of being home made.