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Ange Kenos Local Star

Civil Marriage Celebrant J P Beach weddings, parks, gardens, historical settings, sports grounds, on motor bikes, out on the water, in chapels and in hotel rooms... I have married couples in all sorts of wonderful locations, renewed vows, named babies & even conducted very special divorce ceremonies. And I have respected different faiths and cultures at all times. After all, YOUR wedding is YOURS to decide. My goal is always to help create great memories that will last an eternity.

Joined 26 November 2007 Niddrie, VIC

  • M.J. Bale

    Clothing Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    Every man should own at least one really good suit, one that is stylish and that attracts attention. But not at a cost beyond imagination. Well this is where I found what I needed and I was impressed. Great attention to service. Great value for amazing suits.
  • Caffe Rustico

    Cafes Preston, VIC
    I was nearby at the Town Hall waiting for others. Had time so I popped in for a coffee. It was OK. The venue is small and nothing flash. The prices are fair and reasonable.
  • Di Parsia Pasticceria Caffe

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    The coffee that I came in for was perfection. Just the way I like it - HOT and not that maingy luke warm that so many serve. But a warning - if you wish to lose weight, DO NOT ENTER. The pastries are too delectable and I left only after devouring 3 - don't tell my wife
  • KItchen Warehouse

    Kitchen & Bath Retailers Preston, VIC
    A great selection of small kitchen items. Sincerely. But the prices were a little but of a shock. I took the folks in but as pensioners they balked at spending even a dollar in there and, sadly, I must agree. I found their prices to be above the poorer members of our community and this business better placed in Kew or Toorak
  • Magik Barber

    Hairdressers Niddrie, VIC
    I have had my hair cut twice here, so far. Looking to see IF they honour their introductory special of 3rd for free. But the hair cuts have been good quality.
  • chicken with a twist

    Restaurants South Melbourne, VIC
    An interesting venue that I came across by accident while visiting a business near by. But a delight. Their prices are not at all bad and their portion sizes are not at all stingy, but decent. Taste, well, I left happy. Need I say more?
  • Perasma

    Cafes Oakleigh, VIC
    This is one of those select few venues that I most strongly urge you to avoid completely, because if you do not then the pastries alone will trap you within. The breads... and then their main meals. Some of the most amazing vegie meals you could ever hope to enjoy. So do not visit this place unless you think about moving in, or getting a job there because you will need a staff discount to cover your eating.
  • Perkup Expresso Bar

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    The venue is very small and unattractive. But they have the cheapest priced breakfast that I have found in the CBD and with a free cup of coffee. The tables outside have all the condiments including my favourite, Tobasco. THAT is rare. All up, this venue, not far from Southern Cross Station, is a must stop if you have a hankering for a decent bite to eat at a very fair price.
  • Baby Bunting

    Maternity Retailers Preston, VIC
    I am soon to become a grand father. So as I am driving home I notice this store and I could not help myself - u turn, park and walk in. I left with a couple of $hundred less than I began but with a considerable smile on my face. This place had everything that baby could need and as a grand pa to be, well, I had to buy a few things which I hope they do not already have for the baby.
  • Napier Cafe & Bar

    Cafes Essendon, VIC
    Appearance wise, nothing flash. Looks like an old building done up and not to my taste. But I went to enjoy the culinary skills of their chef and I was not left wanting. My cuppa was nice but my Napier Breakfast was really nice. There is also a veggie version which looks good but this one was more than enough to leave a smile on my face.
  • The Corner Cafe On Woodland

    Cafes Strathmore, VIC
    The look of this venue did not excite me one bit. It was clean and such but nothing stand out in aesthetic terms. However, the staff were nice and the food was delightful. Coffee - my biggest bug bear - was great. Thank you. Food wise we shared the Avo Smash and the Big Breakfast - well priced and sotasty. Yeah, I might well go again. Soon.
  • Blooming Orchids Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Essendon, VIC
    A very aesthetic, very nice looking place. Friendly staff. And food that is a little more than what you may have enjoyed in other Thai restaurants. I can't recall the last time that I tasted Pad Thai that was different. Even the look of the meal was great. But the prices are a bit much for me so next time I will take away - they charge less and for the same great taste
  • Hellenic Republic

    Restaurants Brunswick East, VIC
    Hellenic Republic is the actual name, the legal name, of the nation that most errantly call Greece. To me it is a poor fit here. That aside, $15 for a bowl of chips? What a joke. And not the best of chips - many a fish shop and all Nando's do much better chips.
  • Theo's Rye Hot Chicks

    Takeaways Rye, VIC
    Great coffee, thank you. Chicken better than KFC. Loved the popcorn chicken bits. BUT I am not happy that they advertised opening at 7 30 and at 8.08 am they were still closed so I left to come back to my breakfast meal. That really annoys.
  • Hawthorn Grill and Kebab House

    Takeaways Hawthorn, VIC
    Prices here are pretty much like most souvlaki/ kebab places. What's different is the range of other food choices. Meals such as Turkish pide's, falafel, lamb meals, burgers, an assortment of wild dips and awesome Turkish bread. They also sell salads and sweets and toasted sandwiches, as well as good Turkish coffee. Worth a stop over when you next visit either Glenferrie oval, home of the Hawks or the state weightlifting centre.
  • Il Parco

    Restaurants Essendon, VIC
    You walk passed and you think, just another restaurant. But walk in and you feel as if you are in South Yarra. Yes, this venue exudes class and is stunning in its ambiance but, wait, the food is even better. Yet the prices are certainly not South Yarra or Kew but very reasonable. Service is friendly and pleasant and by the time you are ready to leave you realise that you have been here twice as long as you would go to most other restuarnts.
  • Five Grains Asian Kitchen

    Restaurants Niddrie, VIC
    This relatively new business is located in a place that has seen many Asian restaurants over the years, but unlike the others that I have seen these owners appear to have what it takes to succeed. There is colour, neatness and ambience. There is friendliness and great service. And there are very tasty meals. The seafood Chinese birdsnest was just diving and the green tea kept it all moving nicely during the meal. Who sais you need wine to be happy.
  • Pepperoni's Restaurant & Takeaway Coffee Lounge

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Pure and simple, I was drawn to walk in by pizza at $2 a slice or 3 for $5, which is what I chose. And each slice was different, so I chose from a variety. Service was fast and friendly. The place is almost on the Elizabeth St Flinders St cnr, exactly opposite the Elizabeth St end of tram line stop.
  • D'Tandoor Restaurant

    Restaurants Hawthorn, VIC
    I confess, money tight me was attracted by the window stating one low price for meals and then the all you can eat affair, albeit the latter is on a Friday night when I simply cannot make it. But the food here is really nice, the folks friendly and the prices are quite fare, more so given you are in upper class Hawthorn.
  • Pond Cafe

    Cafes Torquay, VIC
    Bit tricky to get in at first as all doors and windows appear identical. You can be served outside or in on nice solid wood tables, albeit many chairs are plastic. Food is ok and well presented, but service is a but slow. Coffees are the right temp (and I say that so rarely) but for me they are too expensive, starting at $4 for a regular/ small cup. And yet a lovely atmosphere.