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atan7 Local Star

Love life!

Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • Myer

    Department Stores Chatswood, NSW
    Probably the worst parents rooms in any shopping centre
  • Uniqlo

    Clothing Retailers North Ryde, NSW
    Until recently I didn't know they also sell kids clothes and in true Japanese clean and orderly fashion all the items are packaged for cleanliness and protection. The quality of he clothes are amazing with thick quilted fabrics for winter pjs and nice prints for winter girl dresses.
    The prices are reasonable at about $15 a piece.
  • Adidas

    Shoe Stores Chatswood, NSW
    A large adidas store featuring their clothing range and sneakers. This store gets he raffles when the Yeezys are released and surprisingly the line isn't as long as the city store. The staff are friendly and helpful and in the most recent raffle they opened a bit earlier to help manage the crowds. When picking up the Yeezys the staff are friendly and jokingly offered to buy them from us because Thye are all clearly fans!
  • Adidas

    Shoe Stores Macquarie Park, NSW
    A nice store featuring their shoes and clothing line. Unfortunately this store doesn't get the raffle tickets when the new NMDs arrive nor the Yeezys but the staff are passionate fans of the brand and are very helpful.
  • H&M Macquarie Park

    Clothing Retailers Macquarie Park, NSW
    They sells great maternity wear here that I wish I knew about earlier. Really affordable prices and nice prints and fabrics. Saw some nice long sleeves tops for winter and was shocked to see that at full price they were only $20!
    The store was very busy and lots of people where here with kids and prawns so it was quite chaotic.
    The racks are packed full of clothes making it a little difficult to browse.
  • Target

    Department Stores North Ryde, NSW
    They had some real bargains on kids clothes with 'clearance' racks in every aisle. Bought some tshirts for my baby for next summer and it cost $2! Very had to beat when prices are that good.
    They also had some nice track suit pants which was so cute and kind of a copy of some Seed ones I had seen where the animal print is on the knees and a slit showing an opening acts like the animals mouth. That was half the price of the original seed ones and you really can fault kids clothing here in terms of quality.
  • Big W

    Department Stores Macquarie Park, NSW
    Love this Big W, they had 40% off tommee tippiee eating wear and I bought Jier auction plate for my baby who loves to thrown things on the floor! So hopefully this helps! A staff member was at the front of the entrance to the store handing out easter eggs which was so nice and welcoming!
    Checkout was easy as there are also self service ones which are pretty easy to use.
  • Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

    Cafes North Ryde, NSW
    Came here to meet a friend and we had two peaks so we sat in the outside seating. They serve high quality coffee drinks and feature their fun homewards such as their signature 'hug mug' which fits perfectly in your hands as you enjoy a thick hot chocolate. You order at the counter and take a number to your table where they will bring out your order. They also serve desserts such as waffles!
  • Shingle Inn

    Cafes North Ryde, NSW
    A cafe that is small so you may miss it as you walk towards big w. The staff are friendly and really we're amazing when a lady near me accidentally left her coffee too close to her baby who grabbed it. The staff quickly let her come behind the counter to run the baby's hand under cool water.
    They were very helpful in such circumstances so hats off!
  • Three Beans

    Cafes North Sydney, NSW
    A nice cafe on the top floor or greenwood plaza. Lots of people
    Come for casual business meet ups here and there are lots of seats with natural sunlight coming through the glass roof of the centre. They serve coffee and sandwiches which cost around $13. Staff are prompt to serve you and they provide table service or takeaway.
  • West Pymble Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pools West Pymble, NSW
    Came here for a gathering and it was a beautiful sunny summers day. The pool is very kid friendly and has some parklands nearby.
    The snack shop sells coffee and lollies for the kids.
  • Trivett Classic BMW

    Car Dealers Parramatta, NSW
    A really beautiful dealership with a bar and a little sit down section where they provide coffee, fruit and snacks. The showroom is immaculate with beautiful cars shining and equally shiny floors.
    The Sales people were very friendly and happy to punch out a joke here and there as we browsed the floor.
  • Trivett Honda Parramatta

    Car Dealers Parramatta, NSW
    We drive all the way to this Honda because Sydney is a great honest car salesman who really wants to ensure your experience is a great one. He is very open about his thoughts on different models and further predictions for new releases. My family bought a Honda CRV are are extremely happy with the service her provided.
  • Pet Town

    Pet Shops Castle Hill, NSW
    Love coming here with my daughter who LOVES looking at the puppies run around the pen at the front. The staff let you pat them you can tell they really love their job and care about the animals.
  • Coles Express

    Petrol & Service Stations Sydney, NSW
    A small coles but very convenient to grab a drink or some cutlery for the office!
  • Sheike

    Clothing Retailers Sydney, NSW
    Nice modern and on trend pieces you can wear for work or a night out. They have really nice colors and prints on their fabrics. Many pieces are stylish and have interesting silhouettes. I saw a pencil skirt I really liked in a pastel coral colour but it just didn't have the stretch in the fabric that I prefer. The staff are immaculately dressed and are fun and youthful, and very eager to help.
  • Cue

    Clothing Retailers Sydney, NSW
    Australian designer, modern corporate wear for women. They have beautiful fabrics and nice structured tops and pieces for work. It is a little pricey at around $250 a dress but the quality is really nice.
    They also had some beautiful silk blouses!
  • Lorna Jane

    Clothing Retailers Mosman, NSW
    Located right near fitness first this is a small store but has all the basics such as crop tops and leggings.
    There is usually only one staff member serving but they are very friendly. Lots of change rooms and it isn't a busy store so you are able to browse leisurely and try things on.
    The prices are reasonable for fun, on trend activewear.
  • Palings Kitchen and Bar

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Located right in the middle of Ivy this place serves a la carte mains of western grill food as well as Thai food.
    The food is great but unfortunately the service isn't as you would expect from a merivale establishment. Even though we booked it took them 45 minutes to seat us, they didn't get out bill right and they moved our table mid way through our meal to make room for the clubbers.
    The staff were apologetic and gave us a discount on our meal but I wouldn't recommend eating here on a Friday night if you want to enjoy a nice meal with friends as it is just too noisey and busy.
  • Palmer and Co

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    A 1930's prohibition feel and vibe with waitresses wearing drop waisted dresses and feathers adorning their hair. The atmosphere is crowded and buzzing with a trendy crowd. There wasn't much room to sit and it was pretty noisey but it was a Friday night with the after work drinks crowd aloud and ready to socialize.
    You enter from tank stream lane through a little laneway door and walk downstairs.
    A nice place but not really a place where you can have a conversation.