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beanboy House Proud

I became a Local Star sometime ago and my first badge was 'Barfly' then 'Foodie' That's all the info you're getting :)

Joined 14 March 2008 Surry Hills, NSW

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  • GPO Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Food Emporium

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    I love how this establishment has kept all the heritage building and sandstone walls. Not only is the bar great for a drink, but there's ample restaurants to dine, such as the well known Prime, sushi train, spanish and the cheese/wine area.
  • Fifi Foveaux's

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    For the area is a safe bet for ok food @ an ok price.

    But venture up/down the Rd for much better places for around the same price.

    The breakfast was good, eggs were cooked well, and coffee was decent.
  • Palmer and Co

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Great early 19 hundreds ban playing, took a date to P&C and she loved it. We were lucky enough to find some seating (gets really busy on a Saturday night).

    A top place to check out for pre drinks or a date.

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  • Belle Fleur make some of the best hand-made chocolates in Sydney. They have a huge range of delicate chocolates in all sorts of shapes, colours and flavours. You can buy a boxes with an assortment of chocolates, or you could take the time to select your own chocolates - great for a gift, or simply to indulge!

    They usually have two or three staff in store, and depending on your time of visit, you may have to wait a little to be served while others are choosing their chocolates. However, it's well worth the wait!
    • beanboy House Proud 
      So good, have you tried William Chocolates in Paddo???
  • beanboy House Proud reviewed Pizza Mario
    By far the best pizza I've eaten in Sydney, we arrived early as I know it gets busy here, and were greeted by a lovely french waitress. The setting is rather warm, and a little romantic so its a good place to take a date.
    We had a Margarita pizza with Ham, and it was cooked to perfection :). There's so much hype about this place and I know why.

    The Italian imported red wine was delicious, the salad fresh and yummy, and the service was quick, attentive and the bill was super cheap!
    • beanboy House Proud 
      Wow, I'll never doubt you again, we didn't even have to queue!
  • beanboy House Proud reviewed Laduree Sydney
    WOW - you must go here.

    Laduree has been flown all the way across from Europe. Be prepared to queue, either for take away or dine in. But well worth the wait. Their macaroons aren't cheap (around $4 each), but they are yummy.

    I tried the choc orange cake ($8), which was rather bland, overpriced a small serving.

    The tea for me was the highlight, they have so many different types to choose from, and they are served in lovely Laduree china and vintage silver.
    • beanboy House Proud 
      Its a hard one to sell, so I apologise. ha

      I thought they make them here in Oz, they have a small kitchen behind this cafe??