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beanboy House Proud

I became a Local Star sometime ago and my first badge was 'Barfly' then 'Foodie' That's all the info you're getting :)

Joined 14 March 2008 Surry Hills, NSW

  • GPO Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Food Emporium

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    I love how this establishment has kept all the heritage building and sandstone walls. Not only is the bar great for a drink, but there's ample restaurants to dine, such as the well known Prime, sushi train, spanish and the cheese/wine area.
  • Fifi Foveaux's

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    For the area is a safe bet for ok food @ an ok price.

    But venture up/down the Rd for much better places for around the same price.

    The breakfast was good, eggs were cooked well, and coffee was decent.
  • Palmer and Co

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Great early 19 hundreds ban playing, took a date to P&C and she loved it. We were lucky enough to find some seating (gets really busy on a Saturday night).

    A top place to check out for pre drinks or a date.
  • Jamie's Italian

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    3rd time I've been here and I haven't one negative comment about everything (ok maybe the wait times are a little much - but totally worth it).

    Don't think this place will dent the wallet either, its really affordable considering its Jamie Oliver's venue, the quality of food and the service.

    Top spagetti bowl, squid a must, big green olives, rabbit pasta. All are my fav's
  • Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    First time coming here, and I highly recommend it.

    Great menu that isn't overly priced like other venues that are close by. The setting is great for a breakfast or brunch as the sun shines down on pretty much the whole place. In/Outdoor seating, quick and service.

  • Ampersand Bookstore & Cafe

    Cafes Paddington, NSW
    A pleasant place to read a book, have a pot of tea and relax
  • Boost Juice

    Juice Bars Sydney, NSW
    As with all Boost, the menu is great, if you want a smoothie or fresh fruit juice. The staff are friendly and the service quick!
  • Horden Pavillion

    Venues & Event Spaces Moore Park, NSW
    A good venue within close proximity to the city, the Horden itself can hold 1,000's of ppl, and with the combination of RHI its pretty massive.
    Good bathrooms, massively high ceilings, and ample parking in the complex or on the Street.
  • Entertainment Quarter

    Venues & Event Spaces Moore Park, NSW
    This place has some alright outlets, such as Hoyts, Strike bowling and a couple of restaurants, but its so stale, this 'quarter' could be something but its not.
    I only venture to this place for events @ the Horden.
    Their markets are nothing compared to others in the East/City, like Paddington or Glebe.
    And on a Saturday night its rather dead and crowd less.
  • Bodega Tapas Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    A hidden gem. I really like their tapas menu, such as Scallops Morcilla, braised cabbage (see member pic - mine), or the steamed pork belly.
    Everything is served to share, and the serving sizes are medium size so order up.
    Cool atmosphere, and funky inside.
  • The Fringe Bar

    Pubs & Bars Paddington, NSW
    I dined here again last night, i change my mind re the below review. The downstairs space is rather cosy and a little romantic even. While they have kept the pub feel upstairs. My steak so very tough and I didn't really enjoy it, but all the other meals were really nice (so out of 10 9 were great).
    Great service too, quick, helpful and really nice.
  • Pearsons Florist

    Florists Darlinghurst, NSW
    Pay a little extra and you get quality.

    Such good service from a gentleman at the front desk, actually gave my friend a free boutique of flowers which was nice. There's a large assortment to choose from, including plants, herbs, vegetable plants (sometimes), and they will order you just about anything you ask for.

    Definitely check this place out.
  • General Pants Co.

    Shopping Centres Sydney, NSW
    I never leave GP without buying something, currently the whole Inca tribe look is in which I'm not a fan of, but they have awesome chino's and skinny leg jeans, singlets and T's all are well priced.
  • T-Bar

    Clothing Retailers Sydney, NSW
    Cheap funky Tee's, loads of options of different prints
  • Nando's

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    I love this place for fast food, the chicken is always moist and cooked Portuguese style. Their chips are packed with chicken salt and yummy.
    Plenty of seating indoors, and a wash basin to clean off your greasey mits. The only downer about Nandos is the price around $18 for a 1/2 chicken and chips is a little steep.
  • Dollar King

    General Retailers Sydney, NSW
    This place is soooo stocked they have items all over the ground!

    Cheap cheap cheap, but don't expect anything to last. Perfect for decorations for work etc.
  • Ziggy's Barber Salon

    Hairdressers Darlinghurst, NSW
    Such a great experience, make sure you book!

    Andy, Jamie are the best so try and book one of them. Just like a typical barber, you can have a full face shave with a blade that includes a heavenly facial.
    I've never walked out of here regretting the cut, a top place and around $50 a cut for mens.
  • Freedom

    Furniture Stores Sydney, NSW
    Its odd to find a large furniture store in the city, their furniture is for the low to mid incomes and most of their stock looks cheap, but you can get some great home wares here like vases, table wear etc.
  • Ichi-ban Boshi

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Top Japanese restaurant, they have one of the best and well known Ramens in the city. Be prepared to queue, but its well worth the wait.
    My fav is the Udon Set, with Salmon Sashimi, rice, and Ramen.
  • Books Kinokuniya

    Bookstores Sydney, NSW
    One could spend hours in here as they have so many books stocked on the shelves from all over the world. They have plenty of art and craft choices too