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Belinda.H Barfly

Joined 23 March 2010 Lane Cove, NSW

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  • Pastry Perfection

    Cake Shop Carlingford, NSW
    I've ordered cakes from here for special occasions twice now and both times they have been absolutely fantastic.

    This place is truly a little gem in a suburban shopping strip. It's not glamourous but the coffee and bakery treats are superb. Locals converge here after Saturday sport so there may be a little wait but it's well worth it.

    It's our family's regular for birthday cakes.
  • Kantine Cafe Bistro

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    How stunning to sit in the sun, drinking a delicious juice, watching the world go by.

    Just off Taylor square, this cute corner cafe is certain to please.
  • Dizzy's Jazz Club

    Restaurants Richmond, VIC
    I love this place! Not being a local, this was a recommendation from a friend and it was perfect. It's of the small, intimate, blink-and-you'll-miss-it calibre but once you're inside it's a comfy, cosy little venue where you can grab a bottle of wine and settle in for the night with some fantastic live music.

    The wine list is great, the bar tender was great and knowledgeable especially when explaining a variety of wine I'd not heard of. The staff were efficient, even if it did take a little coaxing to get some attention. This is what cost them the half star. That said, once comment was made our glasses were never empty.

    With any luck a place like this will open in Sydney sometime soon. Highly recommended and can't wait to go back.

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  • Oh OK...So as much as I wanted to keep this place a secret it is only fair that I eventually write these guys a review as it is clear I just can't have it all to myself! I was at the bar last night (again!) and am never disappointed... So here's my story:

    I've been going to Small Bar since opening a year ago and like a fine wine this bar just gets better with age! As per the comments below, the lower north shore has been crying out for a place like this, but that doesn't mean that anyone can just open a 'small bar' and expect it to be good. Smallbar is lucky to have such a great space, especially the courtyard area (non smoking now by the way) but there is a vast amount of love that goes into the this place - Lee & Steve are two of the best bar managers I have ever come across which means you are always made to feel extremely welcome.

    The wine list is not overly complicated, always has a beautiful selection that I try to make my way through (!) and is really decent value. This is not a trendy, over priced establishment full of pretentious people, more homely, relaxed & a place I feel comfortable meeting up with my girlfriends to catch up. Get there early to make sure you can grab a seat, any evening during the week now past 8-8.30pm and the place is usually full in my experience.

    My only criticism would have been that the food might not have been on a level with the rest of the operation, but this has just been changed (I think they actually listen to their customers!) meaning their new selection of 'smalls' tapas style dishes are now fantastic and this has been done without a hike in prices!

    So the only thing left to say is thank you Small Bar. Keep up the good work - I love you x
    • Fantastic review! Thanks so much for posting. Although I am a bit sad that we have both had to blow the lid on one of the best kept secrets on the North Shore.
  • A wonderful place whether it be for a honeymoon, romantic getaway or a family holiday.

    Stay in the hotel section which over looks the lake. Maybe fish from the balcony. The restaurant has a wide delicious range to choose from. We stayed in a hotel room here on our honeymoon.

    Nine years later we returned as a family and stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin amongst the trees. We were able to cater for ourselves in the fully functional kitchen, but we visited the restaurant twice.

    There's so much to do here. Wine tasting and wineries are a must as the region as a large amount of wineries to visit. The resort has passes you can purchase for activities or you can pay as you use. I recommend the passes as they are good value. There's canoeing, fishing, swimming of course and mini golf.

    Outside the resort there's alot to do besides the wineries. The trout farm nearby was great, everyone is able to catch the trout and when your done they'll prepare and cook it for you and serve with salad and chips. For the fussy like my two, they have chicken nuggets.

    Through the resort we booked a cruise up the Donnelly River. I think we travelled about 20km on the river until we reached the beach. While we played on the beach or captain made coffee and muffins.

    Pemberton is not far away. Alot of tours can be done here too. The best for us was the ride on the steam train. Only a couple of hours, but the kids loved it.

    There is so much to do in the lovely part of WA. This is an area and a resort that everyone should visit.
    • Fantastic review! I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm in WA.
  • atan7 Local Star reviewed Cafe Zivelli
    As you drive past the main strip of Lane Cove (Longueville Rd)- your eyes will be drawn to this cafe which has customers pouring out of its doors.
    A humble establishment, yet full of fresh gourmet treats displayed in perfect lines. From blueberry and banana breads, to delectable vegetable quiches, fresh sourdough sandwiches filled with rare roast beef and char grilled vegetables and smoked salmon filled bagels- and that is just the takeaway menu...
    Full hot breakfasts of scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, and sausages are also served (as well as many other items on the menu!) but I definitely suffered from a bought of food envy as I gazed across the tables . I only had time for a takeaway sandwich and coffee but I will be sure to visit this place again!