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Bella.Blue Local Star

Britain born and raised on the streets of Inner-West Sydney, Bella Blue is passionate about finding a bargain wherever it is! A keen eye for excellence in both products & services, she, insists - nay, demands - both, from street eats to fine dining venues, public transport to limousine services. She loves shopping (mainly the window type!), eating out and checking out the local gig scene.In fact she loves it so much and looks forward to sharing her local knowledge with you all!

Joined 14 July 2008 Kings Langley, NSW

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  • Lesley Kreig Physiotherapy & Sport Injuries Clinic

    Physiotherapy South Wentworthville, NSW
    Lesley is your class, old-school kind of doctor who will treat not just your ailments but who gets to know you and will go out of her way to get you back to full health. She is super professional, knows what she is doing and will never try and, unlike many of the other fast-food type of physios, she won't get you back in to see her unless you actually need further treatment. Lesley works with her patients in different forms: laser therapy, massage, manipulation and gymwork. If you need an excellent therapist, she is the person to see.
  • Fairfield City Farm

    Travel Agents Abbotsbury, NSW
    My husband and I purchased a voucher online to use with our toddler in the summer holidays. I was a little nervous about our visit due to the day being a 40 degree day, the place being unfamiliar and our toddler potentially having a meltdown (or two) due to the potentially overwhelming nature of the day. To make things worse, while we were half-way there, we realised we'd forgotten the stroller. When we got there I was already a bit over the heat, weight of the bag and free-running of Mr 2. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we realised that all the animal destinations were spaced closely together, allowing for the tot to walk freely in front of us, without us having to hover like helicopters (which I detest). Adding to this, the crowd was minimal, there was loads of shade and seating and we felt comfortable leaving our bags on a shaded bench and going for a wander. Parking is free, the drive is pretty straightforward and staff are friendly. Definitely worth driving out there if you have a day free.
  • Miramare Gardens

    Venues & Event Spaces Terrey Hills, NSW
    I've driven past this venue countless times and had no idea it even existed! Miramare Gardens is tucked away on Monal Vale Road, with entrance concealed in one of the backstreets. I attended a wake here after a friend's funeral and was pleasantly surprised by the service, food, and venue. Sweeping gardens, amazingly delicious food and great service. Perhaps management has lifted their game since reading the unhappy comments below. In any case, we were served by friendly waiters and had a choice of cold antipasti platters (think gourmet olives, prosciutto, marinated & grilled eggplant) or warm foods like salt&pepper squid, pumpkin & feta mini-pies, chicken skewers and more. It was just outstanding. The staff's professionalism allowed the grieving family to have a relaxed and stress-free unwinding from a busy day of funeral and burial.

Latest Comments

  • Basically, we had a blockage which cost us $400 for them to locate the find.
    We were later told that it would cost a further $1,400 for some pipe section (underground about a metre deep) that the council either forgot to close properly (or was knocked out by nature) that caused the pipes to collect debris over time and therefore blocked the pipes. Then they added another $4,400 because apparently the piping leading out of the house to the main was broken (down where they dug a hole???). But of course it wasn't there fault - it was a tree root dangit!
    To further put pressure on us, they told us that the actual job was not $4,400 but $6,200. They then did the old car-sales-pitch: if we had the tree root cleared and replaced the pipes job by 5p.m. on that day, they would waive the initial $400 and $1,400 we'd already paid for the first two jobs, which would then bring the job down from $6,200 to extra $4,400. Thanks guys. How noble of you. To reassure us they told us another plumber would quote around the $6500 mark, so hey, you might as well go with Omega, because we'd already paid $1400 on the first two jobs, which they would waive if we stuck with them and paid $6,200 for all 3 jobs. Whereas if we were to switch plumbers now they guaranteed that we'd pay $400 + $1,400 + $6,200 = $8000.
    Not one to get ripped off, we called a local small scale plumber who services both the West and North Shore, explained the situation and heard them chortle in disbelief. Needless to say we went against Omega's advice and went with the genuine, small-time business. If I could rate Omega on the negative scale I would. If I could be bothered to go to ACA or if Today Tonight was still around I'd do that too. But all I'm saying is stay away from Omega. If they cannot be bothered doing the job they will just over quote. If they can be bothered doing it, they will over quote anyway. A really unethical business.
    • Thanks Allan; I appreciate your concern. However we are no longer interested in using Omega and I will do my personal best to spread the word about its quotes and non-existent ethics.
  • A fine dining lunch for a three course meal at only $22?? Well, okay, fine dining in training, but still, The Apprentice is pretty good value if you are after something substantial and classy while on a budget. Entrees, mains and dessert were plated beautifully, with microherbs. Because it was a training restaurant, my partner and I felt obliged to rate everything. My salmon carpaccio was fresh and had a great mix of classic flavours: fennel, dill and parsley. Hubby's warm duck salad wasn't warm but was pretty delish. Main was crab tagliatelle and unfortunately the crab was lost amongst the heap of handmade pasta. It was pretty bland and flavourless to be honest. Hubby's snapper was cooked perfectly but again, not really seasoned well. Dessert was fantastic. I ordered a Zabaione (which I had no idea about until that day), and hubby ordered the Tropical Trio. Dessert was by far my best and favourite course. A lightly whipped mousse-like concoction, with hints of rose water, watermelon and crunchy pistachio. Mmmm something I would definitely reorder. Hubby wasn't too fussed on his dessert. It was a bit strange, with a shot of thick, grey banana milkshake, melted mango sorbet and a tooth-breaker: chocolate and coconut rough (mate, was it tough!). Anyway, we were rather forgiving, because of course, this place is a training institution. But the food was worth the $22, but you wouldn't want to pay more. The training instructor was lovely and the students were all under a lot of pressure to impress! Definitely worth the visit.
    • No unfortunately it's a surprise until you get there! Part of the fun though :)