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Bella.Blue Local Star

Britain born and raised on the streets of Inner-West Sydney, Bella Blue is passionate about finding a bargain wherever it is! A keen eye for excellence in both products & services, she, insists - nay, demands - both, from street eats to fine dining venues, public transport to limousine services. She loves shopping (mainly the window type!), eating out and checking out the local gig scene.In fact she loves it so much and looks forward to sharing her local knowledge with you all!

Joined 14 July 2008 Kings Langley, NSW

  • Lesley Kreig Physiotherapy & Sport Injuries Clinic

    Physiotherapy South Wentworthville, NSW
    Lesley is your class, old-school kind of doctor who will treat not just your ailments but who gets to know you and will go out of her way to get you back to full health. She is super professional, knows what she is doing and will never try and, unlike many of the other fast-food type of physios, she won't get you back in to see her unless you actually need further treatment. Lesley works with her patients in different forms: laser therapy, massage, manipulation and gymwork. If you need an excellent therapist, she is the person to see.
  • Fairfield City Farm

    Travel Agents Abbotsbury, NSW
    My husband and I purchased a voucher online to use with our toddler in the summer holidays. I was a little nervous about our visit due to the day being a 40 degree day, the place being unfamiliar and our toddler potentially having a meltdown (or two) due to the potentially overwhelming nature of the day. To make things worse, while we were half-way there, we realised we'd forgotten the stroller. When we got there I was already a bit over the heat, weight of the bag and free-running of Mr 2. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we realised that all the animal destinations were spaced closely together, allowing for the tot to walk freely in front of us, without us having to hover like helicopters (which I detest). Adding to this, the crowd was minimal, there was loads of shade and seating and we felt comfortable leaving our bags on a shaded bench and going for a wander. Parking is free, the drive is pretty straightforward and staff are friendly. Definitely worth driving out there if you have a day free.
  • Miramare Gardens

    Venues & Event Spaces Terrey Hills, NSW
    I've driven past this venue countless times and had no idea it even existed! Miramare Gardens is tucked away on Monal Vale Road, with entrance concealed in one of the backstreets. I attended a wake here after a friend's funeral and was pleasantly surprised by the service, food, and venue. Sweeping gardens, amazingly delicious food and great service. Perhaps management has lifted their game since reading the unhappy comments below. In any case, we were served by friendly waiters and had a choice of cold antipasti platters (think gourmet olives, prosciutto, marinated & grilled eggplant) or warm foods like salt&pepper squid, pumpkin & feta mini-pies, chicken skewers and more. It was just outstanding. The staff's professionalism allowed the grieving family to have a relaxed and stress-free unwinding from a busy day of funeral and burial.
  • Loxley on Bellbird Hill

    Wedding Planning Kurrajong Heights, NSW
    Visited Loxley recently for a friend's wedding and it was such an enjoyable and relaxed experience. The grounds are spectacular and the view from our canapes and champagne, outstanding. The staff were friendly, attentive and helpful when it came to drinks and food but were not in-your-face about anything. If you are after a rustic, cottage-style wedding, this is the place for you, with high, exposed timber beams, polished wooden floors and that country-side feel. A beautiful spot to get hitched!
  • SB Beauty

    Beauty Salons Fairfield, NSW
    When you take yourself off to get your nails done with your bestie, the expectation is to have a relatively drama-free experience and leave feeling pampered and somewhat relaxed. Not so was our time at SB Beauty. We arrived 10 minutes before our appointment and were told we were too early but asked if we could please pay as it was a special opening promotion. Sure, I thought, considering we were getting our nails done - a transaction could have been messy, I thought, forgetting that I was having Shellac done.
    We were the only two clients in the nail section of the salon but were quickly joined by another lady. We were hoping to have our treatments done side-by-side, the entire time.
    The treatment started with a paraffin-wax treatment that was way too hot and was poured over our hands using a plastic bowl. The lady kept insisting it was not hot and that she often would sit her hands in it, implying we just needed to toughen up. She then wrapped our hands in cling-wrap and split the two of us up.
    Another lady arrived and she was directed to the other foot-spa massage chair and I was told to sit and wait. She proceeded to plug my girlfriend's foot-basin in and start the water running and then left the room to treat another woman who had just arrived.
    Meanwhile, we were discussing NYE plans until a new therapist came in and started yelling in Vietnamese - the tap had been left to run and had now spilled over onto the vinyl floors, around both chairs, covering the other lady's bag and making its way towards electrical points and power-boards. I instructed my friend not to put her feet in the basin in the event of electrocution. We both thought this was fairly obvious, but the employees were fairly cool and collected and took their time cleaning (35minutes) and my friend ended getting the mop out of the cupboard after they'd left us in there, to clean up missed puddles of water.
    Apart from this, the entire manicure and pedicure process was all over the shop and were both inconsistently completed. My nails looked completely different on both hands and feet and the lighting in the salon made the colours look much different to that under the natural sunlight.
    Considering our treatments did not include the usual scrubs, moisturise, massage or cuticle treatment we were there for over 2 hours and had to change our plans.
    Had I not paid beforehand I would have insisted only half the asking price, if that at all. You get what you pay for here at SB Beauty.
  • Ben & Jerry's Hoyts Cinema Westpoint Blacktown

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Blacktown, NSW
    Nom nom nom nom nom! My fave destination for the ultimate sugar fix. Can I get an amen? The queues are sometimes lengthy and the staff sometimes a little on the bored side of things, but otherwise your best bet at a delicious after-meal treat. They've just recently put in some seats as before you'd have to sit outside with the smokers, but it is limited so queue up early!
  • Hoyts Cinemas

    Cinema Blacktown, NSW
    Hoyts Blacktown is slowly sliding southwards. Shame, really, when it used to be our fave place to visit the big-screen. What frustrates me is pre-purchasing my ticket online and then having to wait in the ticket-queue to buy popcorn or drinks. However the staff are prompt and friendly and the cinema is clean overall. Just remember to get your parking ticket validated on your way out or you're looking at an extra $6 on top of your already-pricey evening out!
  • Outback Jacks

    Restaurants Blacktown, NSW
    So they're always harping on about never judging a book by its cover, so we decided to try this little local out. It's situated at the end of what appeared to be a truck stop. Dan Murphy's, a tradie-filled tav and then Outback Jack's. What struck me the most was that for a Friday night the place was deserted. Wait service was prompt and friendly and the girl who served us knew the menu well. There is not a lot to choose from (which is not always a bad thing) but the menu boasts slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone style ribs and Wagyu burgers so that's what we went for. We were sadly disappointed with ribs that needed hacking at, despite the little bits of meat, and a burger that had soggy greens, butcher mince and a hot dog bun to go. The worst part was that for the rest of the evening and the next day we were both extremely thirsty (MSG much??) and felt as though it was unquenchable. An absolute waste of money at just under $80; we will never dine there again.
  • CiboeVino

    Restaurants Castle Hill, NSW
    Really unimpressed with this 'hidden' little 'treasure'. Worn, old furniture, rude service and below average food. Would not recommend to anyone. We went here using a voucher to sample it as a local for a birthday function and so glad we did. It was just awful. The cutlery was grubby, glasses chipped and soiled and I left feeling a bit queasy! Worst of all the lady serving us seemed to give my husband the evil eye every time she left the table. As though his requests were just too much!
  • Charcoal House Cafe

    Restaurants Doonside, NSW
    Hill End St is a little strip of cosy old-fashioned stores and Surprisingly great koftas, kebabs and cold drinks at a reasonable price, prompt service and generous servings. Definitely recommend if you are in the area. Plus there is a local IGA, Med Centre and various other little stores in this hub. Worth checking out.
  • Doitung Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Doonside, NSW
    Food here is as authentic as it comes and I know - I lived in Chiang Mai for over twelve months. The venue itself is a little pokey, only seating around fifteen in its echoey, narrow, vinyl clad floors. The service could be better - not unpleasant but not quite warm and welcoming either. However the curries, stir fries and scrumptious soups make up for the seeming disinterest. Meals are wholesome and generous, ingredients fresh and balanced and flavours have you saying "Kop Kun Ka!". Definitely one of the best Thai restaurants in the west!
  • Fatona Hair, Nails & Beauty

    Beauty Salons Blacktown, NSW
    I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Fatona's for the first time recently. The older gentleman who welcomed me warmly was a veteran snipper and was a great talker and listener. How I like my hairstylists! The best part of my experience was not that we made connections about mutual friends, or that we had an amusing discussion about the nature of immigration, but that he explained that I wouldn't need to come back to see him for more than 6-8 weeks as I was getting a cut for growth. Amazing. Most stylists will insist you return after at least 6 weeks to keep your business, but his honesty was seriously surprising and most welcome. My new local!
  • Coffee Brothers

    Cafes Mona Vale, NSW
    The service is friendly, the staff young and know their stuff. It's a bit of a hole in the wall, tucked away in the middle of no where, near an industrial block and a random Coles. Just up the road from Mona Vale beach, it's perfectly located for after a surf or picnic if you want to get away from the main drag of hipster-laiden cafes and boutiques. Great coffees, slices and meals but terrible, TERRIBLE, milkshakes. So really, go here for a caffein-fix, not so much for the sugar!
  • Nadias Cafe

    Cafes Blacktown, NSW
    We must've been served by an all new staff because we had a really great experience at Nadia's on the weekend. The waiter who took our order was friendly, prompt and accommodating to a particularly picky eater. Our meals came out without too long a wait and we enjoyed large servings and fresh ingredients. My only issue was how close our tables and seats were to the public walking area. It was hard to tell when a guest was waiting for meals or if it was just a random shopper standing a bit too close for comfort. Other than that, a lovely morning out.
  • Tribeni Indian Restaurant

    Restaurants Blacktown, NSW
    Look, I have to agree, the food served here is flavoursome and authentic. But I am not a fan of (knowingly) having my food heated in a microwave and then being served as fresh, which has happened every time I purchase Briyani. Also, traditionally, this rice dish is served with a yoghurt cooler, "Raita", and when ours did not come with our takeaway meal, I asked and the lady hesitated but brought it out. When we got home, and after I'd poured it on most of my dish, we realised that it was in fact spoilt. We called the restaurant and the same lady answered the phone and sounded like she knew that it was off?? So disappointed as this was beginning to become a favourite for Friday nights. Hopefully a call to Food Safety NSW and the Local Council will fix things here...
  • Australia Post

    Post Offices Lalor Park, NSW
    The staff who works here is much nicer than the other staff, but together they seem to balance things out. Always willing to offer a hand and serve customers with a friendly bit of banter and a smile. A good local spot to get your stamps, pay some bills and pick up your packages.
  • Subway

    Takeaways Woodcroft, NSW
    Good cookies, subs and service, Subway Woodcroft has it going on. Busy at lunch times and queues can make the door, but service is usually good and the subs freshly made and served. Not too bad for a Woodcroft establishment!
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Doonside, NSW
    Yep, same as below. I feel like the kids who work here are either hearing impaired or seriously bored - bored enough to mess up your whole order. We've had so many things left out of our order, added to our order or changed altogether. Burgers are slapped together carelessly with ketchup and mustard leaking out the sides and wrappers loosely attached. As if eating at Maccas isn't offensive enough, this place manages to make it worse!
  • Hollywood Studios

    Photographers Wentworthville, NSW
    We really have nothing to compare the studio to but we did have an enjoyable time shooting with our photographer. Hollywood Studios claim to be the biggest purpose-built studio of its sort and both indoors and outdoors didn't let us down. What I appreciated the most was that there was no heavy sales push and no pressure for us to purchase photos. Yes, they were expensive: prints started from $295 for average sized images. A set of 3 photos (framed) would have set us back $989. If we could have afforded it we would have purchased a lot more of the artworks created, but unfortunately they were way out of our price range!
  • Pizza 2 Kebabs

    Takeaways Lalor Park, NSW
    Yeah, I don't know about this place. They used to do great pizzas at good prices. Now it's average pizzas that are overpriced. Disappointing that a local establishment such as Pizza 2 Kebabs would hike their prices up so much, especially considering the local demographic isn't exactly loaded. Anyway, I guess this just means we won't be frequenting Pizza 2 Kebabs as much!