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bradlyloco Cafe Crowd

Joined 13 May 2011 North Melbourne, VIC

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  • Sushi Sushi

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Really disappointing. Chicken bento box for lunch was uninspired, poorly presented and just not hitting the mark taste wise. Chicken had three small pieces of gristle/inedible part. The salad was some rocket with a couple slices of cucumber and splash of mayo. Poor sushi roll slices. And over cooked plain rice.

    The miso was fine. That's not a huge claim to fame though.

    The cooking smells linger in the air and permeate clothes leaving you with that "I've been in the kitchen all day" feeling.

    And worst of all....the bento box didn't look clean and had food stains (or something) between the divided sections. I've shared a photo that shows this too.

    On a positive - $9.90 is a good price - but I'd happy pay more for an upgrade in food quality. Don't think I could convince myself to come back here.
  • Bun Mese

    Takeaways Darlinghurst, NSW
    I'd come again. Got a takeaway duck roll. Duck was plentiful and moist and tender. Fresh salad on roll. My only desire? I'd love a crunchy roll. The roll was fresh no doubt, but I did crave that satisfying crunch when you bite in.
  • Latteria

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    I really rate the staff here - super nice and friendly. Coffee is reliably consistent. Low fuss, casual cafe. They are friendly to well behaved dogs who are welcome to be around.

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  • I was recommended this cafe from a barista friend from Sydney and loved the feel of the cafe immediately. I only stopped in for a quick takeaway coffee in the morning enroute to a meeting. The cafe was super busy and I wasn't quite sure where to place my order but a really friendly staff member waved me over.

    She was extremely lovely and her love for her job seemed to rub off. I also ordered a croissant, mistaking her offer for me to sit my bag on the counter as a gesture to consider the pastries on offer.

    It was about a 5-10 minute wait for my coffee (there were lots of people) and I managed to scoff down the croissant while waiting.

    So I didn't get the most imaginative coffee (ordered a flat white), but wasn't blown away by the coffee or croissant. (I compare all coffee to Single Origin Roasters in Sydney.)

    I'd definitely go back when I'm back in Melbourne for a proper sit down breakfast as I love the feel of the cafe.
    • Definitely worth checking out again when next in town. Agree the staff were great on my visit too. Coffee excellent.
  • With over 300 different whiskies. This is a must for the whisky enthusiasts.
  • bradlyloco Cafe Crowd reviewed Alma
    Friendly staff. The bacon & egg roll is pretty good. Good fresh ingredients with a real smoky flavour to the bacon. Food and coffee was prepared quickly and with a smile.

    There's plenty of seating inside, and a small outside seat that's only good for 1 or two do have a casual coffee & bite to eat. They seem to have a pretty extensive food preparation service on site, though, I'd only got into the bacon and egg roll for breakfast. Will try some other options next time.
    • This was true on the day I experienced this, however, unfortunately there's been more than one occasion since this time that I've had a less than enjoyable experience. I'll include that in a new review.