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bradlyloco Cafe Crowd

Joined 13 May 2011 North Melbourne, VIC

  • Sushi Sushi

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Really disappointing. Chicken bento box for lunch was uninspired, poorly presented and just not hitting the mark taste wise. Chicken had three small pieces of gristle/inedible part. The salad was some rocket with a couple slices of cucumber and splash of mayo. Poor sushi roll slices. And over cooked plain rice.

    The miso was fine. That's not a huge claim to fame though.

    The cooking smells linger in the air and permeate clothes leaving you with that "I've been in the kitchen all day" feeling.

    And worst of all....the bento box didn't look clean and had food stains (or something) between the divided sections. I've shared a photo that shows this too.

    On a positive - $9.90 is a good price - but I'd happy pay more for an upgrade in food quality. Don't think I could convince myself to come back here.
  • Bun Mese

    Takeaways Darlinghurst, NSW
    I'd come again. Got a takeaway duck roll. Duck was plentiful and moist and tender. Fresh salad on roll. My only desire? I'd love a crunchy roll. The roll was fresh no doubt, but I did crave that satisfying crunch when you bite in.
  • Latteria

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    I really rate the staff here - super nice and friendly. Coffee is reliably consistent. Low fuss, casual cafe. They are friendly to well behaved dogs who are welcome to be around.
  • Opera Bar

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Definitely a lot better since the refresh. Always a great place to bring out-of-towners because of the excellent views.
  • Marco's Espresso Bar

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    First time visiting this morning. They make a good cup of coffee. Real friendly staff and the owner was very welcoming. They're located in the arcade that is between Castlereagh and Pitt St. So, while the address is 370 Pitt St - you go into the arcade to find them. Looks like they have a good food menu for work lunches. I haven't tried it, but, a work colleague has recommended I try their burgers. Which I will do soon.
  • The Goodwill Society

    Cafes Darlinghurst, nsw
    I rate it as the best coffee in the area currently. Relaxed vibe from staff. A few well positioned seats outside under quality umbrellas to people watch and observe the busy kings cross / Darlinghurst area right near the coke sign.
  • Paper Box Thai Noodle Bar

    Takeaways Darlinghurst, NSW
    Simple and no fuss small Thai takeaway and restaurant. Good for single, couple or small group eat in. Or takeaway of course. There's one medium sized table in the middle and a few small tables around that. A fairly small venue but always popular.

    Highlights are probably the price, speed of service and cleanliness of venue. Very well maintained food preparation area.
  • Riley Street Garage

    Pubs & Bars Woolloomooloo, NSW
    Massive recommendation from me. Menu is modern, yet, still humble. Good portion sizes, flavours that just go together perfectly. I'm no food snob - I'd describe it as a step up from the everyday, but, you wish you could actually eat here everyday.

    Lots of space, well appointed bathrooms downstairs and excellent service from staff.

    An insanely good pork knuckle was on the menu on my visit - and gets three thumbs up from me.
  • Detour Espresso Bar

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    I like the coffee here and the service is great. The few outside stools are on a fairly noisy and unglamorous part of William street - better to sit inside or grab takeaway.
  • In a Rush

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Great coffee. Nice to perch up on the high bench seats and watch people walk by. Protected from the elements by a high glass roofing between the two sides of the walkway - yet you still get that "outside" fresh air feel. Outside seating for all weather.
  • Enfield Produce Pet and Garden Supplies

    Pet Shops Enfield, NSW
    I travelled to come to this store from the cbd because they stock a particular flavour of raw dog food that is not readily stocked in a lot of places. From what I can tell they stock the full range of Dr B's B.A.R.F frozen dog food.

    When I visited today, the store was full of customers, and plenty of staff were on hand to help out. A nice chap helped me find what I was after and got me served and happy quite quickly.

    The store is full to the brim of live animals and associated pet paraphernalia - I'd be surprised if you couldn't find what you needed. The stocking of products and store layout is a bit chaotic - so, grab a helpful staff member to guide you to what you're looking for.

    Mostly I'm just thankful they stock the dog food I find so hard to find anywhere else in Sydney.
  • Makanai

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    Good sushi train. I like that they've bucked the trend in sydney to offer all plates at the same price, as you get more variety and better quality. Lots of seats.
  • Powerhouse Museum

    Museums Ultimo, NSW
    This place is huge. I spent 4 hours with a family member visiting Sydney for the day and we wandered around, looked, poked, prodded and talked about all manner of things. The exhibits are a good lead in to conversations and discussions. It's fun to share the discovery with someone else.

    I've never been before and I'd definitely consider going again. It was non-school holidays so the number of little tackers was quite small if that's the kind of thing that would set you off.

    I feel their strengths are focussing on the items of yesteryear: Interesting things about locomotives or magnets, moon landings, or the history of computers, etc. Some of the permanent exhibits are showing signs of wear and need some modernising. A visual display panel that tried to highlight the wonderful modern world of satellite imagery really felt very dated and out of step with what's being done now. The phone in your pocket has better satellite imagery than what was being shown.

    That aside, I still had a fact filled and interesting stroll through a bunch of topics and thoughts. Definitely worth the cost of entry (which by the way is very reasonable at just $15 for an adult ticket).

    A surprising find was that the little cafe on level 3 (accessible from street for the public too) served a really nice iced tea and mini baked cheesecake. So I had my sugar fix to keep wandering around.

    In summary? Good. Probably great for families with kids. some modernising for modern topics required. All round worth it. Recommend.
  • Woolworths

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Woolloomooloo, NSW
    Was surprised to find that the takeaway sushi in this store is ok. Certainly a lot better than you find from other supermarkets takeaway options that always seem to have hard stale rice. This store makes it on premises and it's pretty fresh.
  • Pablo & Rusty's

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Friendly service and agree with other comments that there's a good vibe and buzz about this place. My winter salad was good. Just the right size and lots of flavour.
  • Bayswater Bru

    Cafes Potts Point, NSW
    Friendly staff here. Always smiling and helpful. Good little hole in the wall coffee and cafe place. Really enjoyed my breakfast wrap this morning. It's a light and tasty scrambled egg wrap with some fresh ingredients that aren't the normal fatty, stodgy breakfast wrap deal. I like their coffee.
  • Credible Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Bardwell Park, NSW
    I'm really impressed. An end of lease clean was done promptly and to a high standard with no fuss and great personable service.

    Sam came to do a quote on site with very little notice, and then was able to accommodate my job quite quickly as well. I needed a 3 story terrace home in Darlinghurst cleaned top to bottom at the end of my lease.

    Arrived on time as agreed. Called to say the job was complete. Left the place securely locked and of course sparkling clean.

    The team delivered exactly what they promised. A good spring clean that left the property clean, presentable, and easily worthy of inspection by the owner.

    Apart from the great cleaning job, I was also thrilled to learn that Sam is also a really personable and trustworthy guy. It's hard to know who to deal with when you only infrequently use services like this. I have no hesitation recommending him and will also save his details for the next clean I need.
  • Hinky Dinks

    Pubs & Bars Darlinghurst, NSW
    I'm a fan. The place is just big enough that you get a good vibe and buzz - but, not too big to lose the intimacy. Groovy crowd just enjoying themselves without the drunkenness of some of the big bars in the area.

    Great cocktails and staff are super friendly and helpful. I've been a few times now, and always enjoyed myself.
  • Ryu

    Restaurants Bondi Junction, NSW
    Standard Sydney sushi train. A bit more on the pricey side than a lot of other city venues. For example, the top value plate from the train (not ordered off the menu) is $5.80. They start at $3.

    This is just a personal thing - but, I disliked the large number of families and kids that were screaming and carrying on during lunch. On that basis alone, I'd probably give it a miss in the future. Sorry kiddies.
  • Dumpling and Noodle House

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    If you love dumplings you probably already know about this place. How did I miss this for so long?

    Dumplings are fresh, tasty and perfection.

    It can get a little warm inside the small (tiny!) indoor seating, so try to sit outside on warm days if you can. Choice of sets is hard though as there's only like 8 tables combined inside and out. Takeaway is an option too.

    Anyway, cute hole in wall food outlet with aassive big tick from me for dumplings and simple Chinese cuisine. Ace!