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CB&D Local Star

Lovers of food, travel and new adventures. Sydney based :)

Joined 12 January 2017 Rose Bay, NSW

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  • Big Tree House Cafe

    Cafes Rydalmere, NSW
    Very popular with the locals, this cafe was a buzz on a Sunday. Do not be put off if there is a line out the door to order as even when busy the coffee and food comes out very quickly from the kitchen. The coffee was a campos blend and very enjoyable. I also ordered the corn fritters which were a little soft for me and not a large serving. All in all one to visit if you are in the area.
  • God's Creation

    Cafes Balmain, NSW
    Gods creation is a fabulous cafe in Balmain and in a suburb that is spoilt for choice this one has gone close to the top of our list! We visited for brunch and an absolute must try is their special coffee with cinnamon and lemon on top. A unique and delicious creation that you won't find anywhere else. As far as food goes the prosciutto Omelette was light and flavoursome and we savoured every bite. I'm never usually one to order French toast but I was surprised as this one had the perfect combination of salty and sweet with the crispy bacon balancing out the syrup. We also had a caesar salad which was a star on its own. LOVED every dish and will most certainly be back!
  • Atmosphere Restaurant Cafe

    Cafes North Strathfield, NSW
    This place has an atmosphere all of its own. A huge open restaurant in the heart of North Strathfield Atmosphere has options for those seeking lunch, dinner or a drink to wind down the week. We managed to head in for lunch and try a couple of the dishes. From the entree we had the grilled octopus, haloumi salad and a side of wedges. The octopus was seasoned with a crisp BBQ and tamarind flavour and the haloumi, tomato and balsamic salad was fresh and tasty. A great way to start the lunchtime feast. Our next dishes were the meat lovers pizza and spanner crab linguine. The pizza was topped with all the assortment of meats and on a freshly baked base. The winner though was the spanner crab linguine - the pasta was the freshest and lightest we have had in a long time. We topped it off with a Nutella pizza/doughnut cross. The freshly baked pastry of this dish was addictive and topped with Nutella and ice cream was a match made in heaven. Open late over the weekend this is a place where dinner would be followed by a few drinks in a relaxing and vibrant restaurant. Free parking next door on weekends also makes this a convenient spot.

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  • CB&D Local Star reviewed Sasuki
    Sasuki is a very special place. It is a spacious venue with both ala carte seating and the hot seats in front of the grill. If you are going to a teppanyaki restaurant though you need to go for the whole experience, so our suggestion would be grab the hot seats. We sat down in front of the hot plate and was served an amazing ?ninja? banquet option. This saw us feast down on a selection of veggies and rice, chicken teriyaki, king prawns and cuttlefish and our absolute favourite - the tenderloin steak. At $48 p/p this is definitely well priced. The food was delicious - fresh, well seasoned and melt in your mouth tasty. Being able to watch all this be cooked by a host who sung, danced and laughed his way through a visual performance that would have done justice to a circus performance make sasuki an experience that will not be forgotten and something to come back for. While you are eating make sure to grab one of their signature cocktails - we would suggest the peaches and cream or the gin and rosemary options, both of which were created by the staff. The staff are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to make sure that your experience is everything you would expect.
    • CB&D Local Star 
      For teppanyaki that is very very reasonable