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CB&D Local Star

Lovers of food, travel and new adventures. Sydney based :)

Joined 12 January 2017 Rose Bay, NSW

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  • Inferno Grill & Cafe

    Restaurants Maroubra, NSW
    Inferno Grill is a place where food dreams are made - literally, this place will take you to a land of dreams after devouring their dishes. Great flavours, good portion size and an amazing atmosphere - a great place to head any day of the week.

    We walked in on a Saturday for a late lunch and managed to chow down on a couple of the main options. This place has a great range of burgers and we managed to scored a couple their fan favourites; The Lord of the Fries (my personal favourite), the Clucking Pig and the burger I have crowned king of the the menu The Fatty Burger. These burgers are a crazy combination of huge flavour, huge size and yet you can?t stop eating them. Grab one of these on a Friday night or weekend and couple it up with their choc peanut shake for an awesome burger experience.

    Burgers however, are not the only thing these guys do well. They have a great variety of options for those that are looking for something a little more on the healthy side of the menu off the grill. The atlantic salmon on a bed of Greek salad and salsa was cooked well with a crispy skin and good balance of flavours. Our favourite though from the grill was the Greek style nachos. Slow cooked lamb, on fried pita bread covered with fresh made tzatziki. This bowl was a slice of heaven and I will definitely be back for it. I mentioned that the burgers would be a great weekend chow down meal - anything from the grill or their salad bar make for an amazing mid-week work lunch.

    Head on in and make sure you grab a table to enjoy the music, crowd and the meals while watching the world go by. If however, you need to order in at home then don?t fret - these guys are on Deliveroo!
  • Wild Sage

    Cafes Cammeray, NSW
    Located in Cammeray, Wild Sage had been on our brunch list for a while now. However we ended up visiting for dinner and we are so glad that we did! The dinner menu consists of a range of share plates, salads, pastas and mains. For starters we went with the popular pumpkin and pea arancini and the tempura cauliflower. The cauliflower was served with a delicious sumac and chili aioli and we also liked the addition of crispy seaweed. There is however a lot of tempura batter and you can fill up quickly on this starter! Mains were a difficult choice but we went with staff recommendations and they did not let us down. The gnocchi was served with sage butter, pumpkin purée, peas, marinated feta and olive tapenade. This dish was a visual delight and tasted fabulous - not to mention it was a sizeable serving. If you are a meat lover go for the marinated lamb cutlets, a stack of juicy lamb served over a pea purée, sweet potato and horseradish cream. We were almost too full for dessert but decided to finish off the night with the affogato! Next time we will be opting for the Wild Sage parcelrones - crispy filo baked toblerone parcels with chocolate fudge dipping sauce and ice cream. Overall a beautiful night and a restaurant to put on your list for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Xage Vietnamese Restaurant

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Beautiful Vietnamese food with BYO in Surry Hills! You should make a booking as this restaurant is popular. The starters mainly consist of rice paper and spring rolls which are delicious and come with six pieces per serve. The menu is best shared allowing you to try different curries, stir-fry and other Vietnamese classics. A bubbly atmosphere with both individual and share tables.