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Colin A

Joined 27 February 2012 Canberra, ACT

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  • Caitlin Stewart Personal Stylist / Image Consultant

    Counselling & Mental Health Sydney, NSW
    We used Caitlin for an image consultation, wardrobe review and personal shopping trip. The in home consultation was amazing, Caitlin made me feel comfortable immediately and was extremely professional, thorough and specific to my needs. She gave specific recommendations and answered all of my questions and concerns. The personal shopping trip was amazing, I bought so many great items that I am so excited about wearing, Caitlin knew the clothes, knew the shops, and knew the staff, she made it so much fun. We cannot thank you enough, we were absolutely thrilled. We both loved the clothes, they were well above and beyond expectations, the professionalism, the sensitivity, the skills learnt and the enthusiasm was infectious. We would fully recommend you to all our friends, family, facebook friends and colleagues! Genuinely big thanks!
  • Clovelly Bowling And Recreation Club Ltd

    Interest Groups Clovelly, NSW
    The staff were appalling at the Clovelly Bowls Club. We had a wedding at the Clovelly Bowls Club on the 25th February 2012.

    The staff who looked after our event, are reviewed below:
    - They are the rudest I have ever dealt with, let alone for a wedding, saying things to the bride and groom before the wedding, they will drink too much so we are closing the bar when I feel like it we are not serving spirits, your guests will be out of control. They had no knowledge of our guests whatsoever.
    - We called and emailed numerous times to come and meet with them and finally we got a time, they were extremely angry with us for disturbing them, were very short with us, and we only got to ask about 5 of the 20 questions we had for them. This was a month before the wedding, and we looked at two other venues for the wedding as we were extremely concerned that they were going to be too painful to work with.
    - They were extremely disorganised, we sent room layouts and details 2 months before the wedding, and whether they just forgot or didnt care, they did not remember what they had agreed to, or changed their mind the night before the wedding. Little things like having tables on the dancefloor, they were extremely difficult with and said we couldnt do it, however, all that was required was to put some material underneath the tables. We also booked a bowling green for all of our guests, and they would not confirm which green we would be on, so we could set it up, they kept saying they had no idea whether it would be turned over. They told us there was more than enough glasses, and crockery, of course there was not, so last minute our caterers once again covered for them. Everything was too much trouble for them.
    - The night before during the wedding, we were extremely short of time, as we had so much to plan still, and they would just not let us get on with the job to set up the room, they kept interrupting us, and asking inane questions, to the point where we closed the door to the function room to stop them coming in.
    - We agreed that I would pay in advance for drinks so I didnt have to carry cards or cash on the night, and so no guests had to be bothered with the bill, but in true their style they approached the groom on the night of the wedding 3 times to bother him about the money and made him pay
    -The other staff at the bar blocked the catering staff taking drinks to the guests, and would not let other registered staff poor drinks, which meant drink service was slow, they just could not understand the customer need here at all. Many guests were asked to pay for their drinks despite many many conversations explaining about a bar tab and that we were going to pay for the drinks.
    - Amazingly, the night went really well, we hired catering staff that went around all the staff at the Clovelly Bowls Club, and wherever possible, we kept the guests away from the staff there. If you are planning to have an event here, make sure you arrange things yourself or get a planner.
    - The customer service was atrocious, If you have already planned an event here, I would make sure they are nowhere near you or your guests, I would just ask that they be removed from your event. I would strongly recommend that they have a role that does not deal with customers in any way, shape or form.

    They, of course, knew there would be children at the wedding, and never let us know they would not be able to bowl with the rest of the guests. Everybody was furious and a number of guests demanded to lodge a complaint. This was one of the most disgusting displays of service I have ever seen.

    Overall, as you can see, the staff were absolutely appalling, but the venue and location was actually really nice. If you can avoid the staff at all costs, then you can have a great event here.
  • Icon Event Catering

    Caterers North Narrabeen, NSW
    We used Icon Event Catering for our wedding on the 25/02/12 and the service, food, price and professionalism was nothing short of amazing. From the very first contact point, right through until the very end of the wedding, they were just all over it. The specifics of their performance are as follows:

    1. I got quotes from 17 different caterers from all over Sydney, Icon came out number one very easily in terms of price, service, experience and food selection

    2. Lindsay and Roger were extremely responsive to all communication, and offered suggestions, improvements and advice on how to make the drinks and food run as smoothly as possible.

    3. I went and personally met with them in Narrabeen, and they were the most lovely people I have ever dealt with, they offered so many options, they looked for ways for us to save money, and nothing was too much trouble, we had lots of customised requests. The website is really simple to select and choose all dishes that you need, but the best part was that it was fully transparent, which we really loved.

    4. We took two friends along to the free tasting and we were all blown away by the friendliness, the presentation, the taste and the selection, an really professional event

    5. On the night, I did not even need to think about the food service, drink service, set up, pack up, or that everyone was being looked after. I was able to sit and enjoy the guests and enjoy my wedding.

    6. So many guests came up on the night and said how much they enjoyed the food, the staff, and the presentation was phenomenal.

    I was extremely impressed and would not recommend anyone else more highly than Icon for catering events. Lindsay worked the night of our wedding and was unbelievable. I cannot thank the group enough and would definitely and 100% recommend them.