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David Sarkies Local Star

I'm a bit of an explorer and I like going to places that I haven't been to before. Okay, I'm not necessarily going to point you to a good accountant (or a dentist), but I know what I like and if I like it, I'll tell you about it (with in reason of course, because I'm not going to tell you which doctor gives away free sick certificates).

Joined 10 September 2014 Reservoir, VIC

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  • Sweeney Todd's

    Hairdressers Brighton, VIC
    Since I was down in Brighton for a movie, and that I needed another haircut, I decided to check this place out. I had known of its existence, and the main reason that I was drawn to it was because of the name ? pretty cool, but then again Sweeny Todd is a well known barber, at least in some circles. The place definitely has class, but then again this does happen to be Brighton so in a way I am not at all surprised. As for the barbers, well, they were top notch, and incredibly friendly as well. As I have mentioned, it is pricey, but you do get your money's worth. Oh, and the haircut was pretty cool as well.
  • R M C Stamps

    Hobby Shops Moonee Ponds, VIC
    This is a great second-hand store. Initially it was just a book store, but due to the decline in such stores it has now merged with another store in Moonie Ponds and has now got quite a large number of interesting things, such as CDs, DVDs, stamps, and of course books. The collection is huge, and you could spend hours sifting through what is on display because, like a lot of these shops, there is definitely going to be something in here that will catch your eyes. Okay, there is some order in here, but the great thing about these places is not looking for something in particular, but rather just browsing, simply looking at what happens to be there because there is always some gem that happens to be hidden away.
  • Los Amates Mexican Kitchen

    Restaurants Fitzroy, VIC
    It turns out that not all Mexican style restaurants are the same, namely because you have the restaurants, and you have places like this one which is actually more of a bar than happens to serve plates of food to share. Mind you, it took me a little while to work that out, and actually ended up visiting a number of similar places before it clicked. That doesn't necessarily mean that this is a bad place, namely because you can get food here, and the dishes tend to be much more communal, such as Nachos. However, it is primarily a bar, which also isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, the staff were pretty cool, and this place certainly had some charm about it.