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David Sarkies Local Star

I'm a bit of an explorer and I like going to places that I haven't been to before. Okay, I'm not necessarily going to point you to a good accountant (or a dentist), but I know what I like and if I like it, I'll tell you about it (with in reason of course, because I'm not going to tell you which doctor gives away free sick certificates).

Joined 10 September 2014 Reservoir, VIC

  • Mamma Says

    Cafes Fairfield, VIC
    I ended up here thanks for a friend who had invited me to his birthday brunch. This says a lot about this place because it means that they are very allergy friendly. Their menu selections were nothing short of awesome ? their hash stacks were pretty cool, but I had the beans, which is delicious. There coffee was also top notch, and I ended up having two cups, which actually says quite a lot. Certainly a place I'd want to come back to.
  • Belair Hotel

    Restaurants Blackwood, SA
    I remember regularly making my way up to Blackwood to visit friends, and this pub literally stood across the road. However, I only came here a couple of times, probably because it wasn't really one of those pubs that I would frequent, and also we simply spent time elsewhere. However, I decided to check it out with some friends when I was last in Adelaide, and while nice, and make a decent schnitzel, it wasn't really something that would stick in my memory. It was okay, but nothing fantastic.
  • Robin Hood Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Norwood, SA
    This is another one of those pubs that I have been to a few times, but nowhere near as many as some of the pubs I have frequented in Adelaide. Having lived around the corner at one stage did held, but even then I didn't frequent pubs a huge amount back then. I do remember going to a friend's bucks part here, and on my recent visited I have to admit that little has changed. Okay, the beer garden is much more pronounced, and it has had a makeover, but it still holds that charm I remember from years ago. Okay, they do have craft beers, but that is a new addition to the overall scene.
  • Feathers Hotel

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    I believe that I have been here a couple of times in the distant past, but I decided the last time I was in Adelaide to make a trek down here to check it out again, and to see how it has changed. Well, it has certainly been done up quite a lot, and does have quite a classy feel about it. There are a number of restaurants in here, including quite a flash one, but then again this is Burnside. Oh, and the beer garden is really nice, and there are some pretty decent beers on tap as well.
  • Cafe Cirino

    Takeaways Williamstown, VIC
    This was the second coffee shop that I had visited when I was down in Williamstown, and it was nice. Not really a place that really stood out, but it still had some charm about it. In a way it felt rather traditional, unlike many of the newer coffee shops that have cropped up all over the place. While not one of the best, it still had a nice, traditional charm about the place.
  • DuoTone

    Cafes East Perth, WA
    There were a few coffee shops in the area where my hotel was located, though it wasn't until the last day that I was in Perth that I decided to go and check them out. This happened to be one of them, and like the other coffee shops, I had basically stumbled upon it while wandering around the block waiting for my brother to get ready. The staff pleasant and the coffee was pretty good, and even though it was quiet, it still had a nice charm about it.
  • Sweeney Todd's

    Hairdressers Brighton, VIC
    Since I was down in Brighton for a movie, and that I needed another haircut, I decided to check this place out. I had known of its existence, and the main reason that I was drawn to it was because of the name ? pretty cool, but then again Sweeny Todd is a well known barber, at least in some circles. The place definitely has class, but then again this does happen to be Brighton so in a way I am not at all surprised. As for the barbers, well, they were top notch, and incredibly friendly as well. As I have mentioned, it is pricey, but you do get your money's worth. Oh, and the haircut was pretty cool as well.
  • R M C Stamps

    Hobby Shops Moonee Ponds, VIC
    This is a great second-hand store. Initially it was just a book store, but due to the decline in such stores it has now merged with another store in Moonie Ponds and has now got quite a large number of interesting things, such as CDs, DVDs, stamps, and of course books. The collection is huge, and you could spend hours sifting through what is on display because, like a lot of these shops, there is definitely going to be something in here that will catch your eyes. Okay, there is some order in here, but the great thing about these places is not looking for something in particular, but rather just browsing, simply looking at what happens to be there because there is always some gem that happens to be hidden away.
  • Los Amates Mexican Kitchen

    Restaurants Fitzroy, VIC
    It turns out that not all Mexican style restaurants are the same, namely because you have the restaurants, and you have places like this one which is actually more of a bar than happens to serve plates of food to share. Mind you, it took me a little while to work that out, and actually ended up visiting a number of similar places before it clicked. That doesn't necessarily mean that this is a bad place, namely because you can get food here, and the dishes tend to be much more communal, such as Nachos. However, it is primarily a bar, which also isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, the staff were pretty cool, and this place certainly had some charm about it.
  • The Oxford Hotel

    Venues & Event Spaces Leederville, WA
    This pub is actually a little out of the way, but since I enjoy visiting random pubs we decided to catch a bus simply to visit it (not that my brother actually had much of a choice in the matter). Anyway, it was actually quite a nice hotel, especially the part of it that I refer to as the pit, which is basically the lower lever without a roof. However, even though it is a short distance from the hipster spot that happens to be Leederville, it still has a nice suburban feel about the place. There were some decent beers on tap though, and the place definitely had some charm, particularly a nice area out the back which was sort of like a beer garden, but not so much so.
  • Touche Hombre

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    I wouldn't go as far as calling this a Mexican Restaurant, it is more like a Mexican Tapas bar. Actually, I've discovered that this is the case with a few of the Mexican places that I have visited ? they focus more on the tequilla and the beer and the food is really only plates to share. Well, you can get some small burritos, which are reasonably filling, but other than that and nachos (and a few other things) you generally can't get a meal. However, this place is still quite nice, and does capture the Mexican charm. I had known about it for a while, but it is only quite recently that I have managed to actually get in here and check it out.
  • Otter Seafood

    Seafood Preston, VIC
    I had wandered past this place numerous times when I used to do my shopping at the Preston Woolworths, and one day instead of walking past it (or at least past the back door), I decided to pop in and check out their chips. Okay, it is the chips that usually has me wanting to wander into such places, though I also tend to throw in the occassional fish, and a dim sim or two, but it always comes down to the chips. As for this place, well, the chips were okay ? nice, but they didn't necessarily stand out. However, I'd be more than happy to pay it a visit again.

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    I have been to this pub a while back, for one of my friend's birthday parties, which he helpfully pointed out when we came back here for another drink. Mind you, that was quite a while ago and this pub has undergone a bit of a transformation, but not a huge one. As a pub it is okay, but it is fairly standard for the style that you find in Adelaide. Mind you, it isn't anywhere near as classy as some of the pubs, and does have a somewhat laidback attitude. There are some decent beers on tap as well. However, with all the other great pubs that I regularly frequent, unfortunately this isn't going to be up on the list.
  • The King's Hotel

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I do vaguely remember coming here a couple of times with my old work, but it is still one of those pubs that generally sat a little under the radar where I was concerned. That probably had a lot to do with it being to the south of King William Street, a side of the city that I very rarely ventured in namely because it was just that little to far to walk. Also, the pub was never one of those pubs that everybody would talk about. However, it was still a half decent pub, and when we landed up here on afternoon we decided to make it out lunch spot. The schnitzel wasn't bad, and there were some pretty decent beers on tap. Also, they happen to have bottle shop just around the corner.
  • Ferdydurke

    Pubs & Bars Melbourne, VIC
    This place is actually owned by the same people who own section 8, and when I found that outmy first thought was that I was not at all surprised ? it certainly has the same feel, and atmosphere as it's cousin down below has. Okay, it wasn't anywhere near as crowded, unless you come here on a Friday night, and then all bets are proverbally off. Still, this bar certainly does have a pretty awesome feel about it, and has a number of rooms for privacy, to an extent that is. There is a smokers balcony, and they even serve food, though the food does tend to be on the small side ? but that also means that it is cheap. It's a pretty awesome place, and writing this makes me want to go back simply for another drink (or even a hotdog).
  • Rottnest Express

    Tours Fremantle, WA
    Since the fast ferries are basically the only way for you to get to Rottnest Island, unless of course you have your own boat, then this is probably going to be one of those rather painful experiences. Okay, I'm probably being a little harsh, but since the ferry leftat 8:30 in the morning, and since I really like to have a decent cup of tea, the last thing that I wanted to hear when I went to order it was that they didn't have any. Oh, and that cheeky grin that I got felt like they were doing it on purposes. Honestly, in my mind this was more a case of not being prepared as opposed to running out due to popularity, particularly since I was one of the first, was unforgiveable. Unfortunately, if you do want to go to Rotto, then unfortunately this is the only way to get there.
  • North Island

    Cafes Fitzroy North, VIC
    Since the name was French, when I saw this place as I was wandering around looking for a place to have some breakfast I made the decision that it would be this cafe pretty much immediately, and it was certainly a good decision. While the prices weren't the cheapest, and the coffee wasn't the best, the staff the friendly, the orders came out pretty quickly, and the meal was pretty appetising. The other thing was that the menu options weren't your standard fare, which also adds some more character to the place because I do end up getting sick of seeing endless menues that seem to be photo copies of each other (minus the name). Certainly with checking out.
  • Duke Of Gloucester Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Randwick, NSW
    While I wouldn't consider this one of my favourite pubs, it still has a nice charm about the place, and the fact that it does have some decent beers on tap (craft beers that is), does give it a few points in my book. Okay, while it isn't really its fault that it lies a bit of a way from the main public transport routes (though you can get there by bus), it does make it a difficult pub to visit if you don't happen to be a local. Still, it does have some charm about it, and has made itself stand out from your typical, boring, suburban pubs. It does draw a decent crowd on a sunday, and has a nice outdoor area as well, however its inaccessiblity is a bit of a drawback.
  • Polepole

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    As far as I am aware this is the only place in Melbourne, or even Australia, where you can get some African beer. There was another bar nearby but unfortunately that one has long gone, which is a shame because that bar was pretty awesome as well. Anyway, this one is tucked away a little down Little Collins Street and can be a little hard to spot since it is on the upper level and is accessed by a small door that is easily missed (I knew about it because there was another bar here previously). Anyway, I have to say that this place is pretty cool, even if it is simply because of the unique style of beer that you get here, but it is certainly worth checking out if you are looking for something a little different.
  • Woodland's Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Coburg, VIC
    This is definitely one of my favourite pubs in Melbourne, if only because it has one of those beer gardens that really stretches the definition of the term beer garden. It is almost as if they are trying to court the smokers by providing a reasonably sheltered place in which they are smoke and drink at the same time. Anyway, beside that, this place is also a craft beer bar, and a pretty awesome one at that. Like many of these bars the taps are rotating, which meant that I had some pretty awesome grapefruit flavoured beer only to discover that it had vanished when I returned. Pretty awesome pub, especially if you like your craft beers.