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eatwithmyfoodsafari Local Star

Brother and sister who love our food and travel! Check us out on Insta: @eatwithmyfoodsafari

Joined 12 January 2017 Sydney, NSW

  • Chatime

    Cafes Hurstville, NSW
    Chatime always delivers the goods and this was no exception. Service was quick and friendly. This outlet is in Westfield Hurstville.

    Got the Lychee Black Tea With Lychee Jelly as well as Peach Black Tea With Mango Popping Pearls. Refreshing and nicely sweet, these cooled us down in no time!
  • Tap

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Felt like an afternoon treat so ordered ahead and got a hot chocolate from here. It is in the lobby of 52 Martin Place and you need to access it from Phillip Street entrance. Just look for the lifts and it is located behind there as you would just normally assume that it?s an office lobby.

    Order was ready on arrival and service was lovely. It was still hot and tasted nice.
  • 4 Ounces Burger

    Restaurants Alexandria, NSW
    Easy dinner was required so why not order in with Uber Eats? Ordered off their app and estimated time of delivery was under 1/2 hour so food in my belly would be quite swift. As usual the delivery guy was pleasant. Four Ounces seem to suit the restaurant well as their beef patties seem to be all of that size.

    Opened up my order and The Birdman Burger looked delicious. I checked it out further and realised the maple bacon I had added to it was omitted. Called them up and they profusely apologised for the mix up but couldn?t refund me the $2 as money already taken. All they could offer was the missing bacon on my next order or fries if I came in. Naturally disappointed, I just ate the burger and it was tasty. Nice crunch of the fried chicken and the accompaniments worked well. Loved the toasted milk bun. The fries were also yummy but the journey time didn?t do it any favours as slightly soggy.

    I?m sure this place would?ve gotten a better score had everything been aok.
  • Honey Creme

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Sydney, NSW
    Seen many a picture on Insta so thought I?d give this South Korean inspired soft serve ice cream shop a go. It is located on Goulburn Street. Service is pretty good and they only accept card if you spend over $10.

    There are a variety of combinations you can sample so took me a while to decide on one. I was intrigued by the Organic Mixed Grains Ice Cream so settled upon that. It was a powdery type of mixture sprinkled on top of the soft serve with some honey to give it sweetness. It took a little to get used to it but once I dug in, it was really nice. Tad expensive but it was lovely.
  • Chargrill Charlie's

    Takeaways Annandale, NSW
    This outlet has made its way to Annandale now. This is a chicken joint but also sells burgers and other items too. It was very popular as it was opening day and there was a long line out the door as they were offering free burgers with chips at lunch or chicken and chips at dinner.

    I arrived in time for the lunch offer. The chicken burger is quite nice and had a good flavour. It was a bit heavy on the lettuce so ratio is good for the veggie lovers! Milk bun was nice and soft. The french fries were nicely salted with chicken salt and very yummy.
  • Nelson's Nest

    Cafes Annandale, NSW
    New addition to the cafe scene in Annandale. Cosy quarters make this a charming place to enjoy your coffee or have something more substantial from their menu. Staff were bubbly, very friendly, and quite enthusiastic as it was only their second day of trading.

    I was quickly seated and brought some water. Make your order and payment at the counter and they?ll bring your order to you. I had a Mocha and Dale?s Eggs Benny. The coffee was lovely and had melted chocolate at the bottom. The lovely poached egg sat on top of the waffle with a nice apple hollandaise sauce. It was surrounded with crispy maple bacon.

    They make do with a tiny kitchen so impressed they have a menu that varied. It?s made a good impression and you should check it out!
  • Macquarie Hotel

    Hotels Liverpool, NSW
    A bistro located in the Macquarie Hotel, this is a collaboration between Clayton Ries and Colin Fassnidge.

    There are many choices which are split between smalls (grazing items or can be had by one), mains (substantial meals), large shared plates for two, sides, and desserts.

    We were lucky enough to sample the smalls and desserts here. The highlights included the Lasagne Spring Rolls which combined the oozy interior of a lasagne with the crispy spring roll wrapper...yum! The Suckling Pig Sausage Roll was like a delicious pork meatloaf enveloped in golden crispy pastry. Ham And Cheese Croquettes had a crunchy exterior with a gooey ham and cheese filling. The theme seemed to be wonderful crunchy outside and scrumptious insides.

    The Brownies were delectable though some slightly under and very gooey. The Creme Brûlée was smooth and creamy. Nice crack on the sugar top. Popcorn ice cream was something different on top and tasted wonderful.
  • Two Governors

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Ordered my beverage ahead of time and picked up from this outlet in Farrer Place. It was pretty busy and service was good. Shame about the Sticky Chai Milk Latte...it was average at best and pretty forgettable. It seemed quite watered down and had hints of chai but not much. At $5.70 it was pretty expensive so should?ve stuck with their Campos coffee instead!
  • Hisshou Teppanyaki

    Restaurants Haymarket, NSW
    A captivating and interactive dining experience to be had here. This entertaining restaurant is on George Street.

    Eager diners are settled into their seats around the massive teppanyaki grills and meal is like dinner and a show all rolled into one. We had a multi course dinner. The highlights were fried rice course which involved a lot of catching (and missing) items like the egg and rice. The flaming of the teppanyaki beef was a sight to behold as well.

    It's a nice place to eat with a group of friends, family or work colleagues. The couples seemed. slightly out of place due to the laughter that came from all the groups thus not making this the most romantic of places. You will have a fun time especially the interaction with the hilarious chefs!
  • The Bear Bar

    Pubs & Bars Haymarket, NSW
    An underground bar that is located close to the Capitol Theatre, it has subdued lighting that makes for a good pre-dinner theatre drinks or a night out on the town.

    Offering a variety of beers, wines, and specialty cocktails, we went with one their signature drinks called the Bear Colada. Conveniently located on their $12 cocktail menu available during their happy hours. It had a blend of ra mixed with pineapple juice, coconut cream, and purée. It was refreshing and packed enough punch to get you going. It put you in a happy place with its umbrella and orange garnish which said tropical holiday!

    The bar snacks were quite addictive so don't eat too many if you're having dinner afterwards.
  • The Silly Tart Kitchen

    Restaurants Elizabeth Bay, NSW
    There's nothing silly about the food at Silly Tart Kitchen, just wholesome seasonal country fare with a modern twist. The fluffy sky-high pikelets with Pepe Saya mascarpone, homemade lemon curd, and burnt pineapple with pepper. Followed by a pot of invigorating ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and lemon myrtle tea by Bodhi Organic Tea, you will have a recipe for bliss. The jam room is amazing!
  • Petaling Street

    Takeaways Hurstville, NSW
    Located near Hurstville Station, stopped by here for a quick drink. Spotted a Teh Tarik in the window and got one. They only take cash here. Service was okay as they were shutting up shop. The tea wasn't bad but not the best I've tried.
  • Moroccan Feast

    Restaurants Randwick, NSW
    This restaurant is located on Avoca Street. The interior has lovely carpets on the wall with cute candle holders on each table and lots of cushions on the banquette seating. It is such a lovely atmosphere to be in. Service was so personable and warm.

    We begun with the Agadir Feast. This consisted of a range of salads, dips, and home made bread. The warm bread went well with the dips and the salads were tasty. The highlights included Hummus, Fez Mathbua, Carrot Salad, and Roasted Eggplant With Homemade Aioli.

    We continued on with the stars of the show, the tagines! The ones chosen were Lamb Chops & Marrakesh Chicken. These were served with couscous. The meats were melt in the mouth. These are slow cooked and so tender. Bursting with flavour and oh so yummy. Our favourite were the lamb chops. The meat was absolutely wonderful and the sauce was flavoured with onion and dried fruits. The sweetness of sauce really shined.

    As part of the Agadir Feast, we finished off Sfenj and mint tea. The Moroccan doughnuts were light and fluffy and dusted with sugar.

    This restaurant is well worth seeking out and trying out. It definitely matched what we had tried in Marrakech.
  • L'oven Bakery

    Bakeries Burwood, NSW
    Located inside Burwood Plaza, this bakery offers a range of attractive and interesting breads and baked goods including Chinese delicacies like lotus moon cake. Everything seems a lot cheaper than the chain store bakeries too. The chocolate bun isn't particularly sweet and almost rye-like in taste (much to the kid's chagrin)
  • Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

    Cake Shop Burwood, NSW
    This dessert outlet is located in Westfield Burwood. The tarts are irresistible. A gorgeous short crust with a creamy cheesy filling. Enough said.
  • Coffee Tea & Me

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Bondi Junction, NSW
    The cutest little cafe located on a busy stretch of Old South Head Road, it's a perfect pit stop for a walk from Bondi Junction to the beach. Service is really lovely and the Campos coffee is good.
  • Egg Of The Universe

    Yoga Rozelle, NSW
    This is one of those places that are larger than they appear from the outside. Walk through the cafe and traverse the catwalk to reach a shaded pebble courtyard out back that's as serene as the people finishing their yoga session in the adjoining studio. You'll feel wholesome just walking through the doors but the cafe offers an exciting whole food menu if you need some sustenance. The coffee by Single O is divine.
  • Pasticceria Mancuso

    Bakeries Burwood, NSW
    The number of times I've stood out the front to admire the cakes in the window and never realised that it was actually a dine-in pasticceria. Well, fixed that this week with a coffee and cake catch-up with a friend. Segafredo coffee is served in those cups with too small handles but that aside, enjoyed the cappuccino and a custard fruit tart. The vanilla cannoli had nice pastry although I found the custard filling a little firm for my liking.
  • Sushi Bay Parramatta

    Restaurants Parramatta, NSW
    This sushi train restaurant is located just outside of Westfield Parramatta. Service is quite attentive and welcoming. Any menu items not on the sushi train, they are quick to come over to you to relay the menu order to the chefs.

    The sushi on the train is fresh and tasty. Had Egg Salad Ship and Corn Salad Ship. Both were tasty and nice way to start. The Chicken & Cucumber Temaki (hand roll) had a fried piece of chicken and was good. Absolutely loved the Teriyaki Chicken Udon. The chicken is served in a separate bowl with a delicious sticky glaze. The noodles are served in a nice soup with egg, beancurd, and other accompaniments.

    The pricing is slightly pricier than equivalents but I enjoyed the food here.
  • Tennoya

    Takeaways Neutral Bay, NSW
    Located at Chifley Square, this Japanese takeaway offers a range of items like sushi, bento boxes, and hot food items. Service was quick. There is seating available if you choose to eat there.

    Grabbed a late lunch so the full range of items weren't available. I had the Teriyaki Chicken Roll. Tasted quite nice.