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eatwithmyfoodsafari Local Star

Brother and sister who love our food and travel!

Joined 12 January 2017 Sydney, NSW

  • Vivaldi

    Restaurants Matraville, NSW
    This eatery is located on Bunnerong Road. There may not be much choice in dining in this area but this place should be become a firm favourite if you're a local! The service is warm and like you've been invited over to an Italian family dinner.

    The menu changes seasonally and there is a revolving chef's specials, hunter's choice, and fish of the day depending on what is fresh and available for the day.

    The wood fired oven sits in one corner of this restaurant and emanates a glow of the flickering fire whilst delicious pizzas are brought out of it to feed the hungry diners.

    We got to sample a variety of items. The starter was a Salsiccia E Fagioli which was a pork and fennel sausage sourced from a local butcher, cooked with borlotti beans in a rich tomato sauce. It served with some home made bread. It was the perfect start to this meal as whilst it was a cold winters day outside, it was warm and toasty inside. It was quite tasty.

    We continued on with a pizza from the wood fired oven, Quattro Stagioni (four seasons pizza). It had a nice crispy base and the right amount of topping. Enjoyed the ham, mushrooms, and fior di latte on it. Their pasta is all made in house and could certainly taste the freshness in the next dish. It was their special of Caramelle Ricotta Spinaci. It was candy shaped pasta with a delicious filling of ricotta and spinach in a nutty butter sage sauce. The star was their Porchetta. Oozing with flavour, this pork belly done the Italian way, provided tender meal enveloped in a crispy crackling. The accompanying potatoes were a good match.

    Finished with a Passionfruit Panna Cotta. It had the right amount of 'wobble'. Topped with some passionfruit, it was a lovely end to an enjoyable meal.
  • Crisp CBD

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    Had I not been introduced to Crisp by a colleague, I would not have known it even existed. The subterranean food court burger and salad joint is located between Pitt and George Street, along with a few other takeaway shops. They do a great job - tasty food, fast friendly service, and great value for money. It couldn't have been more than a five minute wait for my Aloha burger and fries. Served on a rye bun, it was a hearty and satisfying meal.
  • El Sweetie

    Restaurants Granville, NSW
    You know it's going to be a good week when your colleague brings in a plate piled high with syrup soaked, golden baclava.

    I tried at least one of each variety; they're not sickeningly sweet as some of these popular Lebanese desserts can tend to be so it is possible to have more than one. In fact, I challenge you to stop at just one!
  • San Valentino

    Cafes Haberfield, NSW
    I came here for the ricotta cheesecake and it did not disappoint. Baked on-site, this traditional Italian dessert was a plate of pure deliciousness with golden crust and luscious, creamy ricotta filling.

    With its vast selection of cakes, pastries and breads, San Valentino is the perfect place to spend a leisurely morning.
  • Apple Store Sydney

    Computers Retailers Sydney, NSW
    I have always had a good experience at this store. The staff are always pleasant, personable, and helpful regardless of the value of the item. Bought a few items online and picked them up here. The process is straightforward and just need to show the item from Apple Wallet on the iPhone.
  • Apple

    Computers Retailers Sydney, NSW
    I have ordered a few items from the online store and picked them up here. Regardless of the value of items I had ordered, the staff are always delightful, personable and on hand to answer any questions. The pick up of the items is seamless as you can show the ordered item from passbook on the iPhone.
  • Rebel Sport

    Sporting Goods Retailers Sydney, NSW
    Frequented this store a few times and the staff I had encountered have been friendly. The range on offer is pretty good and handy location.
  • Myer

    Department Stores Parramatta, NSW
    This Myer in Westfields Parramatta has a decent range but obviously not as large as its city counterpart. Service here can be very hit and miss, sometimes getting asked a few times if you need help and other times being ignored when you need help.
  • Hoyts Cinemas

    Cinema Broadway, NSW
    You can join the shortest queue but depending on the staff member and the customer in front, you could end up waiting longer than the longest queue. Lucky for me, it was a quick transaction. A very busy cinema.
  • David Jones

    Department Stores Burwood, NSW
    Not as large as their city counterpart, this one is in Burwood Westfield. Situated over a few levels, it does provide enough range for day to day items. I find the staff here pretty good. Sometimes I do have to search in city store for items that they may not have here.
  • Sushi N Co

    Restaurants Katoomba, NSW
    When the sign on the door says "Come in. We're awesome" how could we possibly resist? We arrived just as the staff were putting out freshly made sushi rolls in the display counter, so a couple of tuna and avocado rolls later and we were revelling in the awesomeness of this little sushi store.
  • Kith And Nosh

    Cafes Braddon, ACT
    The new kid on the block, Kith and Nosh is a cafe with a focus on mindful and healthy eating. All dietary preferences are catered for including vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free. They also support local business with beautiful breads from Canberra's Three Mills bakery, with a variety of loaves available for purchase. The staff are lovely and also practice the cafe's values; we were gifted a dish of the day's special of sautéed field mushrooms on paleo bread with pesto and poached eggs because an incorrect order had been put through and rather than binning the food, thought we might like it.
  • Myer

    Department Stores Sydney, NSW
    Have been to this numerous times and generally the staff here are pretty good. The range of products is quite extensive.
  • Kangaroo Valley Fudge House & Ice Creamery

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Kangaroo Valley, NSW
    You'll find all manner of confection at this store with every variety of lolly imaginable, as well as fudge and award winning ice creams. The scoops are generous and nicely complemented by the waffle cone.
  • Kangaroo Valley Bakehouse

    Bakeries Kangaroo Valley, NSW
    One of the original pie shops along the Moss Vale Road strip, the Valley Bakehouse proclaims the authenticity of their pies which are all handmade on premise. Sadly, service was a little indifferent.
  • David Jones

    Department Stores Sydney, NSW
    Bought some Glasshouse diffusers online with them. Selected click and collect and it was a straightforward process to pick them up from this Sydney city store. Staff are friendly.
  • Southern Pies

    Bakeries Kangaroo Valley, NSW
    Oh my, cherry pie! There's no shortage of pie shops in Kangaroo Valley and this one differentiates itself from the rest by laying claim to the "Cheeseburger pie" and other novel ideas such as the "Hangover pie" which features vodka as an ingredient. The pies have quite a lot of crust which is good if you're a pastry person, and maybe not so great if you're more into the filling.
  • Strathfield Superbowl

    Bowling Strathfield South, NSW
    Their party packages make it easy and stress-free to host kids birthday parties. Packages are priced per person and a host is provided.
  • Adora Handmade Chocolates

    Chocolatiers Sydney, NSW
    This is located in the Sofitel Wentworth. The staff are lovely here. I've been here a few times to have their hot chocolates (which come with a complimentary chocolate) and also bought a box of chocolates here. Both the drinks and chocolates here are so yummy!
  • Broaster Chicken

    Restaurants Lakemba, NSW
    It was sensory overload on Lakemba's Haldon street as people poured onto the main street on the eve of Eid al-Fitr. The streets were alive with the sights, sounds and smell of charcoal, burgers grilling and curries cooking. Out front of Broaster Chicken, they had a stall set up selling camel burgers and knafeh. I tried the burger and it was surprisingly similar in taste to a Big Mac!