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eatwithmyfoodsafari Local Star

Brother and sister who love our food and travel!

Joined 12 January 2017 Sydney, NSW

  • Cibo Espresso

    Takeaways Henley Beach, SA
    Stopped by this outlet on The Esplanade for a quick coffee break. Service was pretty quick as it wasn't busy. Order and pay for your drinks and food at the counter. You're given a buzzer to collect your offer once it's ready.

    I had a Mocha and tasted good as I've come to expect from this chain based in SA.
  • Parida Bondi

    Restaurants Bondi Beach, NSW
    The northern end of Bondi's Campbell Parade is looking decidedly hip and happening with the luxe QT hotel, a boutique barber complete with espresso bar, and Parida, a swish and cosy weekday brunch spot, transforming into a tapas and wine bar on Friday and weekend evenings.

    Sidle up and grab one of the premium seats along the enormous bi-fold windows, opening up to ocean view vistas, or pull up a stool at one of the table tops.

    Deciding on a dish is a decidedly difficult affair with so many tempting choices on offer. At the recommendation of the staff, we had the Baby Parida and the Avocado and Haloumi Stack. Both were beautifully presented, healthy, fresh and flavoursome. Coffee is by Gabriel and is nice and robust, and there is the option of soy and almond milk for the non-dairy drinkers.

    Thank you Frida for the warm and attentive hospitality. Parida is destined to become a hot spot in Bondi.
  • Metropole Cafe

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    With a prime location on the ground floor of the beautiful QVB, it's perfectly positioned for a spot of people-watching. It's extraordinary how food can come out of what is essentially a sliver of a kitchen. The corn fritters and haloumi were satisfactory and very reasonably priced given the location. Espresso was nice and strong.
  • Meet Mica

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Newly opened cafe in Surry Hills. Such a lovely fit out and it has a 'coolness' about it. The menu is very much Japanese inspired and the thing to try is the Matcha Lava French Toast. How they get the oozy matcha in there is anyone's guess but it's so delicious. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. The staff are lovely here and make sure you say hi to Mica the owner! Definitely warming up to be a local and crowd favourite. There should be something on the menu for everyone. The presentation is absolutely wonderful too.
  • The Gusstop

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Used the Hey You app again and worked well.

    Stopped by this small coffee stand with outdoor seating area and had a Chai Latte. It was ready when I arrived and service was quick and efficient. It tasted quite nice.
  • Tokyo Laundry

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    This restaurant is located on level 1 in the Gateway building in Circular Quay. It was a delightful place to have lunch and service was very friendly in a lovely light filled space. Although the prices are above average the presentation and quality of food served was superb.

    We wanted to try a variety of items so we decided to have a lunch set each. The sets chosen were the Harajuku Lunch Set and the Tsukiji (Nigiri Sushi) Lunch Set. Both included a start plate which consisted of agedashi-tofu which was sticky but quite delicious with a lovely sauce. There was also a bowl of tempting green salad with a nice dressing and some fresh sashimi. The Harajuku had teriyaki chicken which came with a sticky and very tasty glaze, miso soup and rice. Portion didn't look that big was certainly filling enough. The Tsujiki was a beautifully presented platter of nigiri sushi and sushi rolls.

    Overall it's a nice treat to have for lunch from time to time and sure we'll be back!
  • Yang's Dumpling Restaurant

    Restaurants Burwood, NSW
    A bit of Shanghai has landed in Burwood. Like its competitors, Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan, it is a chain store but not on their scale. Recently opened on Deane Street, this smallish restaurants is most known for its pan fried pork buns. On my to do list when in Shanghai, I got to road test this before I get over there. There are a few tables in here and they seemed to be busy with takeaways. Currently only accepting cash, the sign read that eftpos is coming soon. The service was nice and efficient. You can watch the chefs in the window meticulously making the dumplings and buns.

    Ordering takeaway, the selection chosen included Pan Fried Pork Buns as well as Combo C which had Steamed Pork Dumplings + Curry Beef Soup With Vermicelli. The pricing is quite sharp and you get a lot of food for the amount paid which is very pleasing. The food all travellled well and stayed quite hot. I think the dumplings do better than the buns as the moisture makes the buns slightly soggier but it was still piping hot when we ate them. The flavours are really good and the soup in the buns and dumplings were excellent. The curry beef soup was quite mild and pleasant to eat.

    I predict this to be a neighbourhood favourite and a standout even with all the competition on Burwood Road.
  • Paperboy Concord

    Cafes Concord, NSW
    A recent addition to the food scene in Concord, this bright cafe is located on the corner of Tennyson Road And Bertram St. Dine alfresco or choose the cosy seating inside if the weather isn't favourable. Service is so friendly and helpful.

    There seemed to be many interesting choices available and they all seemed to be sweet! Feeling like something savoury, we opted for The Paperboy Roll With Haloumi, Spicy Baked Eggs, and a Sweet Cheeks Juice. The roll had double egg and bacon in it so it was definitely filling. The eggs were nice and oozy. The accompanying relish was zesty and sweet. The added haloumi gave it a nice bite. The baked eggs were just right! Nice amount of sausages and the flat bread were a great accompaniment to mop up all the sauce. Juice was nice and refreshing.

    A great cafe that was buzzing with lots of locals, it is a welcome sight to this area.
  • Choux Love

    Cake Shop Sydney, NSW
    A delightful little cake shop located in between Sussex and Dixon Streets in an arcade. The address says Sussex Street but closer towards Dixon Street side. There is one table to dine in if you choose to. The service is friendly and you can pay by card but there is a surcharge.

    They offered a range of choux (hence their name) and crepe cakes. It looks like they seem to change what is offered as searched for the green tea crepe cake but alas they didn't have it. I went with the Strawberry & Rosewater Crepe Cake and also found the Green Tea Choux so went with that. The cake was light and had a nice fresh strawberry filling with a slight taste of rosewater. The choux was filled with a tasty green tea Custard filling. It had a nice crackle on top.
  • Piccolo Me

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Used the Hey You app to order and pick up my Mocha. System worked well with my coffee being ready as soon I arrived.

    Service was pretty good. Coffee tasted quite nice.
  • Pasticceria Cavallaro

    Cake Shop Leichhardt, NSW
    This is a cake shop located in Norton Plaza near Coles. It had a range of cakes and biscuits. As it was closer towards closing time they weren't really doing eat in but only takeaway coffees and sweets. Service was pretty nice.

    I got a couple of Mandolatis to takeaway. One was a Hazelnut one and the other was a Coffee one. Both tasted quite nice and crunchy on the outside with a chewy interior.
  • Palings Kitchen and Bar

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    This is located on level 1 at The Ivy on George Street. It shares the dining space with Sunee's Thai Canteen as well as you can select from either menu when eating here. It is a very open space and lots of light pouring in. Service isn't too bad but they were a bit distracted (chatting to each other) when we were trying to flag them down to pay the bill. Apart from that they were quite friendly.

    We had the Braised Lamb Shank, Pan Roasted Corn Fed Chicken Supreme, and Pan Roasted Barramundi Fillet. The lamb was coming off the bone easily and had a nice topping of crispy sweet potato accompanied by creamy mash. The chicken was tender and not dry at all. It came with a lovely jus. The fish was well cooked and certainly the prettiest looking of the all the plates as it was sitting on a bed of mushy peas.

    Overall not bad here at all but service could be sped up a bit and slightly more attentive.
  • Al-aseel Restaurant

    Restaurants Greenacre, NSW
    Located on Waterloo Road, this Lebanese restaurant was busy with different dining groups of families, friends, and couples. At first glance it doesn't scream out that it is anything too special but once you start eating, you won't be able to stop. The service is pretty good.

    We shared a Fattoush Salad, Hommos With Mincemeat & Chicken Lemon Garlic. There is complimentary pickled vegetables. The salad has infused flavours from the dressing of pomegranate and lemon that were amazing with the crunchy vegetables and the crispy Lebanese bread. Absolutely loved the Hommos as lots of bread on the table to mop that up with. The mincemeat made it more filling and added a lovely hot element to the dish. The chicken pieces were lovely and the creamy lemon garlic sauce is divine.

    If you're in the area, it is worth a visit and there are heaps of sweet and desserts stored in close proximity including Ashta Laziza. That's definitely worth trying too.
  • Hunter & Barrell

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    The location of this restaurant is right near Pyrmont Bridge in Darling Harbour. Overlooking the water, there is indoor seating in circular booths, high top tables, and regular tables. There is also a lovely outdoor seating area too. The ambience is lovely in here. Service was quite friendly and attentive.

    We had black lemonades to drink. This was quite interesting as made with activated charcoal and agave syrup. We then shared the current feast on special which is the Rib Feast. Tender pieces of melt in the mouth meat falling off the bone. The beef ribs were our favourite. Juicy and so flavoursome. The lamb ribs were a bit fattier but also full of flavour. The pork ribs had a great bbq sauce glaze to it. So yummy and moreish! Accompanied by lovely thick cut crunchy chips, a simple dressed garden salad, and a absolutely delicious coal roasted corn.

    It would be a lovely place to spend a leisurely weekend afternoon eating lunch.
  • Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

    Takeaways Annandale, NSW
    I ordered home delivery from their website which was easy to use. The food was quicker than their estimated time of arrival and driver was friendly.

    The food ordered were one of their Upper Crust Pizzas, Truffle Beef Rossini, Lamb Ribs, and Chocolate Mousse. The pizza was quite nice especially the caramelised onions and the mushrooms. The beef had nice flavour but slightly chewy. The ribs were very tasty. Mousse was the standard sort that was prepackaged in a cup but still quite nice.
  • Three Williams

    Cafes Redfern, NSW
    Located on Elizabeth Street in Redfern, this converted warehouse has a cool kid feel about it with its dimly lit setting. We got here early and luckily we did as about 1030 it was packed and a queue had formed. We got seated straight away and the main reason we visited was to sample the Celebrating Truffles menu. The service was friendly and quite attentive. The kitchen was under the pump creating many a dish topped with a shaving of truffle.

    We opted to share Roasted Peking Duck Angel Hair Pasta, Loaded Mushroom Toastie, and Truffle Cookies & Cream. The pasta had lots of small pieces of duck in a slightly sweet creamy sauce. The truffles on top gave it a delicious earthy flavour. The toastie was crammed full of mushrooms and spinach and again topped with truffles. The egg was nice and runny. The bread whilst crispy was slightly chewy. The dessert was amazing. Mandarin creme patissiere was Sandwich between and on top of the yummy macadamia cookies. The feuilletine and crispearls gave it a lovely crunch. Truffles took it to another level.

    Give it a try whilst winter is still here and providing awesome truffles!
  • Creperie Suzette The Rocks Sydney

    Cafes The Rocks, NSW
    A nice creperie that is part of the Harbour Rocks Hotel. The staff are so friendly here and very pleasant. The galettes and crepes on offer are so delicious. Definitely recommend the La Pekinoise and La Fraise. It certainly was filling. Coffees are made using Double Roasters beans.
  • Ashta Laziza

    Cake Shop Greenacre, NSW
    Blink and you'll miss this amazing place. It is located in an alley just off Waterloo Road near the IGA. It is a family run operation and they are so warm and friendly in there. They have a wide selection of Lebanese treats including Znoud El Sit (ladies arms) and knafeh. The aromas in the shop are fantastic. The highlights are the Nutella ones...they're certainly a treat and add a modern touch to a classic dessert. There also gift plates of biscuits and baklava if you want to share them with friends and family. Not sure the others won't be consumed before you get home!
  • Top Juice

    Juice Bars Ryde, NSW
    Who doesn't love a good frappe? Two Seasons Frappe is a nice blend of mango, strawberry & apple. Great combination of flavours. Located in the food court of Top Ryde Shopping Centre.
  • Andiamo Trattoria

    Restaurants Rhodes, NSW
    As soon as we stepped through the doors, we were met with the captivating aromas of Italian cooking and the buzz of diners enjoying Friday night dinner. The open kitchen revealed a hive of activity, and they looked to be doing a busy takeaway trade with a bunch of people picking up pizzas and the delivery guy coming and going. It is kid friendly with colouring in pencils and paper laid out for kids to occupy them.

    Service was a little slow to start; some confusion among the wait staff meant we weren't given menus for a quite a long time after being seated. However, food service was quick; the wait for the menu was actually longer than the time it took for the meals to be brought out so props to the kitchen.

    We enjoyed a variety of pizzas, pasta and salad, including Meat Lovers Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Tortellini Boscaiola, Gnocchi Provencale, and Mediterranean Salad.