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FeeFeeQue Local Star

Joined 25 February 2017 Ferny Hills, QLD

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  • Doomben Racecourse

    Racing Ascot, QLD
    I've been a racegoer since I was a kid (which was a long time ago!) so I've seen Doomben recently be transformed into a much more 'general public-friendly' place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    They've changed a few things for the better - more bars and dining areas, nicer parade ring for the horses and umbrellas out on the lawn for the punters who want to catch a glimpse of their moneymaker!

    A few things haven't changed at all - the prices are quite expensive for what you get and the food, depending on where you get it, can be a bit hit and miss. For instance, we ordered the cheese platter, and the crackers come in those little individually wrapped packets like you're in hospital - come on!

    A couple of little improvements here and there would see this being the classy day out it's touted to be!
  • Burger Project

    Specialty Food South Brisbane, QLD
    So there are massive Burger Project signs up in Edward Street promising that they're opening soon and we (work buddies & I) have been constantly walking past to see if there's anything happening. Then we discovered they'd opened at South Bank already! So we planned an adventure to try it out.
    I was surprised to find that it was more of a fast food vibe (clearly, I hadn't read the media properly!), but it wasn't a problem. It's also relatively cheap so that's a bonus. We all decided the classic/American chese burgers would be the best bet to start on, to gauge quality.
    We weren't disappointed - the buns came out hot and piled with fresh salad and a nice char grilled beef patty. Mine was perfect and the chips with chipotle salt were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The other girls mentioned their patties were a touch on the salty side which was unfortunate, but I'm sure this is just a teething issue. It was definitely worth the trip to South Bank and I'm still looking forward to Edward Street opening as we'll be visiting this joint frequently!
  • Gelato Messina

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt South Brisbane, QLD
    I was so excited to hear that Gelato Messina was finally coming to Brisbane and had been incessently checking the social medias for news of when it was actually opening it's doors. So of course friends and I planned an eating adventure based entirely around visiting Messina. After so much deliberating I ordered a double scoop cone - tira misu and a special flavour of the week - 'the bosses wife' (not sure about that title!) anyway - it was hazelnut and praline and white chocolate and it was glorious. Both gelatos were creamy and rich with generous chunks of chocolate and nuts. There were quite a few people there but we got served pretty quickly. If I lived/worked closer to Messina, I'd be there all the time!