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Gav Wray

im a guy i like cars and eating good food. what more you want to know this isnt a dating site lol

Joined 01 March 2010 Eagle Vale, NSW

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  • Red Neds Gourmet Pie Bar

    Bakeries Nelson Bay, NSW
    i just got back from a holiday in nelson bay. i had the lobster,prawn and scallop pie in some kind of mornay sauce it was one of the best pie eating experiences ive had.
  • Robertson Pie Shop

    Cafes Robertson, NSW
    I was a bit bored today so decided to go for a bit of a sunday drive with the missus
    down the highlands. decided to stop in for lunch. it was the busiest i had seen it with queues lined up back to the tables where people were eating.the upside of the big queue was i had plenty of time to work out what i wanted. which was a plain pie and a curry chicken pie. some of the best pie action i have ever had. my partner had a chunky beef pie and a spanach ricotta roll and a caramel slice that i had a bite of and was awesome. only downside was parking when it gets really busy as there is cars and motorbikes everywhere
  • Jasmine Rice Thai Restaurant

    Takeaways Wollongong, NSW
    went there for lunch on friday about a fortnight ago. for lunch i had the grilled honey chicken that came with jasmine rice as a lunch special for $9.90.
    best thai food i have ever had service was good too so much so i came back for
    dinner last night only i should have booked as they were full :(

    leaving us to go to their other restaurant jasmine rice 2 hoping to get in there which we did. i ordered the same thing there didnt taste as sweet as the other one i had but was still awesome and the service was good.

Latest Comments

  • wasnt happy with it, The BBQ sauce was dripping everywhere, the proportions of the kebab content was not equal EG: Too much lettuce VS meat.
    • it happens. you sound like someone that has never had a kebab or a yeeros before.
  • Do NOT go to Ozzy Tyres, I called to book in my car to be lowered and tyres on, confirmed the time cost and payment , all ok, dropped my car off at 8.30am, confrimed again was told all ok, and it will be ready at lunch,i called at lunch told 1.30. i arrived at 1.30 told two hrs, TWO hrs ,later at was ready at 5!!! last car there, Then they asked about payment and now they have never heard about my lease company and billing them, they wanted me to pay it there or they will keep MY wheels till i pay, so i had to pay upfront then claim back, not what i was told then funny enough the person i spoke to was not there ??? what a wasted day, what RUDE staff!! i got a sorry about the wait, NO U R NOT!! Why did my car get done last, it was First there,
  • Do not use Pedders - they misdiagnosed a mechanical problem - cost a lot of money and had to be fixed by another mechanic.
    • there is no reason to slag off a whole company just because 1 store got something wrong mate. thats like saying dont go to mc donalds because they got my order wrong.