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Helen_12 Newbie

Joined 21 December 2015

  • Vogue Smiles Melbourne

    Dentists Melbourne, VIC
    Most people have a fear of dentists but when you have a PHOBIA of dentists it can effect your whole life in ways most people don't understand. My personal experience with dentists started when I was 12 & witnessed my younger brother being injured by a dentist to the point he had to have 7 stitches across his face, as you can imagine I NEVER wanted to sit in a dentist chair in fear that it could happen to me. Due to a small bus accident I suffered mouth/teeth injuries but I could not make myself face a dentist, even the thought of me sitting in a dentist chair brought me to tears & had me shaking uncontrollably to the point my GP prescribed Valium, but not even Valium could get me inside a dental surgery.
    My poor oral hygiene & my phobia have left me with a mouth of missing, broken & rotten teeth. Now I'm almost 40 & constantly feel embarrassed & ashamed to the point I try not to open my mouth in front of anyone, not even my supportive, loving family.
    I felt like I was ready to face my phobia & hopefully change my life. I did some research & came across Vogue Smiles Melbourne & Dr Castro's website. They seemed to understand that a 'fear' & 'phobia' were different so I fired off an email explaining my situation. Within hours the team at Vogue Smiles Melbourne had contacted me & proved that their website was not just a bunch of pictures & words, they were honest, caring & most importantly understanding of my phobia. I met with Dr Castro & her team and from that very first appointment I felt that Vogue Smiles Melbourne understood me & had my best interest at heart. I now have had several appointments with Dr Castro & can HONESTLY say she is changing my life 1 appointment at a time. Every step is explained to me, I feel supported & most importantly safe. I wish there were enough words for me to say thank you to Vogue Smiles Melbourne for the life changing experience, the care & support.
    If you have a fear or phobia of dentist I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Castro. Your fears & concerns are taken serious from the first time you contact them.
    I cannot wait to have the smile I have dreamt of for years and marry the man I am very much in love with.
    Without Dr Castro's help & support I would never have agreed to get married in fear of the horrible photos.
    Again thank you Dr Castro & your whole time for your time, patience, understanding & the opportunity to change my life.