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Janaliamk Local Star

My life is full of cats and burgers.

Joined 20 March 2016 Beaumont Hills, NSW

  • Kebabiya

    Restaurants Bella Vista, NSW
    This is very different from most Indian restaurants I've been to (particularly because it's Indian Street Grill). But the food here is amazing. Everything has so much flavour! The food is relatively spicy, so if you're not good with spicy food make sure you order plenty of yoghurt. I do have to say it's a nice spicy.. the type where you still have lots of flavour instead of losing your tastebuds.
    Service is amazing every time. Very happy we found this place!
  • Lombardo's Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Dural, NSW
    Loved every single experience here. Always have been for breakfast and I'm very keen to try their dinner menu. Their food is extremely delicious. Particular favourites are the hotcakes and salmon salad!
    The coffee is quite nice here too. And the service is always amazing. They always seem to put the extra effort. Would highly recommend.
  • Gelato Messina

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Surry Hills, NSW
    I love Messina, their flavours make my tastebuds happy! I particularly love trying their specials but if there's nothing that is standing out to me the Apple Pie flavour is amazing as a fall back!
  • Cream On Crown

    Clothing Retailers Surry Hills, NSW
    Love the vintage buys you can get here and the selection is huge! You definitely have to try things on though because the same size can vary majorly between different cuts and brands. Really nice staff too. Definitely check it out.
  • Cafe Madeleine

    Takeaways Leura, NSW
    The cafe was quite busy when we arrived so we decided to have our drinks takeaway. The place itself looked quite nice and offered homemade products which was nice. It did take us about 10 minutes to even order anything as there was no one at the counter, it was busy but 10 minutes is a little excessive. We had coffees and hot chocolates (which were delicious) and we're brought out to us where we were waiting which was nice.
  • Pandoras Restaurant

    Restaurants Rouse Hill, NSW
    I really enjoyed our meal at Pandora's and would definitely recommend but the service has room to improve.

    We went on a Saturday night and I enjoyed all the things we tried being the calamari, baked feta and the sundried tomato pesto pasta and creme brulee -- would highly recommend these dishes. We also had the pork belly with sweet potato, though the combination with the scallops and Asian greens was a little strange (still tasted good, just didn't feel the two went together).

    The service on the other hand was pretty bad. Our drinks and food took quite a while to come out (wasn't exceptionally busy either as we went at around 630pm). We didn't get asked to have our drinks refilled, nor have our plates cleared, we essentially only saw waiters when they brought our food out. There were little bits of rubbish around as well (assuming from the lunch session) such as bits of crayon and food on the floor under tables nearby or on the backs of the seats (there was a ledge behind us). This restaurant has the potential to be fantastic and would have given this review an extra star if not for the above.
  • GNC Live Well

    Health Markets Broadway, NSW
    Great store with great staff! Always really knowledgeable and not trying to oversell their product to me but rather tell me what I actually need which I really appreciate. They also have cleaning products free from chemicals as well as natural soaps and deodorants.
  • Flight Centre

    Travel Agents Castle Hill, NSW
    We have been to this Flight Centre twice to book two holidays and both times we've had exceptional service and lots of help towards our trip. One trip was to Thailand and the girl was super helpful, pretty much helping with the entire itinerary of our holiday and the second time it was to Vegas. We were very happy with our holidays and I would highly recommend to people who haven't been to the country before and need some advice.
  • Costco

    General Retailers Lidcombe, NSW
    So many amazing deals but SO MANY PEOPLE with huge trollies. You can honestly buy anything in bulk here. Prices are definitely cheaper and everything from lollies to a TV unit. Love their bakery section too. And it's always the best when they have free samples all around! Just bring patience with you because some people will definitely test it.

    Hairdressers Bondi Junction, NSW
    Had a haircut here and it was really good! But you definitely get what you pay for, they are a little pricey. I do admit that the cut lasts much longer when you get it done properly. Overall a good experience.
  • Wynyard YouSave Chemist

    Chemists Sydney, NSW
    Really good chemist with a wide variety. Staff always really friendly and helpful. I find the prices at this chemist are very competitive. I would definitely recommend them.
  • IGA

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Sydney, NSW
    Perfectly positioned in the middle of the city with a huge range of different kinds of foods! From fresh produce to frozen meals, vegan options of snacks are available too. They also sell Krispy Kremes and have a cafe in the store. One of my favourite IGA's!
  • Dymocks

    Bookstores Sydney, NSW
    I love this Dymocks. They sell lots of good books at decent prices and usually have deals or discounts! You can go up to level two where you can sit down and read as well. They have always had what I wanted in store and they also have membership perks.
  • NAB

    Investing Bondi Junction, NSW
    I always get served really quickly at this store. The staff are always very helpful. I do admit whether there's not that many customers because the store looks like it's closed from the outside. None the less, have always had great experiences here.
  • Mecca Maxima

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Sydney, NSW
    I love this store. It's big and beautiful with so many amazing products. Every time I visit I get great customer service and I learn more about the products I'm interested in. One of my favourite makeup stores!
  • Ikea

    Department Stores Rhodes, NSW
    I'm glad they built an IKEA closer to where I live, as this store gets out of control busy. It becomes more of a frustrating experience as you have to dodge so many people and families. I love what the store sells but it's not worth it unless you're going mid-week where there's less crowds.
  • Stir Crazy Noodle Bar - Castle Hill

    Takeaways Castle Hill, NSW
    The movie deal here is pretty good ? $22 for a stirfry and a movie ticket. Otherwise I probably wouldn't make a special trip for the noodles here. The only ones I really like are the "Aussie style", which I would recommend. The others are a bit average and for Pad Se Ew or Pad Thai you could go to a Thai restaurant which isn't that far.
  • NAB

    Banks Sydney, NSW
    A really large NAB, that's two levels. The cashiers are downstairs and I always find that I'm served very quickly, I do try to go not during peak hour times though.
  • L & M Smash Repairs Pty Ltd

    Vehicle Body Work Seven Hills, NSW
    Had a great experience with Daniel at LMS. He was very helpful and fixed my car in a good amount of time considering there was so much damage. The works were good and you couldn't even notice that the car had been in an accident. Daniel and other staff at LMS were super helpful and had great customer service.
  • Outre Gallery

    Art Galleries Surry Hills, NSW
    I love Outré. Such a great gallery, particularly because I love low-brow art. They have artworks by James Jean, Kozyndan, Sylvia Ji and many others. They also have art books and design/art magazines as well as sculptures. A really neat store!