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Janaliamk Local Star

My life is full of cats and burgers.

Joined 20 March 2016 Beaumont Hills, NSW

  • Ikea

    Furniture Stores Tempe, NSW
    IKEA is perfect for neat but cheap furniture or accessories. Some of the better stuff also looks great but once the quality improves, so does the price (and rightly so).
    The only thing is I found the layout of this IKEA quite strange compared to the other two stores that I've been too. Still a good experience though.
  • So 9

    Specialty Food Waterloo, NSW
    Try the savoury pancakes! They will not disappoint! The pho is really nice here too; the noodles are super silky and the broth has a nice flavour. The Hoi sin they serve on the side is really delicious also.
    We also had the pho brisket Bahn mi. The Bahn mi itself was delicious.. the pho broth just gets served on the side, so it felt a bit separate. The one thing that was disappointing is that they were out of bao buns and duck. A really good experience none the less and the fit out is really nice.
  • Doughnut Time

    Bakeries Sydney, NSW
    My favourite out of all of them probably has to be the Nutella stuffed. I have to say all their donuts are quite over the top and are pretty much a huge meal. I think it's worth a try (best to be shared) but can't say it's worth queuing over.
  • The Newport

    Restaurants Newport, NSW
    Lovely bar for an afternoon beer. Lovely water views and also delicious food to match. Every time we've come here it's been really nice, especially when there's live music. The decor is very light and modern. The place is also kid friendly.
  • Coogee Pavillion

    Restaurants Coogee, NSW
    This place is huge and amazing for so many things. Great drinks, great service, lovely view, lots of seating and delicious food! It's a great all-rounder. We do live quite far so it is quite an effort to get here but it's definitely worth it!
  • Lazy Suzie

    Restaurants Darlinghurst, NSW
    First and foremost. Make sure you leave room for dessert. I'm serious. You need to try their dessert. It was the one that came in the banquet and it is out of this world. One of the best I've had. The food here in general is amazing -- so is their service and drinks as well. Would definitely recommend! Though I do admit I had a 50% off deal which did make it very reasonably priced, otherwise I would say go for your own choices rather than banquet as it is quite pricey, though you do get quite a lot of food.
  • The Smoking Panda

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    I love it! Doesn't look like much from downstairs but it is so funky ! Love the decore and the service is impeccable. So are their cocktails, especially during happy hour! Would definitely recommend. And a great place for Friday night drinks if you come in time to grab a table (otherwise book!)
  • The Bristol Arms

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Love the rooftop! But unfortunately this place is pretty average. Food is average, so is their service and I wasn't too much of a fan of their clubbing areas either. This place has a lot of potential !! Just isn't quite there yet.
  • Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    I just can't help but automatically love this place because I love their chocolate!!! I know it's overpriced... but sometimes I just don't care because it's delicious. I always have the dilemma whether I'm having a hot chocolate or a dessert because I can never have both! It's just wayyy too much (even if it's so delicious!).
  • Cargo Bar & Lounge

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Can't say you'll ever find me seeking out of my way to get here. We've been here when we've had cruise events and board right outside so we would have a few beers before heading in. The atmosphere is ok, gets packed quickly but there's nothing that nice or special about this place. Maybe it's just not for me.
  • Helm Bar

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    This place is nice but nothing special. We had our work Christmas party here and we enjoyed ourselves but it was the place to start off with drinks to then further move on to somewhere else. The cocktails were alright, but once again, nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Hurricane's Grill & Bar

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    I was super excited to try Hurricane's! But unfortunately found it quite disappointing. The beef ribs were quite dry and chewy and the potato chips also were quite dry. Maybe if I tried the pork ribs it would have been better as others really enjoyed them in our party, but my partner and I really just couldn't rate them. Personally, I think Outback ribs are better.
  • Zeta Bar

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    I didn't think I'd like this as much as I did! It's a lovely place with a beautiful view. And we were able to get seats easily (there was only two of us admittedly). Nice vibe and awesome bar staff, who made divine cocktails. Would love to come back. Some drinks can be pricey but if you're having cocktails it's about the same cost as everywhere else and they're fantastic.
  • The Baxter Inn

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    I've had many friends rave about it but it just didn't live up to the hype for me, may not be surprising as I'm not a huge whiskey fan. The decore is pretty cool but the place is quite small and gets very packed. Their wines were alright. As far as small bars go, I have to admit there's plenty around that I would prefer over this.
  • Bungalow 8

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Nothing really stood out for me at our experience at Bungalow 8. We had a lovely spot outside in the sun but the food was quite average (just had share platter nibbles) and the drinks were good. Overall a nice experience but I can't say there's anything that pulls me back there.
  • Steel Bar & Grill

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Great service for drinks on a Friday night! They take your orders at the table where you can pay as well and then it's delivered back to your table too, so if you're extremely lazy like I am - this is perfect! The place is decked out really nice as well and their bathrooms are super cool!
  • The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Would definitely recommend the restaurant over the burger bar here. The restaurants food was finger-licking-good. Had a few different meals to share and all were awesome. The liver pate was my favourite. Had the best cocktail with fresh apple juice too. Honestly could have drank that by the jug if I could... service was lovely also!
  • Bar Luca

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    These burgers are outta control. So. Blody. Good. Blame Canada is amazing. Their specials are usually pretty on point too. Really want to try their other burgers but every time I step my foot into this place Blame Canada calls to me. Milkshakes are also delicious. If you want to try multiple things, best to share!
  • Lord Gladestone Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Chippendale, NSW
    Pretty funky place with delicious burgers! The place does get quite busy so finding seating any later than 6pm can be a bit tricky. Though there is an upstairs bar which is slightly tucker away, where we found some. Good place for Friday beers!
  • Xage Vietnamese Restaurant

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Oh boy was this delicious!! We came when they had a deal of any main for $10, so we shared 3 meals (which was probably too much for 2 people) but it was so good and we thought why not try more during this deal. The service was reasonable as well. Would definitely recommend!