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jarrahblue Local Star

a couple with 3 young children who enjoy eating out as a family

Joined 28 February 2008 Glen Waverley, VIC

  • Alice Springs Desert Park - General Enquiries

    State Government Alice Springs, NT
    we did the day tour and the night tour, the noctural tour is great, a fenced off section of the park where thye house extinct animals in the wild such as mala, bilby, hopping mice, poteroo, bandicoot in the hope that they csn be released into the wild when the ferral cat population is under control, hard to believe ina place like central australia there are no restictions on how you keep domestic cats such as having to be indoors/enclosed at night??? they take you through with a torch at night and show you the animals in their natrual habitats and give lots of informative and conservation infiormation on the animals. not cherap especially for a family but very worthwhile. runs for about an hour after sunset and cake and hot drinks provided after.
  • Page 27 Cafe

    Cafes Alice Springs, NT
    in cute little side arcade off main shopping area in alice springs, with graffitied walls, plants and funky chairs/tables and alike. great drinks- smoothies and shakes and juices with healthy ingrediesnts- chia, mango, berries, almond and coconut milks, vegies, etc. large and reasonably priced. ready made sandwiches, etc in cabinet to order or meals made to order, fantastic coffees
  • Bough House Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Yulara, NT
    there are 3 dining options in this large establishment at ulluru this the best value for money. their roast of the days are lovely- meat succulent and delicous with lots of roasted vegies, entree a la carte bar includes green lipped mussels and delicous avacado sushi rolls. dessert a la carte bar includes dessert donuts and pavlovas. their soups of delicous - pumpkin and sweet potato this visit.
  • The Station Street Cafe And Wine Bar

    Cafes Nunawading, VIC
    have not ben here for awhile, looks like they have new owners but same- food great quality, modern, innovative and fast and friendly service. lots of meat on menu, would be good to see more veg and a soup of day would be good in winter months. they do have 2 or more specials of the day. had the green regular lunch menu item- broccolini, smashed peas on toast with p/eggs, dukkah and halmoui $17 (not alot of haloumi) but very tasty. coffees as good as ever. will start returning again
  • The Coal Pit

    Restaurants Nunawading, VIC
    now only opening weekdays of an evening, still open days on w/e. lovely dips $15 (babaganoush, hummus, tziaki) nice smoked salmon on toast with hollandaise, spinch and 2 p/eggs $17. always good coffees, fast service, nice sitting outside front in sunshine, they are in a lucky position where they get most of days sun
  • Charlie Lovett

    Restaurants South Wharf, VIC
    was at conference nearby and went to grab a quick coffee during my lunch break from a cafe/restaurant nearby that lokoked like it would do good coffee. tried this place and asked for a latte at the window at side of cafe/resturant , the girl who served me certainly took her time making my cofee, wiping down benches unecesarily rather than starting my take away coffee while I was waiting. they had Bonsoy and coffees were good but not great
  • Ritchies Stores Pty Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Mount Waverley, VIC
    Ricthies get in fresh daily the best sourdough breads around which is sourced locally from Noisette bakery in Mulgrave- the best olive sourdough in the business, packed full of olives. they also have Noisette's walnut sourdough which is great, their portugese tarts which are delicous and other Noisette bakery items. they cut in sandwich or toast slices for you while you wait
  • Trei Cafe

    Cafes Glen Waverley, VIC
    ate her on queens b'day public holiday and it was unusualy quiet. they charge !0% extra for public holidays which we were not aware of. they now have a soup of the day but it's very expensive at $13. today was a thai pumpkin which i was not looking that forward to but it was actually ver nice- did not taste like the usual thia pumpkin soup (with curry paste and coconut milk added) was more a sweet, creamy, thick pumpkin soup with crushed peanuts on top and some sourdough toast- it was delicous but still expensive, especially with 10% on top.
  • Colonial Fresh Markets

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Doncaster, VIC
    great store with lots of organic and artisan food products- teas, bread, pantry stocks, soup stock, dips and cheese, honey, fruit and veg, nuts, fresh flowers and some plants, cakes and bicuits, soups, frozen food, etc. it has an extensive deli and fruit and vegetable section. I love the bulk bags of pistachios 1kg for $20, purple carrots and sweet potatoes from WA (hard to get elsewhere) and their dips which are reasnably priced.
  • Go Vita

    Health Markets Wantirna South, VIC
    always use this health food shop for all my health food needs such as their practioner supplements which are well stocked (Bio ceutical, herbs of gold brands, etc). most stff are very well informed but occasionaly they have given me misinformation about products instead of saying they were not sure. they have makeup, frozen foods, cleaning products, quality vitamins and minerals, grocery items, toiletries and much more. they do their best to order things in for you. prices are not always competitive but due to their super tuesday (1st tuesday of month 20% special day) its value for money
  • Bella Sistas Espresso

    Cafes Camberwell, VIC
    a year after new management they are serving the same dishes as previous owners which is great as they are delicous- such as panzanella eggs and middle eastern eggs. I had the middle eastern eggs $17- 2 p/eggs, slow roasted tomatoes, wilted spinach, turkish bread and labna - loved it. The menu is alot larger than with previous owners so alot more to choose from, including the usual 3-4 specials of the week and a soup. coffees very very good (with Bonsoy). service friendly and fast
  • Leo's Fine Food & Wine

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Glen Iris, VIC
    since my local Thomas dux store closed I shop here more regularly even though it is not close by. it has the largest variety anywhere- especially for gourmet, organic and artisian products. prices generally are very competitive. its never crowded. they have the best range of ready made soups that we take for our lunches that you cant get anywhere else. there i nothing you cant get here. from the outside it is very unconvential looking other than the large sign that just says "supermarket" you would not even know what it was, but once you go inside and see their range you are amazed
  • Sezanas On Toorak

    Cafes Toorak, VIC
    friendly and fast service, food very basic and not that great. lots of ready made food in glass cabinet such as pies (we had the chicken terriyaki, lamb and rosemary and beef and cheddar)- were OK. we also had a vegie lasagne (pumpkin, tomtoes, ricotta, eggplant) - nice but had nicer. the veggie patties with fetta looked and sounded nice with p/eggs, avcado, etc. we also tried a toasted sandwich with chicken, avacado, pesto, cheese, SD tomatoes which was just OK. they had bonsoy for coffees but they were not the best coffees, tasted burnt. all meals had a basic side salad (cucumber, greens and tomato). $50 for 3 pies, a chicken toasted sandwich and a slice of vegie lasagne is very expensive for ready made small meals.
  • Peter Alexander Sleepwear Pty Ltd - Head Office

    Clothing Retailers Richmond, VIC
    kids Pj's always of poor standard- they stretch out of shape as soon as you wash them, so are over stretched and dont fit anymore, very expensive products for something not of great quality
  • Mr Antenna

    Engineering Melbourne, VIC
    have used my local Mr Antenna a coupe of times, you cant beat them as offer free quotes, come out at your set appopintment time and assess your job for free and give you a written quote, even suggest you get a second opinion and do not pressurise you at all, definately recommend. thorough, knowledgable, professional, friendly
  • Son Of Tucci

    Cafes Mount Waverley, VIC
    great special today $20- "duck waffle" 2 sweet potato and potato rosti waffles with 2 marinated deck legs, watercress, hazelnuts, pomegranate, absolutely yummy, healthy, imaginative. beautifully presented, duck tender and tasty. great dish
  • Accredited First Aid Courses

    First Aid Training Doncaster, VIC
    still attend this company for my annual first aid qualifications they now have a venue in oakleigh added to their list (box hill used to be my closest) also have the new children services course (approved by ACEQUA) so you do it all in on go- anaphaalxis, asthma, CPR and level 2. they are one of the cheapest companies too, and instructors are knowledgeable, professional and experienced. oakleigh classes are alot snmaller than the box hill ones
  • Cote Terra

    Cafes Oakleigh, VIC
    called in for some quick take away lunch while I was doing 1st aid nearby- they have about 5"toasties" available to takeaway - all have meat bar one (the meat is all ham/bacon so if you dont eat processed unhealthy meat its a challenge) i had the veg tostie with greens, tomato, cheese and avacado with my choice of bread sourdough. it was yummy and pretty reasonably priced at $9. fast and their coffees are always super
  • no. 1 therapy

    Massage Nunawading, VIC
    often have discounts on hourly massages- instead of $60 they are $30. their massages are lovely, but the hour session only goes for 40 mins so they should say 45mins sessions. the girls are very professional and experienced massages and their are private booths. open 7 days a week, and no need to book usually
  • Peninsula Hot Springs

    Day Spas Rye, VIC
    last time we visited the shower springs were not working which i love. the last few times we have visited at least one area has been out of use for the entire time (3-4 hour vist)- which is very annoying when it's not cheap here anymore, you are not told beforehand and not offered any discount for lack of services. lights aorund lake lit up at night are magical