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jarrahblue Local Star

a couple with 3 young children who enjoy eating out as a family

Joined 28 February 2008 Glen Waverley, VIC

  • Kentro

    Restaurants Oakleigh, VIC
    very large café in oakleigh eaton street mall of cafes and restaurants, cold as no heating in winter, large restaurant style menu. Lots of cakes/sweets on display such as baklava. Coffee was good except they have sylk soy not bonsoy. Pumpkin and lentel soup was available on blackboard so I had the lentel which was nice, no bread, a bit small unsure of price as was not advertised. Also had the $15 dips (tziaki, fish egg dip and another) with m/olives and pita bread triangles (dips tasted home made).
  • Cafe Numero Due

    Cafes Wheelers Hill, VIC
    licensed cafe open 7 days. we visited on a cold rainy winters august sunday for lunch was warm and cosy. the kids had the chicken and vegie pies $8 which were homemade and my husband had the lamb souvlaki wrap which he did not really enjoy (bit processed- the wrap, the lamb) and it was served with sweet potato chips which were nice. I had the friters (cauliflower, zucchini and corn) - 2 moist fritters full of vegies. with s/avo, pesto, nuts and kale and carrot salad whcih was very nice and presented lovely. they still have Bonsoy and the lattes were great.
  • Iron Henry

    Restaurants Murrumbeena, VIC
    Open dinner thur/fri/sat for breaky lunch 7 days. opposite train station. Bonsoy with coffees and coffees were OK. Soup of the day was cauliflower and gorgonzola $12.50, have ready made sandwiches, sweet treats, savoury gourmet rolls, toasties available in glass cabinet. Kids playroom upstairs as well as a kids menu including eggs, pancake, cheese toastie and avo smash all $7 for breaky or for lunch chicken, spag bol/napoli, burger $8-9. Breaky served all day, lunch 11am-2.30pm. fast and friendly service
  • Curator 23 Cafe

    Cafes Mount Waverley, VIC
    zucchini and corn fritters $with 3 fritter (yellow turmeric color) very tasty and moist with 1p/egg, tomato relish, dukkah, fetta $20 with a large Bonsoy latte, so reasonable price although meal was smallish but fritter were some of best fritters i have had, soup of day was zucchini thai
  • Richmond Oysters

    Seafood Glen Waverley, VIC
    $22 linguine with just the pasta, chilli, olive oil or $7 extra for marinara or crab meat or prawn meat varieties, so pricey. marina one the prawns are very small, there is no calamari, green lipped musles. lovely entre with dips and saganaki, calamari but small. coffees not great. service impeccable
  • The Peddler Cafe

    Cafes Nunawading, VIC
    large coffees are great value as in a tall glass (iced coffee style). we orderd some chefs specials- lentel soup $11.50 expenisve for soup but nice and healhty- red and yellow lentels, capsicum, yoghurt with sourdough. 3 different freshly squeezed juices available $6.50 and matcha and acai smoothies $7.50. also had a special sticky pork slider $19 with slow cooked pork, soy honey sauce, slaw, mayo, on beetroot brioche buns
  • The Butlers Pantry

    Restaurants Rowville, VIC
    breakfast brushetta $19 with roasted pumpkin, dukkah, hummus, pomegranate, fetta and rocket is nice but expensive and costs extra $2.50 to add p/egg (which are freerange thankfully) or extra $5 to add avo pea smash. all meals here are overy expensive now. super coffee with bonsoy available
  • Trippy Taco

    Restaurants Collingwood, VIC
    $17 large nachos is very expensive but include black beans. better value is their quesadillas with tofu, goats cheese, avo, black beans $11-12 yummy ! great they use more unusual ingredients such as goats cheese rather than the usual unhealthy processed cheese, fast service,
  • Elements

    Cafes Mulgrave, VIC
    tried their vegie quiche as looks very colorful and cute with sweet potato crispsy curls atop- $10 approx - but the SP curls were burnet when reheated for me, mostly consisted of carmalised onion , was quite nice. coffees are very very strong but great quality
  • Cafe 1809

    Cafes Glen Waverley, VIC
    was initiialy the sister café to trie in glen Waverley also, opened about start of Feb 2017, but not related anymore, café so far is quiet, easy to get a table unlike trei which is almost impossibly busy. clean and modern looking, concrete island bench, great artificial moss wall decoration front window bench seat as well as seats out front on street. Large front windows so bright and airy, brilliant coffees including lattes they also have prana chai and beetroot lattes which were good for kids.
  • Platform 7 Cafe

    Cafes Glen Waverley, VIC
    kids will love the science experiment with their hot chocolate (mork 70%) atop with floss where you pour hot choc form glass science beaker through the floss which disolves. looks fantastic and heaps of fun. although it is a cafe the dishes day and night are a bit pricey and more restaurant style meals rather than more budget friendly cafe
  • no. 1 therapy

    Massage Nunawading, VIC
    purchased living social one hour full body massage appointment was 30mins late, but they were very apolegetic. they are professional and experienced, received shoulder, neck and back massage instead of what was purchased that went for 45 mins instead, including hot stones which was beautiful, private booths very clean and busy, situated in brand smart shopping outlet in Nunawading near centre opposite café/ open 7 days a week
  • Trei Cafe

    Cafes Glen Waverley, VIC
    Korean chicken tacos with avocado, crushed peanuts, pickled red cabbage $18.50 ? 3 soft pita style semi circles with crunchy chicken tenderloin are delicous. $8.50 for SWEET POTATo wedges WITH AVAcadO AND LIME are also good value and delicous
  • Son Of Tucci

    Cafes Mount Waverley, VIC
    winter june soups of the day have included chick pea, chirizo & leek or broad bean, pea and haloumi. Tasting platealways great with blueberry waffles, lemon curd, sricahi maple bacon, fetta, s/avo, p/eggs, sweet potato rosti, beetroot labneh, kale and poached pear $18
  • The Groove Train

    Restaurants Burwood East, VIC
    extensive menu. we had the lamb pizza $26, thai calamari salad $23
    and the soup of the day which was Lentel soup $12 the soup was expensive, small but very nice.
    pizza and calmari were also yum but not cheap
  • Cote Terra

    Cafes Oakleigh, VIC
    $16 Mon-fri weekly lunch 5-6 options deals- toasted sandwiches including 2 veg options with drink (alcohol, juice, coffee, etc) sounded delicious and very reasonable. coffees are superb, service fast and friendly. open 7 days
  • Mountain View Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Richmond, VIC
    specials were a skillet omelette with smashed zucchini, pea and mint, ricotta and herb fritters , wasabi crispy peas, red chilli jam with garlic crusted sourdough $18.50. soup of the day was Asian style beef soup with caramalised winter veg, s/onion, shallots, coriander with toasted baguette $14. visited on a saturday, busy with crowds before the footy. usual modern up market pub fare
  • Red Cup Cafe

    Cafes Box Hill, VIC

    $20 approx breaky dish with mushies with fetta, bread and red onion jam- yum but too much jam as very very sweet, meals would be better smaller as too filling for 1 and then could be less expensive. Unfortunately did not have the lental soup I loved here last time and soup of day was pea and ham. .fast service. Easy to park. Breaky and lunch options.
  • Kingsway Bakery

    Bakeries Glen Waverley, VIC
    alos called "Muddings" as their speciality is choc mud cakes to order, been here for a long time as such a great bakery. their vanilla slices are perfect (pastry, icing and custard) not too sweet. open sat but not sundays 5pm anymore
  • Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder

    Cafes Richmond, VIC
    fast service, blue corn tacos (blue corn tortilla, with pickled salad veg, battered crispy fish, avocado, tomato, cucumber salsa- absolutely delicous $21.50. prawn fattoush salad $23.50- crunchy school prawns, bread, lettuce, cucumber, tomato salad- great. Zucchini spaghetti- spaghetti made with thin noodles of zucchini with chilli and king prawns- absolutely delious $21.50. meals a bit small for price but delicious.will return. Great coffees