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Jayne Brown

Joined 09 November 2014

  • Safe and Sound Property Inspections

    Building Construction Port Melbourne, VIC
    Don't be fooled by this guy like we were, or it will cost you thousands. Chris came across as a friendly, competent building inspector but he's far from it. We've had roof plumbers show us issues that any average person with building knowledge should know. He missed rotting windows, plumbing that leaked and ran up hill, holes in our corrugated iron roof. When confronted face to face, he admitted he had missed the items and would pay for the issues to be rectified. Later, in writing he retracted the statement and claimed no responsibility. We now have to proceed with legal action. This man is not only incompetent at his job but has no morals or ethics. He's now working under the Jim's Building Inspections banner too, so BUYER BEWARE and avoid, avoid, avoid. Ian and Jayne Brown
  • Eltham Noodle World

    Takeaways Eltham, VIC
    Bought it for the first time tonight. Food is terrible! It has no flavour or ingredients except noodles swimming in fat .... disgusting ...
  • Ray White

    Real Estate Agents Doncaster East, VIC
    Recently dealt with them leasing a property through the agency. Once power was on there were 31 lights not working. To get them restored and to address other general maintenance issues, we had to take the matter to VCAT. They ignored the orders and we had to return again. Thankfully lease was terminated.
    Most unprofessional and unreasonable people I have ever had the misfortune to meet.
  • Noel Jones Balwyn

    Real Estate Agents Balwyn, VIC
    Mike Nolan was the most professional, courteous and honest real estate agent I have ever met. From the moment I met him to discuss selling my property to the day the keys were handed over for the new owners, he was a delight to deal with. He sold my property via private sale in less than a week for a fantastic price. His team were very helpful in all matters. Thoroughly recommend the Balwyn Noel Jones team.
  • Rocket Furniture Removals

    Removalists Malvern, VIC
    Worst moving experience ever! Booked largest size removalist truck, only an 8 tonne vehicle turned up on the day. Their excuse - trying to save us money. Outcome - not all the furniture could fit in, most of the furniture ended up damaged, move took hours longer than it should have. Sub contractor was used, after I expressed strict instructions I didn't want a sub contractor used, I wanted employees. Don't allow them to dismantle any furniture, they don't follow instructions, they loose screws and bolts so you can't reassemble furniture properly. Rocket removals shirked all the responsibility of the day and blamed sub contractor. Poor form by both companies. Do yourself a favour and stay away from Rocket Removals.