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Joined 01 June 2012 Leichhardt, NSW

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  • Integrity Electric

    Electricians Clovelly, NSW
    I've subcontracted some electrical works to Matt on behalf of my handyman clients. I'm always confident that he'll do the right thing by them and that they'll get a good result. My customers always appreciate his courtesy and thoroughness and they tell me so. He is fanatical about testing and making sure everything is ship shape and when he finds faults with existing work, he offers helpful solutions that customers can rely upon. I highly recommend him.
  • North Shore Aluminium

    Home Decor Retailers Gladesville, NSW
    I've worked with Daniel and Eddie for years as part of my handyman work. I mostly rely on them to build flyscreens that I later install. They do great, precise work, making sure to build things accurately. I also refer jobs to them that are more complicated, like screen and security doors. They're small enough to take the time to make sure you get what you need and they have many years of experience, knowing how to come up with the best solution for every situation. I highly recommend this father and son team.
  • All Home Services - Lawns & Gardens

    Gardeners Toukley, NSW
    Shane's a good bloke. I live in Sydney where I also do property maintenance. I asked him to build a retaining wall at a Central Coast property I own. I called several people and Shane's the only one who even got back to me. He offered a reasonable quote and did the work when promised to a high standard of quality. When a minor problem arose about four months later, he returned to the job and fixed it up without additional charge. I'm impressed.

Latest Comments

  • We've got an old house. Tired of working on it. Also tired of tradies who turn up when they feel like it, disappear for days half way through a job, leave a mess, cut corners, don't listen or decide that their idea is better than what you asked them to do. And so on. We stopped the work and watched our house crumble. Eventually, though, we had to get some things fixed. We found John.
    John calls when he says he will, turns up when he says he will and gets the job done quickly and neatly (without the radio, as Chris2040 notes, below). Communication was easy - he listened, offered solutions and did what we needed to have done. The only disappointment is that he won't take on the new kitchen I want. Too big a job.

    John is businesslike and courteous and his work is done to a high professional standard. I won't hesitate to call John again when need him, or to recommend him to others.
    • Thanks for your kind review, Barbara. I appreciate that you acknowledge the things that I think set me apart from others in this business, showing up on time, listening, offering workable solutions and cleaning up after the work is done. I'm there to solve problems, not create them. You mentioned your disappointment with the kitchen. One of the hardest parts of the job for me is to say no to work that is outside my core mission. I often encounter jobs that I 'could' do, but choose not to. I'd rather disappoint someone up front than later down the track. And it never hurts to ask though, because sometimes I know someone who can do the job. Alas, no kitchen contractors come to mind these days.