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Joined 28 April 2011 Berwick, VIC

  • Five Star Fencing & Gates

    Fencing Construction Belgrave, VIC
    I can't believe these guys are still in business! I had a fence built by them and the contractor Dean refused to look at the site plan for the block. He measured up and put the block width to 15.40mt when it was actually 15.04 so my fence was 35cm out and in the wrong place. He also dug thru the Telstra cabling with a post hole digger!

    We had to pay another contractor to move the fence. I refused to pay as the job was pathetic and had very cheap materials and terrible workmanship.

    Dean came over to my home at about 11pm a couple of weeks later. He was with a rough looking guy and they were both drunk. He made threats towards my children if I did not pay up. Police were called and they took off. I went to the police and had to have a restraining order placed on him. He didn't turn up to court and the magistrate granted a 10 year order.

    This guy is DANGEROUS!!! Avoid at all costs.
  • Cat Lovers Veterinary Clinic

    Veterinarians Frankston, VIC
    I just 'rescued' my two 7 year old cats from my ex who had not taken them to a vet for ???? So I was a bit worried. Wow, what a surprise! Vaccinations done, wormed, nails trimmed and some very nasty matting combed out of my little girl. Out of there in less than 20 minutes. All done. AND I didn't have to get a bank loan to pay the bill! Very reasonably priced. Thank you for making everything ok again.
  • Young Street Medical & Dental Centre

    Medical Centres Frankston, VIC
    4 hour wait to see a doctor!! I don't think so. This place either needs to start making appointments or get more doctors.
  • Domino's Pizza Frankston

    Takeaways Frankston, VIC
    The worst pizza shop ever. The pizzas have really gone downhill in the last 4 months. When you call for delivery it takes over an hour and the quality of the pizzas is usually poor and they are usually cold. The management is rude and argumentative and will do nothing to keep their customers happy. We used to order at least twice a week from here but never again!! I will be contacting dominos head office and will be making an official complaint.
  • La Porchetta Restaurant

    Restaurants Pakenham, VIC
    Made a booking for 6 pax. When we arrived we were pointed to a table that hadn't even been set. No cutlery etc. Staff then started to set the table whilst we were sitting there but halfway through got called over to the bar by the management. Oh well, finish setting the table by ourselves..... Waited for 10 minutes before they came back and asked us if we were ready to order.... Ummmmm..... honey, you haven't given us menus yet and a 'would u like something to drink' would be nice.... Menus then unceremoniously dropped on the table.... Waited another 10 minutes until they came back and placed our order (still no drinks!!!) After about 15 minutes our drinks arrived and I told the kids not to finish their drinks as dinner would be arriving shortly...... Ummmmm...... about 45 minutes later (still waiting for meals) I was getting fed up and decided to go outside for a cigarette. As I passed the bar, the staff said 'thanks, have a good night' I told them we hadn't even had our meals yet and would they please go and find out where they were. When I returned from outside meals had still not arrived and the management came over to apologise and said the meals were on their way. About 5 minutes later the meals arrived. They had clearly been sitting for quite a while and had obviously been microwaved!!!! By this time kids were starving so I just told them to eat it but was NOT HAPPY!! Had to order more drinks as we had been sitting there since 7pm with ONE drink. (It is now 8.40) Had a word to the staff about the state of the meals and that chips were not nice when they had been microwaved. They asked if I wanted to return the meal but I said no, my son is hungry, tell the management they can take the meal off the bill. The staff came back in 5 minutes to tell me that if my son ate the meal we would be charged for it regardless??? Never mind that it was only semi warm with soggy chips!! Pretty much just waved them off as I was sick of the unprofessional ism. Got the bill as soon as we had finished. The veg that came with the meals were inedible due to the microwave so it didn't take long to finish. Bill for just under $150 for a crappy meal and deplorable service! Awesome!! We would have gotten better service next door at Macca's!! Unfortunately La Porchetta has a pretty captive audience in Pakenham as there isn't much else around. Save your money guys or go for a drive as the La Porchetta in Frankston is quick, friendly and the food is great. Never coming to La Porchetta Pakenham again!!!!
  • Bellatique Beauty

    Beauty Salons Narre Warren, VIC
    Sadly, I went to this place after finding it at my local shopping area. Just popped in as they weren't busy. Fairly basic inside, wax room was a bit grubby looking and freezing cold!! Had waxing done and was horrified to find the girl doing my wax was using strip wax to do a brazillian!! OUCH!! Why are they using not top of the line 'leg' wax to do something so delicate? (It's not top of the line, that's why) Also used strip wax on underarms! Felt kinda bruised afterwards and there was alot of wax left behind. Not not top of the line either! Braz was the usual price but OMG who charges $17 for underarms? Especially when you use 'strip wax'! Staff doing waxing was nice though, but not worth the pain or the mess left behind! I won't be giving them a second chance!!!!