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Kurt & Sarah C Local Star

We are a couple that love eating out, drinking, playing and watching sports, travelling, going to the gym. Sarah also loves a good hairdo and spray tan, whilst Kurt is happy to head for a surf.

Joined 28 April 2016 Randwick , NSW

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  • LoLuk Bistro

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Lo Luk a French Bistro recently taking up residence in a converted terrace on Bourke Street Surryhills, towards Taylor Square. This new French provincial inspired Bistro is a neighbourhood gem opened by Luc an his brother from Northern France to serve homely traditional French cuisine. With street front seating allowing you to take in the social mixing pot which is Surryhills, there is indoor seating in the cosy cottage like dining room decorated with a touch of vintage French. Something special is the private courtyard dining area at the back of the restaurant.

    We visited for breakfast/brunch and started with the house made lemon Madeline to accompany our cafe au lait as the French would say. This is perfect if you are after a light sweet start to your day. The Madeline a golden cake with a nice subtle lemon flavour a very tasty moresel indeed.

    There were also a range of great drinks to suit, depending on what you are after be it a stiff start to your day in the form of a mimosa or bloody mary or a healthier option by choosing to go with a smoothy. The Champion smoothie a great refershing drink.

    The breakfast Oeufs parfait en verrine was magnific, a 60 degree slow cooked egg atop of slow cooked(confit) lamb and vegetables flavour infused with a mixture of herbs. The dish served with a side salad and house made focaccia. A dish that goes hand in hand with winter.

    We were in the mood for healthy and ordered Le Lèger. A salad of quinoa, pomegranade, leeks fondue, beetroot, goats cheese and poached egg. A salad with plenty of substance, perfect if you are after a light meal.

  • Smokkim

    Restaurants Rhodes, NSW

    Sitting down for a Korean BBQ we were keen to see what smokkim offered. We purchased the Wagyu beef platter packed with numerous cuts, and an enormous selection of sides. Whilst the meal was delicious, and the portions were generous, the service left a lot to be desired. After reading reviews, we saw where this restaurant lacks. It's service. Generally, the meals came out quick, but the service for drinks, the assistance with the BBQ and the finalising the meal was fairly poor. Spent a lot more time than we had anticipated, and whilst the food was delicious - the service needs some improvement
  • 10 William Street

    Restaurants Paddington, NSW
    We went here on a rainy Friday night and decided to go early as we know it gets busy. We were there around 5:30 and were lucky enough to get one of the last tables. Sitting on a comfy bench against the wall at a small table, were were pretty squished. The restaurant is extremely small, waiters have to push past each other and likewise you will need to if you go up stairs to the bathroom. It has a huge wine menu and wines by the glass. I got a wine and an aperol spritz which were both good. Hubby got a two wines, the second was a bit off, but they said it was funny due to it being organic and fermenting in the bottle. In any case, we sent it back as we felt there was something wrong with it. We still got charged.
    Food was all excellent and came out very promptly, food service and delivery was excellent in that regards. We had the whipped bottarga dip and pretzel which was extremely fluffy and light. We also tried the mozzarella and cabbage and the ragu pasta. Food was all outstanding.
    Staff were not overly friendly but efficient at their job.