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Kurt & Sarah C Local Star

We are a couple that love eating out, drinking, playing and watching sports, travelling, going to the gym. Sarah also loves a good hairdo and spray tan, whilst Kurt is happy to head for a surf.

Joined 28 April 2016 Randwick , NSW

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  • Where the Bean Drops

    Cafes Rozelle, NSW
    'Where the Bean Drops' is a new addition, to the thriving hub of Rozelle, having been open for 3 months now. A few streets away from the hustle and bustle of the markets, you can come here for a relaxing breakfast or brunch and enjoy the delicious food on offer. The business owners Alexandra & her step-mother Cinzia Agrillo. They are passionate in preparing meals with home made ingredients with an Italian influence and they sure will take care of you.
    Sit outside with your dog or inside in the warm and homely environment, you'll surely feel part of their family.

    I went here with my insta friend Judy and were were certainly looked after and shared an array of their delicious meals.

    We started off with some in store made spelt cracker made with olive oil, sesame seeds, linseed, chia seeds, sunflower and pepita seeds. They tasted buttery and morish. I wish they delivered to my house on a regular basis! We dipped these in a variety of dips; babaghanoush, tzatiki, and hummus.

    Omelettes, bruschetta, granola, big breakfast, baked eggs - they have something for everyone.

    Who can go by a weekend brunch without French Toast - a generous serving of this sweet meal topped with marscapone, maple syrup, and a berry syrup, it worked well together and not to mention beautiful!

    We also tried a lunch option and we were in store for an awesome burger: soft milk bun, swiss cheese, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, with a delicious and beautifully cooked homemade beef pattie with house sauce and baked potato wedges. The wedges were so crispy and I like that they were baked - they tasted so good! There's also a veggie
    burger, bacon or cheeseburger if you prefer.

    They also offer salads, paninis, lasagne and sliders too.

    For drinks we tried the Italian hot chocolate - a thick dark decadent hot chocolate, topped with edible flowers, so rich and beautiful! We also had a latte, compete with latte art and shared a brewed chai. They have a range of loose leafed teas and milkshakes.

    When we thought we were finished, we were lucky to sample a variety of their home made pastries, brownies, carrot cake and more. You can certainly tell the difference when the food is freshly made in store - soft and pillowy and we loved these! In fact we took some home for later! They also offer gelato for those of you that love that sweet hit.

    The lovely ladies were so hospitable to everyone coming in and we loved our visit. They gave us a little goody bag of a variety of salts to take home and use. They sell these in store.

    Thanks to the staff at Where the Bean Drops and to ompty for arranging our visit.

  • Yebisu Izakaya

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    When you're in Japan, it's a must to visit Izakaya to sample all the marvellous food it has to offer. It also gives you the opportunity to taste many different things when there are small plates to pick from. Izakaya Yebisu is a taste of Japan (if you don't mind the pun). Situated in Regent Place, you sit in booths, at tables or watch the chefs in action. Japanese memorabilia adorns the walls and it feels like you're in Japan. We sat in a booth and perused the menu, which is on a touch screen computer at this place! The screen is catergorised into specials, sushi, sashimi, desserts and drinks so it is easy to locate what you're looking for. Prices are listed, as well as an image. Add it to your cart and order away! Press for service or a glass of water - easy to get what you need promptly.
    We begun with a wagyu hot pot, tender beef in a beautifully flavoured soup with vegetables and tofu. We also got some ramen to go with it. This was a great meal for a cold winters night. When you're at an izakaya, you can't go past yakitori - pork, seafood, chicken, your choice! We had some moist chicken thigh, nicely seasoned.
    We also shared some salmon nigiri. One of my the specials was a sashimi cone - an incredible ice cream cone filled with sashimi, vegetables, avocado and roe! How cool is that! The sashimi here is extremely fresh, they get in from the fish markets daily.
    There were some great looking desserts and whilst the tempura ice cream looked outstanding, we couldn't go past the green tea tiramisu, nice and spongey with cream, ice cream and fruits. We loved this sugary end to the meal.
    We didn't have alcoholic drinks on this occasion, only some hot tea, but they have a huge range of cocktails, sake and whiskeys. Perfect for a catch up with friends to get that Japanese eating experience in the heart of the sydney cbd. Staff are efficient and friendly.
  • Emperor's Garden Cakes & Bakery

    Bakeries Sydney, NSW
    This place is awesome for some takeaway bakery treats, breads, dumplings etc. It's so cheap and big servings. We got a custard tart, huge slice of cake and pork buns, all for less than $5!