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Kurt & Sarah C Local Star

We are a couple that love eating out, drinking, playing and watching sports, travelling, going to the gym. Sarah also loves a good hairdo and spray tan, whilst Kurt is happy to head for a surf.

Joined 28 April 2016 Randwick , NSW

  • Nomad

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    I had been wanting to visit Nomad for a while, having walked past many times and not entering. A catch up with a friend, the perfect excuse. We were looking for a drink and a bite to eat. Being a busy Friday night, we were lucky to get in, grabbing a couple of chairs at the bar.

    There is ample space to accomodate all comers. A great set up with bar and open kitchen at the centre of the restaurant as well as a meat curing and cheese room, very impressive. Nomad has a sophisticated modern industrial set up, the large wooden pilons and exposed wooden ceiling beams also giving the feel of a large rustic log cabin.

    Starting with a couple of boutique Australian beers to start and browsed the menu. With a range of wood fired meals the menu was very appealing.
    We decided on some bread, a huge portion, probably half a loaf of fresh house made bread, fresh bread is always going to tick some boxes. We decided on sharing some BBQ baby octopus to start, which was nicely prepared and a generous portion. For the main we ordered the wood roast pork, perfectly cooked, with the wood fire cooking method giving the meat a nice smokey flavour, almost a bacon like taste. The crackling was sublime, even perfect with a nice crunch, not too hard or chewy. This was served atop of some cannellini beans, Italian Kale(cavalo nero) and some tasty cotechino sausage. We enjoyed this with a nice glass of pinot.

    A great place for a catch up or group gathering. Loved the set up ambiance and more importantly the food and beverages. Nomad goes on the list of places to return to.
  • Betawi Indonesian Restaurant

    Restaurants Maroubra, NSW
    Maroubra junction has a few Indonesian options to choose from. With Betawi being the pick of the bunch. A clean little restaurant, serving some tasty home cooked favourites

    It is hard to go past the Nasi kuning komplit , this dish is delicious. The fragrant tasty vibrant yellow tumeric rice served with fried chicken, anchovy tepeh and Tasty beef rendang. The hearty long tong sayur also a favourite. This is a coconut curry soup served with Indonesian rice cakes, a sambal egg and fried chicken leg.
    One of my favourite cheap eats in the area.
  • Mie Kocok Bandung

    Restaurants Maroubra, NSW
    Mie kokock badung is an Indonesian Restaurant in Maroubra junction specialising in Indo noodle dishes. A friendly restaurant with quick service perfect for a lunch break visit. They love noodles at this joint, evident by the signage at the front of the restaurant. I ordered the Mie panorama, egg noodles topped with shredded steamed chicken, BBQ pork as well as steamed and fried chicken dumplings. This dish made with a variety of cooking methods, boil, fry, steam and BBQ. Just add kecup manis and sambal to taste, but be aware the sambal is comparable to the lava fr om krakatau. A large portion and reasonably priced. Worthy of a stop, to get your noodle fix.
  • Royal Treasure Seafood Restaurant

    Restaurants Burwood, NSW
    Royal Treasure seafood in Burwood is a relatively new dining space. Travel up the escalators and through the large doors and you will be met by the live seafood taking up temporary residence in the numerous fish tanks. After waiting a while at the check in point to be seated, we walked around the corner and were addressed by one of the waitresses. We are informed that yum cha is almost over, we had booked at 2pm (but it ends at 3), but thankfully we were seated.

    The restaurant is a huge space with numerous cart drivers doing regular laps, selling their goodies like used car salesman, without too many pleasantries. The options were few as we were in late in the day. However, there were dumplings and they were tasty, opting for the har gow prawn dumplings as well as Pork and chives.

    The pork buns are usually a go to, but were all gone and went with what was left, being the chicken buns, these were nice enough. We also enjoyed some greens in oyster sauce and salt and pepper calamari.

    We were hanging for some mango pancakes and were a little disappointed as they didn't have them. This disappointment subsided when the egg custard tarts were in our mouth. These were very good, pastry nice and flakey.

    An earlier visit at the start of service would be recommended. The food sampled was decent and the service efficient with plenty of space to cater for all.
  • Taste of Shanghai

    Restaurants Burwood, NSW
    We received an invite to attend a media launch at the shiny new Taste of Shanghai Burwood restaurant. It is a huge space attached to Westfield shopping centre; with a large open kitchen and modern fit out with decorative reference to Shanghai. This new venue is sophisticated and complete with a bar which is right in front of you at the entrance. There is also a private dining room, complete with two large round tables both with an extravagant marble lazy Susan.

    The menu contains many of their standout home style cooking from the other venues and some new options including stews, stone bowls and their Grand Opening Special Chilli Crayfish which alone is worth visiting for.

    No need to go thirsty with their stocked bar and a range of interesting and the non alcoholic drink options available. Choose your refreshment, be it white wine, red wine, beer, maybe a lychee and mango crush, ice cream milk tea or signature lemon tea.

    The ordering was left in the hands of our lovely host Amy. The banquet included an amazing selection of food, chosen for all in attendance to share. With a number of Shanghainese favourites marching toward the table including pan fried pork buns, sun dried cabbage pancakes and the fried dough sticks awaiting any opportunity to soak up any delicious sauce left over.
    A line up of the chef's picks come to rest on the Lazy Susan. The favourites were creatively presented Barramundi in Lemon sauce, the mud crab in special sauce, braised pork belly as well as the sweet and sour eggplant. Other notables were the stewed tofu with salt pork, pickled white radish and squid ink rice with seafood.

    It wouldn't be a banquet with out a sweet finish and lets face it, room can always be spared for mango pancakes. These were particularly good as they were made using fresh mango. No fresh mango, no mango pancakes! This is reflective of all the food being served at this restaurant. Fresh and delicious! Other desserts arrived, including fruit platters and deep fried Chinese milk dough.

  • God's Creation

    Cafes Balmain, NSW
    God?s Creation is a new café on Darling Street Balmain. Whilst Balmain is a place that is spoilt for choice, with so many cafés and restaurants aligning the streets, it?s hard to imagine another restaurant is needed. However, this restaurant is nothing that that which exists in the area. It is an Italian restaurant, with an Asian influence, ran by a lovely couple reigning from Hong Kong. The restaurant was easy to spot, in a beautiful heritage style house painting turquoise green, and I love the colour!
    As soon as we entered, we were met by the beautifully charismatic host, Helen who greeted us with a warm hug and air of excitement about our visit. We enjoyed chatting to her, hearing her story of working and living in Hong Kong and then Australia, with her husband, the chef who has had significant experience in Italian restaurants in Australia.
    We began with drinks and offered a few cocktails. We tried both the sweet pink cocktail, reminiscent of a cosmo, topped with a dried orange and blended nicely. We also tried the cucumber and gin cocktail which was lovely. Both a sweet and refreshing start to our dinner.
    We discussed menu options with Helen and decided on the scallops for entrée ? beautifully cooked scallops and presented with a garlic and almond crust and sweet home made tomato sauce. Other choices include calamari, arancini, prosciutto e melon and salads.
    For the mains, we could not go past the lamb and duck. We were met with three amazingly cooked cutlets of lamb, crushed with macadamias, sitting a lot mashed potato, roasted dried vegetables and a zesty drizzle of sauce. The duck was also divine ? cooked to perfection with red wine jus, sauteed onion and what looked like potato, but was infact pineapple. A lovely combination of flavours and the chef is certainly skilled at cooking as well as his plate presentation.
    There are a good range of seafood dishes, risottos and pastas as well. We had to try a pasta too, being at an Italian restaurant and within two seconds of looking at the menu, we know that had to be the Triple cheese gnocchi (blue, brie, mozarrella and parmesan). Topped with crispy sweet potato and radish. This may not be great for the waistline but is certainly amazing for the heart and mind.
    We could not fault the food or presentation and it was also a lovely experience and ambience and a joy to dine at. However, If you?re after a few drinks and tapas, there?s bar tables and stools outside, and you could order a meat platter, (chacutterie) and some smaller bites.
    Not to end off the meal without dessert, we were delighted by a small glass of fruit and ice cream, topped with pistachios.
    Make sure you pop by and check the new kid on the block!
  • Cafe Nho

    Cafes Cabramatta, NSW
    We were on a taste food tour and stopped here to try the super strong Iced coffee being served at this local gathering spot cafe Nho. This place was very busy but they managed to squeeze us in. Great coffee on offer.
  • Parida Bondi

    Restaurants Bondi Beach, NSW
    Parida is located on the esplanade at Bondi Beach. It is in a brand new building near the QT hotel and has level of sophistication in its set up and styling that was perfect for tapas and wine on a Friday night. Seats overlooking the beach and high tables, set with candles made for a cosy and intimate setting.
    Parida does also sell breakfast and lunch, but on this occasion we were here for the dinner menu. Recently attaining a liquor license means it is the perfect place to have a drink after work or with your tapas for dinner. We began with a red and white wine and there?s a good range to select from.
    The food is in a shared style menu with small and larget plates. We went for the polenta chips with truffle mushroom and these were nice and crispy and with a nice and strong truffle flavor and kale.
    The chorizo croquettes were also nice and crispy with and cheesy filling. We loved these and actually compared them to ?cheese and bacon? balls (the chips) and I would certainly order these again.
    The meatballs, filled with cheese, tomato and oregano sauce as well as crispy onion rings. The meat was moist and nicely cooked and the whole combination was very flavoursome.
    For the larger plate, we struggled to decide what to pick, with a number of great sounding options. We went for the 10 lamb shank. This cooking method meant the meat beautifully fell off the bone. It was sitting atop an extremely good and very creamy pomme puree and a tomato puree sauce.
    We polished all the food off in no time and really enjoyed the food here as well as the ambience of the venue.
  • Ibrahim Lebanese Pastry

    Cafes Rockdale, NSW
    So everyone - hot tip! This is where you go for some amazing Lebanese pastries. We got an assortment and they were amazing, sweet and crispy! I really liked the baklava.
  • Old Garage Espresso

    Cafes Marrickville, NSW
    Cool little garage with a couple of tables and stools selling good quality coffee. Some food basics too like soup, croissants, rolls etc. I just got a latte which was good Very pleasant service too.
  • Kusuka

    Cafes Haymarket, NSW
    Kusuka Cafe is a Warung Kopi (coffee) House. Kusuka translates from Indonesian to 'I Love', and we do love Kusuka cafe. So much so, we will certainly return again for more. This quaint trendy Indonesian inspired cafe is hidden down a laneway in Haymarket. Despite the conspicuous location, it is a busy little cafe. Kusuka is open for breakfast lunch and dinner, serving extremely Instagrammable Indonesian food and drinks.

    Having seen a number of impressive pictures on Instagram we were excited to receive an invite from Zomato to visit Kusuka. Visiting on a Monday night we found our way using Google maps. We were greeted by the friendly owners Liz and Mario.

    Provided with not one but two menus, there was a really good amount of choice. The impessive beverage and dessert menu is our instant focus. With a range of Kopi (coffee), different types of colourful lattes, smoothies, dessert shakes, juice, teas and some colour changing drinks. The disco princess is first on our hit list. This refreshing lemonade is not your standard lemonade, this drink has more colour changes than the Opera house during Vivid lighting festival. Presented nicely, it starts out a Lavender purple, with a bit of sorcery add some mystery liquid, it then becomes pink in colour, pour in a different serum and it finishes morphing, ready to drink and orange in colour. We also earmark the interesting avo/coffee/chocolate drink, the hypovocado which we enjoyed after our meal.

    The Genesis is another cool drink offering, an impressive berry elixir. Pour in some of their magic potion give it a stir and you will be holding a drink that looks like a glittering galaxy.

    The fact that Kusuka opens all day, means it has a range of food available and it is great if you are after a cheap eat. The savoury beef and cheese pancake called the Ultimate Martabak, an Indonesian style fried crisp pancake was full of flavour, the chili taichan providing a punch of spice.

    Staple of Indo cuisine are the mie goreng and the nasi goreng(fried noodles and fried rice) with ketsup manis (sweet soy sauce) as the main flavour component. Kasuka offers a variety of these staples served in a bowl. The Super Bowl a must if you enjoy mie goreng and meat. A double dose of noodles topped with an array of mouthwatering meat including pork belly, corned beef and sausage, for additional flavour there is the chili matah. Another tasty street food option is the double chicken rice bowl topped with their fried chicken and satay chicken skewers. This dish had us clucking for more.

    Having saved room for dessert, you know the hypovocado was happening. Usually associating avocado as a millennial favourite of smashed and served on top of toast, this drink has opened our eyes to the unknown diversity of the humble avo. This was a standout with this bizarre sweet combination of flavour strangely working very well. We also tried the pink latte, which was a refreshing watermelon and rose water flavour. They also do red velvet and matcha.

    Another great sweet option for dessert is the ropang delight, a thick Indonesian sweet toast smothered in nutella and topped with toasted marshmallows, an Indo style smores. This was outstanding!

    A great little Indo Warung Kopi, with a playful menu. A fun cafe to visit, with reasonably priced Indonesian street food and some cool beverages. Thanks to Mario, Liz and their staff for their hospitality. We enjoyed chatting to Mario and the service provided was impeccable. We really enjoyed our visit and will return.
  • Bistrot Gavroche

    Restaurants Chippendale, NSW
    Bistrot Gavroche is in the new restaurant precinct in Chippendale. This restaurant has authentic French feel, which is a credit to the owner Lionel. The restaurant is decorated in French bistro style with black and white patterned tiles and brass fittings.
    The service was very good as was the food and wine. The canapes were very nice, the pate was most enjoyable and the quenelles were delectible. The quenelles de Brochet are exquisite fish dumplings which were served with a beautiful crayfish sauce. For our main we had the pave de rumsteak, sauce au poivre vert de penja. This was a nice tender piece of rump aged 270 days whic came with a delicious green pepper sauce, served on top of a bed of nicely prepared vegetables. We were served a clssic French dessert, probably the best profiteroles I have had. The profiteroles were served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. The choux pastry was amazing; it was crisp, brittle and melted in your mouth.
  • Balcon by Tapavino

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Balcòn by Tapavino; Serving great Spanish food and wine. We loved Tapavino and were excited to visit Balcon by Tapavino and it did not disappoint. This restaurant group is creating some of our favourite restaurants and dining experiences. With a new restaurant called ?Born? soon to be openened in Barangaroo, which we have added to our list of restaurants to visit.
  • Bacar Restaurant

    Restaurants Homebush, NSW
    We were visting the sophisticated dining room of Bacar Restaurant to sample the new spring menu by award winning executive chef, Ben Nicholls. Bacar is situated on the ground floor of the luxury 5 star Pullman hotel at Sydney Olympic park and what a great restaurant to visit if in the area, going to a key sporting match but still wanting a contemporary dining experience. It is great to see Hotel restaurants are picking up their game producing exciting tasty food. The service was top notch with each meal promply delivered and explained in detail. The sommelier was very personable and was great at conveying the details of each wine.

    We started with a lovely champagne and a little creatures pale ale before being taken on a wine journey. The wine journey begun with a flight of Australian Rosè by De Bortoli including a Grenache from Heathcote, a Sangiovese from the King Valley, a Vonoque Nebbiolo from the Yarra Valley and a Pinot Noir. This was paired with grilled halved deep sea prawns, with sobressada a house cured meat which had been cured for 6 days. This is a perfect combination for a nice spring afternoon catch up with friends, pre event drinks or for unwinding after seeing the sights of Sydney.

    The meal service began with brasserie breads, single origin sourdough with pepe saya butter. I enjoy bread at 5 star restaurants and am a fan of pepe saya butter. Knowing a 3 course meal was ahead of me, I took it easy on this occasion.

    We started with a small amuse bouche with great texture and flavour. Grilled Fremantle octopus poke and crisp salmon skin.

    The entrée was a beautiful arrangement of sweetness from the seared scallops, savoury saltiness from guanciale(a house cured Italian meat, aged and hung for 3 months) red cabbage and endive brioche crumb. The somellier nicely paired this with a Chardonnay from Margaret River. Not your traditional oak filled chardonnay, but a Chardonnay that allowed the fruit to do the talking. Perfect for this spring inspired entree.

    The main was a wonderful arrangement of seared sousvide Junee lamb saddle, and for added texture and flavour this was combined with a pea puree, a pea crisp and bourguignon sauce(red wine sauce). The main was paired with a Geoff Merrill Caberenet Sauvignon from Mclarenvale.

    We then cleansed the palate with a goats cheese and lime granita to prepare us for the dessert course.

    The sweet dish was incredible like a party in your mouth. A glass filled with lemon curd, lightened marscapone, wild berries, violet flowers, and meringue in a deconstructed, yet beautiful arrangement. I hope this one remains on the menu for a long time as I am keen to have it many more times.

    The meal was topped off with a divine cheese selection of blue cheese, triple cream bree and snow white chaddar accompanied by lavosh, guava, truffle honey which combined amazingly with the cheese in particular the blue cheese. This was paired nicely with an icewine from Canada.

    We also had a whiskey sampler of Chivas 12, 18 and the new Chivas Extra. A perfect way to cap a wonderful night. We really enjoyed the new seasonal spring menu at Bacar which celebrates Australian Producers, using consciously sourced ingredients, regionally grown.
  • Assembly

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    We went here on a Friday night for dinner. It wasn't that busy, maybe 3 tables but we chose to sit up at the bar because it was brighter for me to take photos and also see the pizza oven in action. We took the managers suggestion for a drink and got a well constructed cocktail, lychee flavour. We perused the menu and they mostly sell pizzas that all looked pretty appealing and cooked in the huge pizza oven. We got a couple of share plates; lamb ribs came out straight away - they are really nice, sticky flavour. We also ordered the zucchini flowers and charcuterie plate. Zucchini flowers were 2 on a plate, slightly crispy and nice cheese filling. The charcuterie plate had a few types of meat and cheese, but the cheese wasn't great and it had no bread which is a bit odd. These came out about 40 minutes after ordering. The staff did not update us as to what was happening or inform us that they were slow this evening. And for a plate of deli meats, presumably would take about 2 minutes to assemble. We didn't get asked if we wanted another drink or our bill and we got up to leave. Perhaps management realised and apologised for the service having a new chef, offering us an ouzo which is a good touch, however this update shouldn't come when you're about to leave, service should be consistent.
  • Haven: Tailoring Coffee Joyously

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Haven Specialty Coffee is located close to central station and is a great place to pop in for some interesting asian meals and a huge range of coffee and tea.

    They are famous for their Hong Kong Styled egg waffles with interesting flavours; think red bean, matcha, ice cream and more! On this occasion I went for savoury over sweet and picked the poached eggs on potato rosti with sweet potato skordalia, yoghurt and burnt sage butter.

    We also got the eel-ness of Japanese grilled eel, silken tofu, scrambled eggs, house pickles on a black rice cake topped with bonito flakes. Perfectly cooked eel with a delicious teriyaki sauce.

    Despite this being a specialty coffee shop, we both had tea on this day, as they had a range of leaf teas brewed in a pot. We tried the Japanese sencha and english breakfast.

    A good range of coffees and they also run specialty coffee appreciation classes, latte art classes, barista training with certificates.

  • Donut King: Narellan Town Centre

    Takeaways Narellan, NSW
    I love donut king, especially vanilla milkshakes and cinnamon donuts. I got the combo today and asked for hot donuts, which they kindly obliged :) Loved it.
  • Vic's Meat Market

    Butchers Pyrmont, NSW
    We love the burgers here, especially for their high quality meat. We were here this time for their 3rd birthday party and ate burgers, as well as some skewered kebabs. Certainly a top place to visit if you're in the area.
  • Soul Origin

    Cafes North Sydney, NSW
    Easy place to get your lunch when in a hurry. Baguettes and sandwiches and salads are ready to go. Choose your salad combo and off you go. I tried the vegetable as well as the brown rice one. I also got a coffee, reasonably priced too.
  • Degani

    Restaurants Zetland, NSW
    Degani is a Mediterranean Restaurant located in Zetland and much like the area, it is modern and new. Degani occupies a large 2 story space attached to the East Village shopping centre. This is a family run restaurant, the service here stood out, it is genuinely welcoming and friendly.

    Degani is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a menu to suit all. They do an all day breakfast too. There is a $10 meal menu, which is perfect if you are on a budget. Degani also do a decent happy hour too. They're also soon to start Karaoke on a Thursday night.

    We stopped by for dinner and after a busy day at work, we were happy to see they are a licensed venue. Their specialty being the after dark milkshakes, which are alcoholic milkshakes. The cookies and cream shake was very impressive, it looked cool and tasted just as good. This drink loaded with cream, oreos and chocolate syrup, could also pass as a dessert. The appletini also pretty impressive, a nice tasting cocktail with a green lustre.

    Choosing what to eat was super difficult it all sounded inviting. Eventually deciding on the salt and pepper calamari salad as a starter to share. A huge potion of fresh tender calamari, good thing we shared.

    For mains we were eyeing off the huge seafood and butchers platters for two, but instead decided on sharing two smaller meals, that were actually not so small. Choosing the best of both worlds we ordered the barramundi as well as the steak and ribs combo. The meals arrived at the table, both very inviting and well prepared. The fish was delicious as were the ribs, the meat tender and the BBQ sauce very nice.

    Degani Zetland is a welcoming family run restaurant with great service. The food is tasty and the portions large. They also have some good deal running. Check them out if in the area.