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Laurie Teuma Newbie

Joined 24 November 2016

  • Bunnings Arundel Warehouse

    Hardware Stores Arundel, QLD
    Cannot believe that customers are treated like fools,you want us to believe that you have a rating of 5 from a review 2 years ago,I have sent through a number of complaints and not once did I get a response,great customer service.Go into a store,I am sure they have a lookout somewhere to alert them that a customer is coming so they can hide.Was in the nursery yesterday and wouldn't you know it that at 3pm someone had the sprinklers on so as a customer we could not get near the plants we wanted without getting soaked,yet again it's not about the customer it's about Bunnings.
    I asked a staff member about a particular plant and she pointed me in the direction,god forbid she would actually show me where it was,guess she didn't want to get wet.I guess you got rid of your competition so business as usual and bad service.It also had a little bit down the bottom to say I had used bad language so wouldn't post the review so we have to be nice.
  • Budget Airport Parking

    Parking Brisbane Airport, QLD
    My partner and I have been using BAP for a while now and my partner and I have been extremely happy with the level of service from the company and the drivers.The drivers have always been polite and courteous.Until today we had no issue with your company,we went to international airport and the driver was very polite and was very refreshing that early in the morning.We landed early today and used your app to work out what to do,it says to send notification once we are at the bay to be picked up,the app says if we are international go to bay 1 or bay 2.or domestic bay 3 or 4.
    The driver turned up at bay 3 and we are standing at bay 2,he looked over at us and I signalled for him to come over to bay 2,he refused to assist us.We were 20 meters if that away from him and stood there while we made 2 trips to get our luggage and when I pointed out that your app says to wait at bay 1 or 2 he said no that is not right and he can only pick up from 3 or 4. I pointed out that it was on your app but he said it was wrong and he would have it rectified.We have used you guys regularly but I am sorry we will not be treated that way by anyone,so go and pat him on the back and tell him you are proud of his customer service and to keep going and he should have you out of business within 12 months or you could have the attitude that it won't happen to you.