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Joined 06 January 2013 Naremburn, NSW

  • Radio Cairo Restaurant

    Restaurants Cremorne, NSW
    Went to Radio Cairo for dinner we didn't have a booking but did get offered one of 2 tables available
    Staff are very friendly and helpful The restaurant was very busy and buzzing the whole time we were there
    Highly recommend The Ribs and The Shanks the meat just melted in your mouth and for not an expensive place to eat
    Looking forward to going back again and again so we work out way through the menu
  • Costi's Seafood & Chips

    Takeaways Northbridge, NSW
    I was walking past this shop after doing my weekly shop at Woolworth's feeling hungry

    They had a special $5.00 fish and chips and a can of drink ...the chips were perfect and fish cooked to perfection

    Highly recommend this shop
  • Olde Fashioned Fish n' Chips

    Takeaways Naremburn, NSW
    Olde Fashioned Fish & Chips

    This is our local fish and chip shop we think we are very lucky to have it so close to home

    Fish and Chips are always very good and calamari rings are so juicy and tender
    Staff are always friendly and quick
    Prices are very reasonable

    Tables and chairs are available outside and inside and many people we have seen take a bottle of wine to enjoy with the meal Olde Fashioned Fish & Chips are happy to supply wine classes

    Only downside is they close at 8pm so make sure you get in before 8pm

    Highly recommended and will return again and again
  • Shanghai Stories 1938

    Restaurants Chatswood, NSW
    I would not recommend this restaurant

    Where do I start... Cost $49.80
    pork rib and black bean = pork fat and very oily
    Deep fried squid = was cold oily and had fish and chip batter - over priced
    Jellyfish & cucumber = small portion - over priced
    Prawn dumpling = very generic
    Watermelon frappe = more water than melon

    Since this was the first time there....we were a bit confused how to order....as wait staff do not tell you anything....just sit....would suggest staff interact more with guests

    As mentioned earlier I would not eat at this restaurant again..
  • Sea Treasure Restaurant

    Restaurants Crows Nest, NSW
    This restaurant is very good for service ...and gentleman in particular who is very interactive with his guests and seemed to know all by name or face ....

    The menu is a bit limited as they don't seem to have the usual - such beef ball black bean ribs - and others

    But would return again as the limited menu is executed well ...

    Highly recommended egg plant fish cake - deep fried prawn and chives dumpling

    Highly Highly recommended Deep fried squid (calamari) - since arriving in Sydney from Perth we have had a few failure with this dish at other restaurants

    Looking forward to becoming regular guests of this restaurant