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Joined 26 February 2013 Currans Hill, NSW

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  • Move Management Australia

    Removalists Parramatta, NSW
    I had organised to get my furniture taken interstate and had spoken to the customer service person the week prior to the move who assured me he would call me on the Friday to confirm the move on the following Monday. I didn't get any calls, tried to contact him on the Friday, no response, I didn't get a confirmation until the Sunday night, the night before the move which was worrying for me. They turned up on time, were very helpful and very polite and professional and even supplied me with extra boxes which was very good of them. Before I received my furniture I received a call from them telling me I had to pay over $2000 extra as the customer service person had under quoted me which I had no choice but to pay as I was worried I wouldn't get my furniture if I didn't but in fairness I had also underestimated the amount of boxes I had so it had to be paid even though I thought it was expensive. I was angry when I realised that they had gone through a box of my new linen and had put it in an old box with my garden hose. They snapped the legs off my freezer which I cannot get replaced,snapped one leg off my lounge and damaged my dressing table,television unit,refrigerator and washing machine. I was missing a couple of items and rang the customer service person back and told him and was promised a follow up phone call the next day. Its now been seven weeks and still don't have the items, no phone call back even though I have rang,texted him and emailed him, not happy with the service there. Overall not too much damage and I would use them again but I would be asking for a different customer service person to deal with as the one I had to deal with was just too unreliable. When you are moving interstate you want that customer contact to assure you that you will receive your goods at the delivery end and you should not have to chase them for lost items for weeks afterwards.
  • Leppington Veterinary Clinic

    Veterinarians Leppington, NSW
    I took my dog to another vet who said she had to have her whole foot removed and basically said it was easier to put her down,took her to a lovely new vet at Leppington Vet who advised that after blood tests came back clear,he could remove one toe only which is much more humane and at a third of the price of the first vet. I found him very calm and polite,softly spoken & explained the procedure step by step & provided all the medication and bandages required. The receptionist calmed me down after I had turned up in tears,gave me tissues,asked me if I need a glass of water & overall was very sympathetic towards me.She may come across as blunt but in my case she was very good to me considering she was run off her feet & dealing with other patients,phone calls & surgery bookings. They helped me with the instructions of all the medications she needed as I was so upset as your animals become a part of your family & you don't want to see them suffer. As far as the other review that could have been when the previous vet was there who was blunt & difficult to talk to & he is no longer there. I had found him obnoxious to deal with to.I am just happy that they could save my dog & were doing the least invasive surgery so she can still walk again afterwards, much better than taking her whole foot off. I will return to this new vet as he was so nice to deal with & was so good with my dog.
  • P & R Automotive Services

    Mechanic Wetherill Park, NSW
    Just picked my car up & it is perfect & got the bill - very pleasantly surprised! Far less than I expected it would cost me but it has always been like this. This is the best mechanic to go to as they know exactly what they are doing,they always ring you and tell you upfront the exact cost not just going ahead & fix it without advising you first of cost etc. You can always tell its been serviced well afterwards as you can feel how well it drives when you pick it up. I will always refer this mechanic to my friends as they are so honest and upfront & have always fixed my car on the day with no delays & no hidden costs - would never go elsewhere.

Latest Comments

  • It can be difficult to get quick service on a weekend due to the amount of customers but staff are helpful and informative.
    • I found them to be the most unhelpful I have ever come across, went elsewhere and got the service I wanted and they were also cheaper! Won't be going back to The Good Guys again.