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  • Rhino Plumbers

    Plumbing Smithfield, NSW
    I contacted Rhino Plumbing to get a quote for a leaking pipe at a place I'm renovating. Adam agreed to meet me the next day in the morning to quote the job. The day we arranged, I waited 30 mins, called Adam and there was no answer. He called me back 10 minutes later saying he wasn't going to show because he booked other jobs over my appointment.

    It was very unprofessional. I took the day off to travel to the house and wait for him and despite agreeing to the time, he was a no show.

    He called back a few days later to try to reschedule, but ended up blaming me over the phone for him not turning up and for wanting a quote at all.

    If you've got an emergency and money is no object they're probably ok. But after being stood-up and yelled at on the phone, I recommend you go elsewhere.
  • Austates Conveyancers

    Legal Services Ultimo, NSW
    They were more helpful and efficient. Although I only contacted them on the Friday before a Saturday auction for a quote, they offered to check the contract and liaised with the agent and the vendor's solicitor. While I was not successful in the auction, the advice was really useful and I learnt a great deal from the process. They are great people!
  • Aplan Kitchens

    Business Services Camperdown, NSW
    We absolutely love our new laundry cabinets and are grateful for their flexibility, patience and attention to detail. It was tricky to fit all we wanted in a tight space and we had to change the measurements several times. They were always understanding and attentive and pointed out potential issues along the way. We are glad that we listened to them otherwise the appliances will not fit as perfectly under the bench as they do now. We are also thankful that he checked the door handles as we nearly ordered mismatching colours. Although it took us a while to appreciate their experience and professionalism, A-Plan is definitely our first choice for cabinetry now.

    A-Plan also did our kitchen about a couple of months ago. Although the process was not as smooth sailing as we had hoped, we appreciated their support, calmness and willingness to address issues, especially that we were rather frustrated on the installation day. They asked us to send them the installation issues and these were promptly attended to after some clarification. With the sink that did not fit, they immediately contacted the manufacturer to find a smaller one even though we did not get the sink through A-Plan. We were given alternative solutions and time to consider them. We chose A-Plan because we wanted our own design and measurements. When we did not agree with their observation on certain aspects of our design, they were happy to do check-measure again on the tight spots and explained to us on-site the issues. We find them knowledgeable and passionate about their products. Even at a later stage when two drawers did not fit after the gas fittings were installed, A-Plan organised replacements without any fuss. They did reassure us that there were no problems, just solutions. We are certainly not disappointed in choosing A-Plan again.