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Joined 15 October 2010 Carlingford, NSW

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  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Service

    Tyres North Rocks, NSW
    Went here so that my muffler could get fixed. Was still under warranty when it fell off again so took it back so that they could fix it. Took them over 2 hours when was told would be finished in less than 1hr. When i got my car back they said parts needed replacing, but this was not covered and they would hold for another 2-3 months. So i decided to leave it, and get it fixed when i had a full service. However after 2 days it was making strange noises so I took it to another mechanic and as they put the car up the muffler fell out. Kmart had decided to fix my car with cable ties!!! When calling Kmart to enquire as to why this was the case I was told I would receive a call from the manager, as he had no idea why this would have been done. Still no call, so they will not be getting my business again!
  • Brad Garlick Ford - Ryde

    Car Dealers Ryde, NSW
    I did not even have to give them my car to receive poor service!! I called up as my normal mechanic is closed to try and book for a pink slip. This was not to be the case as I was informed that my car would have to have a full service before giving me a pink slip costing several hundred dollars. I then informed them that the car had only been serviced a few months ago, so would not need this just the pink slip. The staff was insistent that the full check needed to be done and informed me that there was no time to do a pink slip anyway, but they could book me in for a service. How they could fit me in for a full service but not a pink slip, still makes no sense. Will never go back here and will not recommend them to anyone. If i could less than 1/2 a star i would!
  • Red Spoon Thai

    Restaurants Ryde, NSW
    The food here is really good. However last time i ate here my friends and I were not impressed. We ordered all of our food at the same time (entrees and mains) as well as our drinks. We had to remind them three times for one of our friends drinks as the rest of us had got ours. Then all of our food came out at once entrees and mains. The waitress then complained that there was not enough room on the table (yes we know this,because it should not have all come out at once). So after lots of rearranging we finally got all of the food on the table, however due the large volume by the time we got to it many of the items were cold. There was no apology from staff, just rudeness as we asked for some of the food to be brought back in a few minutes once we had cleared some space (this did not happen). So not a good experience.