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Loc Tran

Joined 04 November 2010 Adelaide, SA

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  • Matsuri

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I went and checked out Matsuri Japanese Restaurant on Gouger Street in the city on Friday night with a friend. We ordered the large boat a selection of sushi and sashimi which was perfect for two people. Although there was a lot of other stuff that I wanted to try too but I had to resist the temptation! Cost was $60.80. This place offers authentic Japanese cuisine that is inexpensive and yet delicious. The food is all fresh and beautifully presented and the atmosphere is simply delightful. The waitress was really cute and did a good job serving us. We didnt have to wait too long for our order to arrive which was good. If you like Japanese food and want an alternative to the Sushi Train then you should definitely check this place out. I will certainly be back again to try out the rest of what they have to offer.
  • Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars

    Bottle Shops Mitcham, SA
    If youre looking for something to do on a Tuesday night then this is the place to be. Especially during the warmer months this place can get really busy. The crowd is good looking and you tend to run into a lot of people who work in the hospitality industry here (because theyre usually working on a Friday / Saturday night) as well as the younger crowd (uni students). The beer garden is very popular during summer and youll have to get there early if you want to get in. Sometimes during the summer months you will see a massive line up outside. Its also busy during special occasions such as the Melbourne cup in which case you will need to book well in advance if you want to get in. On weekends they host a lot of functions such as weddings and birthday parties so you will find a wider variety of people / age groups during this time.
  • Semaphore Palais

    Pubs & Bars Semaphore, SA
    Wonderful Art Deco building from the 1920s set right on the sand at the beautiful Semaphore beach. Glass panels provide you with an unspoilt view of all the tranquil seaside bliss. It doesnt really look like a pub and the food is more upmarket than most pubs although a bit pricey. On Friday and Saturday nights its also a bit of a nightclub with top 40 music. Its worth checking out on a lovely sunny day if youre looking to hang out at the beach and experience some awesome outdoor beachside dining. Its a pretty nice venue for a beach themed wedding reception also. With at least two function rooms that I noticed - a ballroom upstairs and a groovy atrium surrounded by glass panels which makes you really feel like you are at the beach. The atrium would be great for cocktail style function. Being next to the beach it got pretty cold at night so be sure to bring an extra layer of clothing just in case.

Latest Comments

  • This was my first visit and I was impressed with the decor and in particular, the spacing between the tables - a rarity these days. The service was disjointed - we were asked by several different people if we wanted to order drinks and the same thing happened with our food order. The food was a bit hit and miss. Some were greasy, some were cooked unevenly. A great place for a drink I think.
  • It's 24-7 heaven! All baked goods are delicious all the time! It's a better late night snack than what you'd find at McDonalds or HJs...
  • The best stand-up comic venue in Adelaide!

    This two storey standout purple building on Frome St in the city hosts the biggest names in comedy all year round, including Wil Anderson, Sam Simmons and Justin Hamilton. Alongside these headliners, expect lots of laughs from RAW local talents, like Mark Trenwith and Moataz Hamde.

    LOL Lots Of Laughs!
    • The annual Raw Comedy competition is always worth checking out because it brings in new talent and usually draws a fairly big crowd.