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looknow Local Star

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Joined 27 August 2013 Melbourne, VIC

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  • Hudsons Coffee

    Cafes Melbourne Airport, VIC
    Convienently located at the airport terminal. I'm not a huge fan of these franchise coffee that you see everywhere, but they actually make ok coffee for a decent price. The service was fast and friendly. I had just landed and was in need of caffene so bad and no better place just outside of my exit to quickly grab one on the go.
  • Reading Cinemas Epping

    Cinema Epping, VIC
    I really like this cinema, for $10 a movie any day or time of the week, you can't really complain. Leather seats, reasonable size screen, and plenty of dining options nearby, this place is a gem. Can get quite dirty though, and floor tends be sticky with split coke, but then again, which cinema isn't like that?
  • Mapo Grill

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    I had a not so pleasant experience here, we ordered the waygu steak for our bbq. When it came out, it clearly was not wagyu, there was no marbling on the piece of meat at all. I?ve had my fair share of waygu beef so I?m very familiar with what it looks like. When we told the waiter as he was cutting it up, there was a bit of a language barrier, he simply smile and said ?yes yes waygu?. We waited for another waiter who wasn?t much help either, he just looked at us blankly and repeated what the first waiter said. We asked to speak to the manager but he didn?t understand. We waited until the manager eventually came out, he too said it was waygu but agreed to only charge us the price of the scotch fillet as we weren?t happy. Putting that experience aside, overall, I wasn?t too happy with the other dishes and quality of the food. Not recommended.

Latest Comments

  • I bought luggages from here in 2011 and it has a 10 year warrenty. The zippers to the luggages have been damaged. So before coming in i gave Harris Scarfe a call to make sure what i needed to do. The person i spoke to on the phone told me to bring in my luggages and receipt. not living close to Highpoint Shopping Centre, i made the trip to the store under the instruction of the person i spoke to over the phone. When i got to registers at the store, the staff there said they could not help me that i needed to contact the company directly. I explained to them why icame to the store because the person over the phone told me to and to bring in everything in which i did otherwsie i would not have wasted my time and make a trip for nothing. A few staff were sying they never sold this luggage brand before, in which i pointed out i have a receipt which says i purchased from their store in which they looked a bit silly giving me information they werent sure about. A few other staff say that its not their policy. I got a bit annoyed and said that if they are selling they product they should understand the policy of warrenty that comes with it. So the staff called their manager who seem to have a bit more info. After explaing again my situation the store manager said he will take care of it. I really annoys me that staff are not consistent with their information when they are all working for the same company. It really gives a bad name and bad experience for the customer. After my luggage situation is sorted i dont think i will shop here again as it seems so frustrating dealing with staff who do not know what they are saying or doing.
    • looknow Local Star 
      totally agree, it's rather disappointing when staff members provide inconsistent information that is either in correct or misleading to a customer. It damages the branding of the business completely.