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Joined 27 August 2013 Melbourne, VIC

  • Hudsons Coffee

    Cafes Melbourne Airport, VIC
    Convienently located at the airport terminal. I'm not a huge fan of these franchise coffee that you see everywhere, but they actually make ok coffee for a decent price. The service was fast and friendly. I had just landed and was in need of caffene so bad and no better place just outside of my exit to quickly grab one on the go.
  • Reading Cinemas Epping

    Cinema Epping, VIC
    I really like this cinema, for $10 a movie any day or time of the week, you can't really complain. Leather seats, reasonable size screen, and plenty of dining options nearby, this place is a gem. Can get quite dirty though, and floor tends be sticky with split coke, but then again, which cinema isn't like that?
  • Mapo Grill

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    I had a not so pleasant experience here, we ordered the waygu steak for our bbq. When it came out, it clearly was not wagyu, there was no marbling on the piece of meat at all. I?ve had my fair share of waygu beef so I?m very familiar with what it looks like. When we told the waiter as he was cutting it up, there was a bit of a language barrier, he simply smile and said ?yes yes waygu?. We waited for another waiter who wasn?t much help either, he just looked at us blankly and repeated what the first waiter said. We asked to speak to the manager but he didn?t understand. We waited until the manager eventually came out, he too said it was waygu but agreed to only charge us the price of the scotch fillet as we weren?t happy. Putting that experience aside, overall, I wasn?t too happy with the other dishes and quality of the food. Not recommended.
  • Italian Sports Club Of Werribee Inc

    Venues & Event Spaces Werribee, VIC
    Was here to watch a boxing fight on Sunday. It's a really nice boxing venue because it feels like an underground boxing club. It's in a large warehouse-like room and there's a really edgy, raw feeling when you enter the room. Really good crowd and atmosphere. A bit pricey at $25 for entry but I had a good time. Looking forward to coming back to watch more fights.
  • North East China Family

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    The best dumpling here is the fried shao long bao. This is the only place that I know does these, most other dumpling restaurants have the standard steamed shao long baos so if you?re after something different, then give these fried ones a go. The rest of the dumplings are mediocre to be honest. If it wasn?t for the fried shao long baos, then I would probably get my dumplings else where.
  • Eureka 89 Dining & Events

    Restaurants Southbank, VIC
    Amazing service from the moment you walk through the read carpet on the ground floor all the way to when you leave. By having a dinner reservation, you?re entitled to visit the skydeck before dinner. In the restaurant, there?s a really nice romantic ambience. Most tables are window tables so you can enjoy the view. The restaurant is lit with just the right amount of lighting so you can enjoy the view without reflection glares. All the staff, are extremely friendly and nice. The food was all amazing, the duck was definitely my favourite followed by the lamb. The dessert was my least favourite as it was far too sweet. Serving size was very small, so sadly I left still being hungry after a 5 course meal. Overall a great experience, and great food, but the price is quite expensive as it?s the view you?re paying for me. Something you?ll just do once.
  • Air Asia

    Airlines Bilinga, QLD
    Cheap airline company that has opened up way to compeition for cheaper fares. I've flowen with them on numerous occassions whenever there has been some fantastic offers to parts of Asia, with stop by in Malaysia. Similar to the Virgin Blue, Tiger Airway concept of small seats, no airline food unless purchased on board, casual service. I've never had an issues flying with them, although with checkin they are generally quite strict with the weight, apart from that all good.
  • Cowderoy's Dairy

    Restaurants St Kilda West, VIC
    What a great location! Caught up with a few mums during the week for a bite to eat and coffee. I had a large coffee brewed with columbian beans which set me back $4.60, this was accompanied with a muffin. Nice atmoshpere, plenty of other mums around taking advantage of the location with the narby park. Definite winner here!
  • Yarra Lounge

    Restaurants Yarraville, VIC
    This is a great place to enjoy some light snacks before watching a movie or simply just catching up with friends. The price of the tapas is quite expensive compared to what tapas should really be priced at. The potato bravas is nothing like the real potato bravas from spain, they didn?t have the right spices or sauce to come with it.
  • Los Hermanos

    Restaurants Brunswick, VIC
    Cute little restaurant/bar that serves one of the best tacos I?ve had. There?s about 7 tacos to choose from, the best one is the zucchini one, followed by the mushroom ones. I wasn?t too much of a fan of the meat ones. The tacos are quite small so if you have a big appetite then it could get quite costly for you.
  • Mitre Tavern Steakhouse

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    We?ve been going here on Tuesdays for trivia night which is free and heaps of fun. Although we never win, the quiz master is really entertaining and there?s a good vibe going on. It?s great if you?re after dinner as well as the quiz is played in the dining area so you can order food, drinks or finger food. Food is just your standard pub food but really great atmosphere.
  • Takumi

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Had a really enjoyable date here. There?s a really nice, romantic ambience here, we were seated right by the window in the front. We ordered the $60 set menu and there was just enough food for the both of us. All the dishes on this menu was amazing. We both really enjoyed the ox tongue, the raw beef and the salmon. I didn?t particularly enjoy the green tea ice cream, it tasted too icy instead of creamy. Overall, a really amazing experience, friendly service. One thing I didn?t like is which every card payment you choose (even eftpos) there is a surcharge.
  • Top Level Boxing Gym

    Personal Trainers Caroline Springs, VIC
    Naz is easiliestly one of the nicest and top blokes you'll ever meet. He is an amazing boxing coach and really knows his stuff. There's a great atmosphere at his place and I always look forward to my workouts with him. He's really motivating and looks after you really well.
  • Wagaya Japanese Restaurant

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    If you?re looking for this restaurant, take the lift up to get there. It?s a large restaurant spread across 2 floors. A dark ambient setting with plenty of private booths, each with their own touch screen ordering menu which is very straight forward and easy to use. Upon making an order, the food is very speedy at arriving to your table. Overall the food quality was average, but it?s the restaurant setting that makes this place great.
  • Giant Steps/innocent Bystander

    Restaurants Healesville, VIC
    I wish I got the name of the extremely friendly bar tender that helped us organise a surprise for one of our friends. We arrived in the evening when their wine cellar room was closed, but the staff were so kind to let us use that room for our surprise. And the friendly bar tender was so great at playing along and putting on an act to help us with our surprise. That service alone deserves 5 stars already. After our surprise, we had dinner where which was delicious and deserves another 5 stars. Because there was many of us, we ordered a bit of everything and was able to sample each other?s dishes. The pizza stood out the most to me, I?m a sucker for pizza! Love this place and the service!
  • Zonzo

    Restaurants Yarra Glen, VIC
    We ended our day of winery tours at Zonzo for dinner. The venue is really nice, plenty of parking and both indoor and outdoor seating. It?ll make a great place for a wedding or engagement party. We had the pizza to share amongst all of us, which I highly recommend. The wood fire pizza are a must! They also do wine tasting too, but we were all wined out by then.
  • The Spotted Owl

    Cafes Sunbury, VIC
    I really enjoyed our brunch here. We came just before the kitchen was closing and had to quickly decide on what we wanted. After ordering, we were surprised how fast the food came out, thinking they rushed it but the presentation of the food was perfect, and it tasted amazing. The service was great, even though they were closing, we didn?t feel rushed or pressured to finish up and leave.
  • Nando's

    Takeaways Sunshine, VIC
    A very quiet Nandos as this location doesn?t get too much traffic, but don?t let the quietness deter you from eating here. The quality still remains the same as any other Nandos, spicy grilled chicken with perfectly cooked peri peri chips - can?t go wrong with that. I like to get my take away from here, it?s great because they take phone orders so you can order in advance to save you from waiting around.
  • Between 2 Buns

    Restaurants Altona, VIC
    Easily one of the best burger places in Melbourne. I?ve had my fair share of burgers and this is on top of my list! I?ve only eaten here once so far and can?t wait till the next time I go back to try another burger. It?s a bit of a messy eat, with cheese and oil dripping off the burger as you eat it, but it?s all worth it. On top of the double patty burger and delicious fries, I had the salted caramel milkshake which honestly was a bit heavy considering all the goodness I just had devoured. Highly recommended!
  • Happy River Cafe

    Cafes Footscray, VIC
    This place is just awesome, convienently located for where we are and has everything to check off the box for a kids friendly cafe. On e of the few place we've come across in which they have plenty of options for kids with their usual favourites from fairy bread, even a nutalla fairy bread was on the menu something I havent seen before. We opted for egg bendict and floretine poached eggs. Great service, only slight downfall was it was a bit slow but staff were very friendly and apolegetic. Definetly return again!